• the pros of being aware of your own behaviour: you can tell when you're splitting, you can tell when you're being unreasonable, you can kind of tell when you ARE being reasonable, you can tell when you're expecting people to mind read, you're aware of your behaviour and how to mitigate the harmful parts
  • the cons of being aware of your own behaviour: it doesn't actually fix anything and you will still have these as your knee-jerk reflexive thinking and behaviour forever

There’s a lot you can say about Steven Universe but it’s really nice to see a show where some characters have powers/are magical beings and don’t necessarily hide it from society all the time.

I mean, everyone just kinda knows Steven and his 3 mums have wild powers and get into trouble and the gems don’t try to hide it or anything, in fact Amethyst posed for Vidalia because she could change into anything, Pearl told S that she’s a magical being made out of light or whatever, no one really hesitates to whip out their weapons, idk man I just wanna say it’s such a nice change of scenery