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Skin and Bones

(Closed starter with @ask-lucida-the-skeleton!)

*Phoenix is traversing Waterfall in his armor after finally finding an area free from other monsters.

*Or… so he thought at least.

*After walking for a while, Phoenix sees a very strange house. Prolly home to a skeleton or someone into bones. All the same, he keeps walking towards the house. There’s not really anywhere else to go right now. I mean there’s still Capital to find, but for now he wants to explore a bit of Waterfall while he’s got the chance.

*Besides… if Capital’s a Royal Guard as well… would be a good idea to rest up while Phoenix can…

*That aside, Phoenix gets closer and closer to the house, and upon further inspection, he sees a fallen monster. To which he speeds his pace up. Nothing too much, or he won’t be able to stop where he needs.

*Once he’s over with the fallen monster, he kneels down and shakes her a bit. Gently, as to not aggravate any possible injuries.

“Hey, wake up! I need to know if you’re alright!”