Fursuit Cooling Advice

By Ayume Jochuu of MLP Fursuiters Facebook Group

If there is something important while wearing a fursuit it is keeping yourself cool, otherwise you may faint! Conventions themself are quite hot due to the massive amount of people so one can only guess how bad it can become for somebody inside a fursuit. Especially the new fursuiters underestimate how important cooling gear is so here are some tips, hints, suggestions, etc when dealing with heat.

  • Even if you have a moveable jaw on your head it is still important to have at least one fan installed. The best places are inside the muzzle blowing fresh air right into your face and on top of your head because heat rises! Extra holes inside the head but hidden under the fur also help letting the bad air out because faux fur is breathable while foam/resin/etc is not.
  • In addition to fans inside the head, if you have a fursuit with a neck that doesn’t gets tucked under the body, you can get a necklace fan to wear together with your badges. It will blow cold air under the neck and inside your head, you may have seen those often at photos of japanese fursuiters.
  • Don’t wear loose clothes under your fursuit, skin tight undersuits (zentai, underarmor, etc) will get soggy on the inside without letting the sweat leak to the surface in the most cases, soggy fabric conducts heat out to where the sogginess is evaporating - thus cooling you.
  • Put your undersuit inside your fridge a day before the con, this will slow down the inside of the fursuit from getting hot.
  • Try taking a cold shower few hours before you begin fursuiting to help you cool off and use a cooling shower gel for an extra long effect (mint shower gels are the most common for that).
  • Don’t consume anything sweet before or while being in your fursuit because sugar disrupts the hydration process of your body and makes you even more thirsty!
  • Make sure to drink lots of water, no soda because of the above. Sport drinks are fine too but water is the most important because that’s what the body’s circulation consumes the most.
  • A homemade lemonade with fresh lemon and lime slices, mint leaves and ice cubes, not only tastes refreshingly delicious but is easy and cheap to make! You maybe want to consider storing it in a refrigerator box when not in use.
  • If the sweating becomes too much, there is a nice DIY body spray that can get taken inbetween breaks to calm down your skin from sweating. For this you will have to make green tea, let it cool down and fill it into a spray bottle. Mix the tea with a bit tap water and put it into the fridge for a while before going to the con.
  • Know your limits before you are going to fursuit for the first time at a con, wearing your fursuit for some hours at home can show you flaws you didn’t notice before.
  • Always have a handler with you for the worst case, teach him a signal that shows that you need a break.
  • Try to avoid the sun and hot areas in general, stick to shadows if outside if possible.
  • Establish a changing area nearby in case you need to take a break quick and get out of your fursuit.
  • Make sure to wear a sweatguard headband if possible, having sweat enter your eyes when you can’t remove your head to wipe them clean can temporarily leave you unable to see which can cause a panic attack.
  • Invest in a cooling system to wear over your undersuit, the nicest part is that you can make them yourself for cheap. Check with your local pharmacy and ask what they do with the icepacks they recieve their refridgerated drugs in, many will give them away for free and the small ones are perfect for placing in pockets sewn to your undersuit. Make sure to inform yourself first because a bad placement can make you sick!.
  • If you have a fursuit head without an open mouth area you may want to get a hydration vest, they not only keep you cool but you can also drink from them via a straw!
22 dan si yumi yola

Di hari Sabtu yang tenang dan damai, ane lagi leyeh2 sambil baca buku. lalu ada sms dari si Yumi Yola.

Ayum: Eehehehehehehemmehemhemhem,,, kaya e ada yang ultah nihhhhhhh…. sopo yoooooooo??? hmmmmmmmm

Me: Emm, emang sapa yum? :p

Ayum: Mmmmmm sapa yaaaa… mmmm mesti wonge seg rada2 edan gimanaaaaaaaaa gitu… Wkwkwkwkwkw

Me: Aseeeeeemmm sing paling geulis top bgt.. wkwk

Lalu Ayum sms ngucapin ultah plus doa2 tapi kepotong, soalnya kepanjangan.

Me: Yum, pesanmu kepotong gak bisa dibuka..

Ayum mencoba sms lagi, dan kepotong lagi, ampe 3 kali hihi

Me: Aaaaak kepotong pas bagian teromantisnyaa :(( *pas doa2nya maksud ane haha*

Ayum sms lagi tapi masih aja kepotong

Me: masih kepotong yumii.. yauda gpp wkwk makasi yaa semoga Allah mengabulkan semua doa-doamu.. hehe makasi mamen peyuk cium dari si geulis (gak mau nyebut si ayu, ntar geer :p)

lalu sms versi lengkapnya muncul…

Ayum: Wkwkw zzzz…. Yaudin deh… Karna hr ini judul’a meryem day’s gapapa lah sekali-kali elu geulis… Wkwkwk happy b’day men.. Semoga panjang umur, sehat selalu, lancar rezekinya, ndang rabi, teruusss………………  titik”e isinen dewe tak amini :D

Me: Uwaaaa baru nyampe ni sms mu sing lengkap haha. semoga lancarr skripsi, lulus tahun depan! serius banget ni doanya

Ayum: Kowe bukane wis wisuda??

Me: *ngejelasin*

Ayum: Oalaaahhhh… tak pikir langsung kerja kowe… Kok dulu gak langsung ambil s1??

Me: *KZL* *perasaan dulu dia uda pernah tanya, 2 kali malah* *ngejelasin secara singkat riwayat pendidikan ane*…..

Ayum: Poltekkes? Cadangan? D3? aku mendadak amnesia.. nek ra mbiyen aku durung dong tapi iyo2 wae :D


Yumi, temen dari smp ampe udah tuek gini. setiap ketemuan selalu seru dan banyak topik penting-gak penting yang bisa dibahas, banyak gak pentingnya malah haha. dia mah orangnya baik dan jujur. nggak pernah ngasih nasihat bijak, tapi langsung to the point yang jleb, dan ane pun berpikir ‘iya juga yaa..’  sambil manggut2 :D