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Ayur Is The Best Skin Renewal

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Ayurveda is generally defined as ‘Science of life’

Ayurveda is generally defined as ‘Science of life’

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This is what Narendra Modi said:

आयुर मतलब जीवन और वेद मतलब विज्ञानं इससे ‘जीवन का विज्ञान‘ यह आयुर्वेद की परिभाषा बनती है। 

Quote in English:

Ayur matlab jeevan aur ved matlab vigyan isse jeeva ka vigyan yeh ayurved ki paribhasha banti hai.

English Translation:

Ayurveda is generally defined as ‘Science of life’ by translating ‘Ayuhr’ as life and ‘Veda’ as science 

Date said:

February 2, 2016


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Ayur Jyothi Rath tours Mysuru city, promotes ayurveda

Ayur Jyothi Rath tours Mysuru city, promotes ayurveda


Home remedies have fascinated Balakrishna since childhood. His grandmother used to rustle up concoctions whenever he fell ill, or suffered from fever or cough. All those moments ran through his mind on Friday, when the 30-year-old autorickshaw driver spotted Ayur Jyothi Rath.

“‘Mane maddu’ (home remedy in Kannada) is followed by our grandparents. Even today, it is practised by the younger generation at home. I’m not aware how it is different from ayurvedic treatment. But I trust home remedies as they do not have any side-effects,” he told Times of India.

Times Of India reports from Mysore : Ayur Jyothi Rath, which is aimed at promoting the ayurveda system of medicine, is touring the city since Thursday ( 28.01.16). The tour is part of Karnataka Ayurveda and Unani Practitioners’ Board’s golden jubilee celebrations. The rath, launched in Bengaluru, has been travelling across Karnataka. It is now in Mysuru to popularize the ancient Indian system of medicine.

“Ayurveda treatment is akin to home remedy, but not completely. There is a misconception among public about this,” said Priyanka Shandilya, a second year student of Charaka Government Ayurveda Post-Graduation Centre (CGAPGC). The rath reached CGAPGC on Friday. Priyanka, who is studying samhitha and siddantha, said: “People are aware about tulsi, which cures throat itching. But the same method may not be a solution for everyone. Different bodies require different methods of treatment. Using home ingredients does not guarantee absolute ayurvedic treatment.”

Though the rath is stationed at various locations in the city, not many people are visiting it. But those who have benefited from ayurveda are arguing for it. “Only ayurveda treatment can safeguard the ahealth of future generations. Of late, people are preferring allopathy by paying huge money for quick relief. It is good to prefer ayurveda as there is no harm,” said K Munniyappa, a social worker. He has been banking on ayurveda for the past three decades.

The board will host a global wellness meet during mid-February in Bengaluru. As a prelude, the board is approaching the public to look at alternative forms of medicine. On Saturday, the rath will head to Nanjungud before checking into Chamarajanagar.

Sapna, a final-year ayurveda MD student, said ayurveda is a personalized treatment.

Board member V Ajith Kumar has invited students and doctors of CGAPGC to attend the meet, scheduled for February 12-14 at Palace Grounds in Bengaluru.