ayy girl

I’m a pretty girl
up in a pretty world
but NO, I won’t sit still, look pretty!



“I will protect you; like you always protected me!”
It’s 3 in the morning and I’ve just drawn this lmao
Although Maka is scornful and bitter towards her dad, I have a feeling she’ll always love him despite himself and would do her very best to protect him.
It’s shit but I’m proud of it xD


NO WAY, BABY [listen here] | (a gone girl mix)

i. this is what it feels like - banks | ii. hunger of the pine - alt j | iii. jdnt - glass animals | iv. dig a grave - dark dark dark | v. texture of my blood - dillon | vi. wicked games - katie kim | vii. adelma - grizzly bear | viii. gun (jamie isaac remix) - chvrches | ix. cannibals - kyla la grange | x. gun - emiliana torrini | xi. blue blood blues - the dead weather | xii. you’re so dark - arctic monkeys | xiii. 10 cent pistol -  the black keys | xiv. no rest for the wicked - lykke li | xv. cruel world - lana del rey | xvi. ghostly arms - zoo animal | xvii. sour times - portishead | xviii. darling are you gonna leave me - london grammar | xix. biggy - warpaint | xx. shallow - 16bit | xxi. gravediggress - cocorosie | xxii. babylong - sza | xxiii. i follow rivers - lykke li | xxiv. two weeks - fka twigs | xxv. begging for thread  - banks | xxvi. skull crushing - cliff martinez