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Overheard at Teitan Elementary [2]
  • Genta: Explain yourself, Conan!
  • Ayumi: Conan-kun!
  • Conan: Oi, what's wrong, lot?
  • Mitsuhiko: Wakasa-sensei asked us to find the photos of Teitan Elementary Alumnis!
  • Conan: ...and?
  • Genta: That's the pic of the Kudo Shinichi guy...
  • Ayumi: Who graduated 10 years ago...
  • Mitsuhiko: And he looks just like you, Conan-kun! How is this possible?
  • Conan: ...just a coincidence?
  • Genta: Don't play games with us!
  • Conan: O-okay, it's simple, guys! He's a grandchild of the uncle of the nephew of the daughter of my mother's grandfather's brother!
  • Haibara: Edogawa-kun's family is extremely complicated.
  • Conan: Shutup.
  • Mitsuhiko: Please, be serious, Conan-kun! We all know that you are...
  • (at once)
  • Ayumi: Urashima Taro!
  • Genta: An alien!
  • Mitsuhiko: A time traveler!
  • ...
  • Genta: What are you talking about, guys! He's surely an alien! I saw stuff like that on TV! He infiltrated us and borrowed that Kudo Shinichi's form!
  • Ayumi: Genta-kun, that's silly!
  • Mitsuhiko: Besides, why would he borrow Kudo Shinichi's child form?
  • Genta: Who knows those aliens...
  • Conan: Oi...
  • Ayumi: Conan-kun is Urashima Taro! He traveled on big mr. Turtle's back to the Sea Dragon Palace, and when he came back 10 years passed!
  • Mitsuhiko: But Urashima Taro is a hero of the legend...
  • Genta: Sea Dragon? Is it like eel?
  • Ayumi: Genta-kun!
  • Mitsuhiko: We know that there's a scientific explanation to this! Conan-kun is from the future and they invented a time travel! That's why he was in the photo 10 years ago and that's why he looks exactly the same. Am I right, Conan-kun?
  • Ayumi: But why would Conan-kun travel to the past? And what will happen to Ran-onee-san, if she will learn that her boyfriend is from the future?..
  • Genta: Maybe there's a war going on in future and he came here to prevent it? I saw it on TV with dad!
  • Mitsuhiko: Genta-kun...
  • Haibara: Then how about this explanation? His cellular structure was forcibly redone by a mysterious drug and he shrunk due to the ingenious invention of a biochemical teen prodigy who worked in a secret evil organization?
  • ...
  • Mitsuhiko: ...you watch too many science dramas, Haibara-san...
  • Ayumi: Yeah... that sounds even less possible than Genta-kun's Alien theory, Ai-chan...
  • Genta: That's funny, Haibara!
  • Conan: Oi-oi...
Morning Musume 13th gen interview (UTB+ March 2017)

(Translator’s note: This is chronologically the first interview 13ki had ever done, so there is information now known (i.e. Yokoyama’s blood type) that was not known at this point.)

We’re the 13th generation of Morning Musume!

Kaga Kaede x Yokoyama Reina

The 13th generation members decided upon are these two from Hello! Pro Kenshuusei! There’s a stark contrast between Kaga-chan’s 4 years of Kenshuusei and Yokoyama-chan’s 3 months, but it seems that Yokoyama-chan has an aggressive personality (laugh). They’re beginning to act more and more like generation mates. 

The uncertainty of debuting during the Kenshuusei days

— What was the initial reason why you joined the Kenshuusei?

Kaga: I’ve been watching Morning Musume since I was little, but in particular, when I saw the performance of “One Two Three” (‘12), everybody’s dancing and singing was amazing, and Sayashi Riho-san, the center, was really cool and left an impact on me. I admired that a girl in the same age group as me could dance so well. I went for the 11th generation auditions, failed partway through, and joined the Kenshuusei.

Yokoyama: I’ve liked Morning Musume since I was in sixth grade. Back then, I still viewed them from the perspective of a fan and never thought about wanting to become a member. When I entered junior high, I saw Morning Musume ‘14 being pranked on a TV show. It was a wake-up prank where everyone had to wake up and start singing and dancing immediately. When I watched that, even though everyone had just woken up, they danced crisply, sang properly, and smiled brightly. I thought that it would definitely be fun to join them. I took the first 13th generation audition (no passed applicants) and joined then.

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Detective Conan Chapter 999 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • [This is Ayumi!]
  • A: This oji-san is nowhere to be seen!
  • G: Maybe he already got rid of his hat and his clothes?
  • M: The sun is setting, so maybe he decided to blend into the crowd of people heading home…
  • C: It’s fine! You lot just keep talking with loud voices and eventually…

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Some screenshots I took of the livestream show on Niconico I posted about earlier. The quality isn’t great and I had scrolling Nico Nico comments turned on.

It started off with a history of the Corpse Party series, which sort of turned into a history of Seiko getting killed and watching Satomi Arai react to it. It then went over some character profiles, which ended with a tease of a new character who may be the new master of Heavenly Host Elementary. The silhouette of this new character looks like that one unidentified silhouette that appeared in the opening video.

Also, Misuto is now known as “Penguin-san.” Or “Mr. Penguin,” if you prefer.

We also got a couple of gameplay videos. The first one was footage of the beginning of the game, which picks up where the final chapter of Book of Shadows left off. They cut to some footage of fireworks in the middle of the video as a form of self-censorship, leading to lots of comments of “nice fireworks.”

Ayumi goes on a violent self-loathing spree in Hinoe’s room, and Penguin-san breaks in through the window to spout his usual cryptic nonsense. He gives Ayumi something, then exits back through the window.

The second video is footage of gameplay in Heavenly Host with Yoshiki and Ayumi. This video showcased some of the mechanics focused around running away from enemies, featuring a shadowy monster with glowing eyes that would chase them from room to room. Similarly to Ao Oni, you can try to hide from the monster in a locker, but the monster can still find you if you aren’t careful. Additionally, stepping on the red, pulsating meat stuff around the school would cause the monster to appear.

While all the stuff with the monster was going on, Ayumi found a door covered with tentacles. Then she found an axe. Then the video ended before we could get the chance to see her use the axe.

Detective Conan 999 [Japanese to English Translation]

Chapter 999! 

  • Everything is for the School Field Trip… He’s desperate!

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This year’s 40th issue of Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine is announcing the cast of the new television anime series based on Aoyama Gōshō-sensei’s Magic Kaito manga. Yamaguchi Kappei-san will play the title magician thief and his Kuroba Kaito civilian identity, after playing the same role in the Meitantei CONAN anime adaptations. (Yamaguchi-san also plays Kudō Shinichi himself in Meitantei CONAN.) However, actress and seiyū  M.A.O (real name - Ichimichi Mao-san, tokusatsu fans should know her very well as Luka Millfy, aka GōkaiYellow from famous Super Sentai 35th Anniversary series Kaizoku Sentai Gōkaiger) will play Kaito’s childhood friend and love Nakamori AokoTakayama Minami-san (the voice of Edogawa Conan) and Iwai Yukiko-san played Aoko in Meitantei CONAN, while Fujimura Ayumi-san played her in the 2010 Magic Kaito: KID the Phantom Thief television special.

Kitamura Eri-san will play the witch Koizumi Akako, whom Hayashibara Megumi-san (Haibara Ai / Miyano Shiho in Meitantei CONAN anime adaptations) voiced in Meitantei CONAN and Sawashiro Miyuki-san voiced in the Magic Kaito: KID the Phantom Thief television special. Miyano Mamoru-san will play Hakuba Saguru, the son of a police superintendent and a high school detective in his own right. Ishida Akira-san played the character in Meitantei CONAN.

The anime is part of a project to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Meitantei CONAN manga’s serialization in Shōnen Sunday. A-1 Pictures is animating the series that will air in the time slot before the Meitantei CONAN anime. The Saturday anime series will premiere on October 4 at 5:30 p.m. JST.

Pictures in this post includes: Yamaguchi Kappei-san, M.A.OMiyano Mamoru-san and Kitamura Eri-san.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork (with my personal edits)

Overheard at Teitan Elementary Storage Room
  • Ayumi: Careful, Genta-kun! Did you find it?
  • Genta: I'm trying! Its their fault they store photos at the highest shelf!
  • Ayumi: But isn't it nice that Kobayashi-sensei and Wakasa-sensei decided to organize Teitan Elementary Alumni meeting?
  • Mitsuhiko: It will surely bring memories. What was it, 1-A? The class they asked to make a welcoming poster with everybody's photos!
  • Ayumi: Ran-onee-san was in there! Ayumi would like to see small Ran-onee-san...
  • Genta: Here!
  • Ayumi: Ayumi brought glue and scissors and some glitters!
  • Mitsuhiko: Be careful with scissors, Ayumi-chan!
  • Genta: Will you start already? I want to finish before breakfast...
  • ...
  • Ayumi: There's Ran-onee-san! And her boyfriend, Shinichi-nii-chan, should be next to her... Oh, that's Sonoko-nee-san, so they were friends even back then... Ah, Ayumi wants to grow faster and to be like Ran-onee-san...
  • Genta: Who's that Shinichi guy again?
  • Mitsuhiko: Professor Agasa's friend, famous high school detective, Ran-onee-san's childhood friend and lover!
  • Ayumi: There! 'Kudou'!.. Ah!
  • Mitsuhiko: What's wrong, Ayumi-chan? ... Ah!
  • Genta: Oi, what's that you're 'ah'ing about? Lemme see... AH!
Jun. K's Full "LOVE & HATE" Thanks To

Thanks to

First of all, my mother who gave birth to me, and my father who is in heaven.
My first solo mini album was released in Japan.
Thank you for leading me on the path to music.
My brother, Junhyun, good luck on your studies.
Audrey! Protect mom!

My self-produced first solo mini album has been released to the world.
J.Y. Park, thank you for giving me the chance to have musical activities.
Company president Jimmy, thank you for always trusting in me.
It’s always a happy feeling whenever we meet Cho vice president.
Thank you always for the warm smiles, vice president Byung and vice president Pyo.

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Some rough translations of Ayumi’s and Yoshiki’s dialog in chapter 4 of Blood Drive. I don’t consider mentioning that they have dialog together is a spoiler since I’m pretty sure everyone knows it’s inevitable. 

Once again, I’m using google translate and working it around until the gist of it is understandable but I’m sure it’s far from completely accurate. Translations under the cut. (Hopefully this is enough of a warning for moblie users since the cuts don’t work on mobile)

() - Describing something visual (Things described in the text won’t have these)

[] - My comments/alt. translations

Corpse Party Blood Drive spoilers beneath cut:

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Decided to go ahead and try translating the end of Corpse Party Blood Drive. I know that these are rough translations but there were a few things I haven’t seen people mention in their summaries of the end. I could be wrong about what’s being said but the actions and sounds of the game support the translations I’m getting at least to some degree.

Anyway, same warning as before: I’m not fluent so these are not 100% but hopefully enough to get the gist.

() - Used to describe scenes (Anything written in the text will not have these.)

[] - My notes/alternate translations

Once again, spoilers under the cut. Mobile users please heed the warning and be careful since cuts don’t work for you.

Corpse Party Blood Drive Finale Spoilers under the cut:

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Translation of the first half of the first gameplay video from the livestream

Since there’s a Youtube video of the livestream up, I can try to translate the dialog from the gameplay videos. The following is a translation of the first video up until the nice fireworks. I’ll do more later, but this is what I’ve got done now. Placed behind a jump due to length.

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