I love this moment for the sheer contrast. Freeza hits Goku with a massive wave of ki, so intense that Gohan can see it from miles away, yet he’s unfazed. Yet all Goku does is lift his hand and use a simple kiai, a ki push, and Freeza goes flying back, winded. And the looks on their faces say it all.

Never let anyone tell you that the original Dragon Ball manga was weak. It had a level of intensity a lot of ANIMATION lacks.

Jay-Z, DJ Clue?, DMX, Method Man and Redman, photographed showing off their Gold and Platinum plaques backstage during the “Hard Knock Life Tour” by Barry Roden in 1999. 

The star-studded 54-date tour grossed $18 million and suffered no cancellations (in fact, it added 17 extra dates during its cross-country trek to meet the high demand), no artist drop-offs, or any incidents of violence—completely silencing the mainstream critics who believed a purely rap tour of its magnitude couldn’t be done. 

Jay and X would donate their proceeds from the Denver stop of the tour to help the families of the victims of the Columbine tragedy. “We decided to donate the proceeds from this show as soon as we saw the date on the schedule. We’ve known first hand how pointless and senseless violence always is, and we wanted to show our support in a real way” Jay said of the decision. 

In an interview with MTV in October 1999 Hov said he wouldn’t be against recreating the tour at the top of 2000 to support the artists new projects: “Well, the same people are [releasing new albums] at the same time. DMX comes out, myself comes out, Method Man, Redman, we all come out. So hopefully we be as hot and we try and do it all over again.” “But,” he added, “you can only make history once.”

Czasami czytam ulubione książki od tyłu. Zaczynam od ostatniego rozdziału i przesuwam się ku początkowi. W ten sposób bohaterowie przechodzą od nadziei do rozpaczy, od samoświadomości do zwątpienia. W romansach pary zaczynają jako kochankowie, a kończą jako dwoje obcych sobie ludzi. Książki o dorastaniu stają się powieściami o utracie sensu w życiu. Ożywają ulubieni bohaterowie.
—  “Ponad wszystko” Nicola Yoon