i feel like part of what makes me so uncomfortable with ot//ayur/i (beside from the obvious fact that it’s shipping a 15/16 year-old with a 19 year-old) is the fact that, as a 15 year-old gay kid, most of my gay friends are 18 and 19 years old

these are some of the people i’m closest too, emotionally and physically. i feel comfortable and safe sleeping in a bed with them, and cuddling, and having them do my makeup or braiding their hair or asking for help unzipping my dress. if i’m having a bad day, i go to them for help. if one of us is having dysphoria or is feeling unsure about labels, we talk about it. i know i can go to them with questions about relationships and sex and they’ll give me honest answers and advice, and i don’t have to worry about them mistaking our relationship for anything but friendship and mentorship and bonding over common experience. i can feel completely safe in asking them if my outfit is too revealing or where to get free condoms because i know that they would never, not even for a second, think of me in a sexual light. 

but so, so many people can’t seem to understand this. because we’re both gay, and we both like hugs and they kiss me on the forehead when i’m feeling shitty, people assume that our relationship must be a sexual or romantic one. any sort of affection is twisted into something romantic, and it makes me feel so unsafe, because the entire reason our relationship is possible is because i know that they would never see me in that light. i’m like a little sibling to them. they teach me how to survive in this homophobic hellhole of a universe, and someday, i’ll pass on that knowledge to younger gay kids.

so when i see yu//rio being shipped with ot//abek, an older teenager who helped yu/ri/o out of a situation where he was being chased by terrifyingly obsessed fans, and is shown to be one of the only, if not the only, person y/uri/o considers a friend… to be honest, it scares me. in these two characters, i see a clear reflection of my own relationship with older gay teens. not only in the way that the two of them interact, but in the way that other people, and especially straight people, interpret it. i see it every time i rest my head on an older friend’s shoulder, or hold their hand while i cry. you can’t comprehend the idea that gay people have a community and a family that has nothing to do with sex, because that’s the only part of our relationships you’ve ever wanted to see. you only care about the relationships between gay people when you get something out of them too. so yeah, fuck that. let us have our friendships. they’ve never been yours to take.

idk, just my two cents. please don’t reblog if you’re just going to argue with me about my experiences. trust me, i know them better than you do. if you’re also lgbt and a minor, though, i’d be happy to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Ayurveda treatments incorporate many herbs and spices that are used for healing as you see in the image above. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term,“ Ayur means life or healing and the root word Veda means wisdom or knowledge.

Ayurveda’s first text of internal medicine was compiled around 200 B.C. and the 1st century A.D. titled the Charaka Samhita. Based on the ancient history of India, Ayurveda can be considered the first healing system or medicine of the world.

Ayurveda has always been well integrated with spirituality and shares many common tools with Yoga. Both Yoga and Ayurveda are really one practice or way of living, which are derived from Vedic teachings. They later formulated as independent sciences. Yoga and Ayurveda are part of the greater bharata (Indian) culture and should never really be studied or practiced as separate systems. ”

*Excerpt from Yoga & Ayurveda program manual by Mas Vidal - Dancing Shiva

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Remember back while the first half of the anime was airing when the worst aspect of the fandom was theories on victor either dying or being evil, & a lot less people were shipping yurio with anyone because it was a gross concept to ship a 15 y/o with adults? *wipes away tear* I miss those simpler days when ot*ayur* didn't exist and yurio wasn't sexualized by fetishistic shippers who literally only care about themselves and their "right" to ship whatever gross thing they want w/ no consequences.

wow mood. i remember when the biggest problem was people shipping Yurio with Victor lol. but that was a pretty small scale problem. now i feel like otayurglers are like an infestation hahahaha. so hopefully Milabek happens or something


these saved my life so i must share !
I have really sensitive skin and pcos so no matter if i didnt deviate from my skin care routine at all, i would still breakout randomly and i’m really sensitive to dairy so i breakout anytime i have the slightest bit of cheese or a bowl of cereal.
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They’re all natural (which i usually opt for because my skin is really sensitive and i just don’t like risking it bc if i react to a product badly it’s Hell and also u kno like. the environment or w/e), and contain tulsi/neem, kaolin, fuller’s earth, and calamine n thats it! u just mix the powder with a little water and use it as a mask! it healed my skin and also just leaves u with a fresh clean feeling.
These are only $4 at most indian grocery stores or on amazon (search ayur face pack) ! Which is the best part ! Because we all know obviously good skincare products out there exist but $$$ :/ These are really affordable, the best thing i ever put on my skin, and last you a long time.
The neem one is better if you have a lot of large cystic acne and oily skin, because for me it does dry out your skin a little bit so make sure to moisturize. I usually only put it on problem areas. The tulsi one is good if you have more manageable acne or combination/dry skin.


Ayurveda,, intertwined with yoga techniques and .. The term comes from the Sanskrit words Ayur, meaning life, and Veda, meaning knowledge or science~

~Pranayama – breathing exercises. Practicing pranayama helps you feel calm. ~Abhyanga – rubbing the skin with herbal oil to increase blood circulation and draw toxins out of the body through the skin. ~Rasayana – using mantras (repeated words or phrases) during meditation combined with certain herbs to rejuvenate a person. ~Yoga – combining pranayama, movement, and meditation. Yoga has been shown to improve circulation and digestion, and to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, anxiety, and chronic pain. ~Pancha karma – cleansing the body to purify it and reduce cholesterol. Practitioners use methods that cause sweat, bowel movements, and even vomit to cleanse the body of toxins. ~Herbal medicines – prescribing herbs to restore dosha balance.

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