ayy my babies :))


hinata is a small ball of sunshine

Group therapy.

10 round Cali mag with a 2, 3 then 5 round “burst”. I just have a CMMG lpk with a JP enhanced trigger spring kit ($12). There was one guy that talked shit saying how he hated the stupid twist people do. Like ??? I don’t do that to look cool, I just like to eject my mags with momentum. But I had to stop myself because I have a magazine lock on the rifle.


So how did it go with your mom today?

I stared up at the ceiling before looking back down at her.

It went okay I guess.

Why you say it like that?

Like what?

Like you feel unsure or something.

I mean how you want me to say it? What am I supposed to be jumping for joy and shit?

That came out way more forceful than I meant it.

Alright Jayhirad don’t be a smart-ass, I was just asking you a question.

She started to get up but I stopped her.

Where’re you going?

To give you some time alone because it seems like you need it.

I made my grip tighter on her hips .

Nah i’m good.

Look Jayhirad I understand if you don’t want to talk about it, let me up.

Bee chill your ass out.

She stopped moving and I let out a deep breath.

Look I didn’t mean to snap on you but you have to understand where i’m coming from. Soon as we move here letters from her start popping up at our house. She hasn’t tried to contact me all these years but soon as I move back home here she comes. I’m not gonna lie, it was good seeing her today but I just don’t know Bee. She looked clean and healthy but that doesn't mean she is finished playing the games she like to play. I want to believe she’s now a changed and genuine person but again I don’t know.

I took a brief pause.

I found out that I have a little sister.

Wow you did, did you get to see her?

Nah, she stay with my Gma. I’m going to see her tomorrow, you wanna go with me?

Of course I will go with you Jayhirad, you know you don’t have to ask me that.

This was one of the many reasons  why I loved her so much. She was always down and had my back no matter what. She laid down and rested her head upon my chest. I kissed the top of her head.

I love you.

I love you to baby.


I walked into our bedroom to find NaNa laid across our bed knocked out. A smile crept across my lips. Even when she was sleeping she was still gorgeous to me. I kissed her and noticed she felt hot.  I started to shake her a little gently.


She wouldn’t  budge so I shook her a little more.



Are you ready to eat?

I’m not hungry.

Why what’s wrong? You feel hot as shit.

I know, I don’t feel good.

Did you take something?


Why not?


I got up to go find her something to take.

Nice come here.

I stopped in my tracks and turned back around.


Come here.

I went and sat beside her.

What, what’s wrong?

She let out a deep sigh.

I’m pregnant Nice.

I had to make sure I heard her right.

You’re what?

Nice don’t play with me, you heard what I said the first time.

I laughed to myself, here she go with her bossy ass.

So you’re having my baby?

I was trying hard to contain the smile and happiness that I felt. I was trying to full her out and see where her mind was.

That’s what it looks like.

Her and that damn mouth.

How you feeling?

Will you stop with the damn mind games. Are you happy?

What type of fucking question is that. Of course i’m happy, why wouldn’t I be happy Natalia?

Nice I don’t know we never talked about kids.

When did you find out?

About three weeks ago.

Three fucking weeks ago!

Look Nazar I just told you we never talked about kids. I was scared, I didn’t know if you wanted more kids of not.

I took a deep breath.

Alright I will give you that Natalia but don’t do that shit again. No matter if we talked about something or not, you can always come to me and talk about anything.

I know i’m sorry.

There is nothing for you to be sorry about baby. My baby having my baby ayy!!!

I started dancing in my spot and she started laughing at me.

You so damn crazy.

Only for you baby.

I picked her up, lifted her in the air, and kissed her.

I love you Na.

I love you to Nazar.