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ok the pun made me lol ;u; any thoughts on kassim, and mor?

Kassim is (predictably) a delinquent. He went to pre-K through most of Elementary with Alibaba and they were thick as thieves, you could say /hit. He had a few rough years after Alibaba moved away, and things were kind of awkward when they met up again in high school. But after a while they were up to their old tricks, but you know how it’s kind of awkward when you have multiple social circles that don’t meet, so it’s a bit of juggling in terms of social obligations.

His favorite rumor about himself is the one where he went to juvie for a year

He gets sent to detention most often for smoking in the boy’s room.

Mor is a freshman transfer student, a couple months into the school year. Quiet but athletic, the school sports teams try to recruit her like crazy, but she’d rather hang out in the library with Alibaba and the whiz kid, in their unofficial after school club of investigating the mysteries of their school! Thanks to the two of them she’s opened up a lot, but had some scary experiences as a kid.

Hakuryuu gave her chocolate on Valentine’s day and she was extremely confused because she thought it was only supposed to go one way?!

She has beaten the regional records in weights, long jump and pole vault >w< She seems to get along well with Masrur (Phys Ed) although she might be the only student who really does…

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∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ∑(❂Д❂ ) ………………….yesss (also pls take care of your eyes, we can wait)



Now it’s homework time! If I’m able to find someone for the proofreading now, I’ll release it this evening!

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people are complaining? :U


I think only three of us in the tag are happy about it so far



Aladdin: Kaori Ishihara
Alibaba: Takuma Terashima
Morgiana: Aya Hirano
Sinbad: Katsuyuki Konishi
Ja’far: Takahiro Sakurai
Judal: Hiroshi Kamiya
Cassim: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Ren Hakuryuu: Tetsuya Kakihara KAKIKAKIKAKIKAKIIIII
Ren Hakuei: Aya Endou
Ren Kougyoku: Kana Hanazawa
Ugo: Kishou Taniyama KIIIIIYAAAAAAAN

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No I’m sure you’re even better looking than we all think.


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I… I will!

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WHY DIDN’T YOU BUY IT since you can always show us here

Asfghklb d-do you people really care that much—

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idk whichever you like??? :> (is there some cute shota ;u;)

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Anything with Alibaba /bias

My array of alibaba books grew a 300% ! Now I have 4! I don’t know if that math worked but they are Jafar/Alibaba and they are super cute. I’ll get one out soon.

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ASDFHGFJGKHLYKHMYKJU- / dies ( y-you know which one Id like to see the most though )

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*cries with you*

ayteh ha riposto al tuo post“I have enough material to make an entire book on Sinbad’s adventures, but this comic is just 70 pages long.”

maybe there’ll be future comics! one for each general! 8D /dreaming

Yes… at least we can dream…


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90$. wow. ive heard how expensive some fruits are in japan, but. wow.

lol yeah. well these fruits are almost exclusively bought to be given as gifts to other people which is why they are so expensive (besides the assumption they are fucking orgasmically awesome and raised like fruit royalty i dunno). It’s a bit of a status symbol type deal too, and also japanese love giving other people gifts and stuff so I guess the industry supports itself some…somehow

but normal fruit is normal fruit

just kind of more expensive than the states, depending on the season of course

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Should’ve made a text file. BUT YOU’RE BACK SO WATCH MAGI


my university is useful, after all… uhuh…

and YES I regret so much not having done it… OTL

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That’s what I’m doing! 8D

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its kind of amazing. like, do they use babelfish or spin the wheel guesslations?

there’s a lot of speculation as to where hadena gets its translations. Some say the moon. Others say out of the ass of an irascible foreigner who speaks neither english nor japanese.  

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ok everything after the pento one is just agdfqsdfsqh

yeah… they are just no bueno.

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mm, but you could get worse and then miss a lot more in the long run. your ears hurting could be from inflammation in your eustacian tubes, btw, is your throat sore too?

… too late /hides.
I went anyway, and I’ve just ha dmy first lesson (Japanese), now I have an hour of nothing and then Chinese ^q^
But I feel better, and before going out  I also took a medicine. My ears don’t hurt anymore! 
About my throath… it was sore yesterday and the day before, but today it’s better. 

This morning was horrible but now I’m… well, not too bad, the only problem left is my nose.
Moreover, when I look at myself in the mirror… I’m ‘decent’. Yesterday was definitely worse! 

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aww… just.. stay… home!! If it’s pronounciation I can help out! E-even though I have a total ABC accent… I KNOW WHAT IT SHOULD SOUND LIKE *v* though I’m curious what accent they’re teaching you, Beijing? I use Taiwan but I can fake beijing..w!?

S-sorry but I went anyway! /hides/
Mhh, the teacher did say something about the fact that we will use Beijing’s pronunciation… something really standard, I think…

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oh no am i too late? D: pisti! (or if you're in the mood for complicated, piano girl ;u;)

ahhh I’d never be able to do that justice…. well… not that I really did for pisti either xD she’s so fab I love her!! I want her to be my bff and my wingwoman and let me play with animalsdfjlsdf

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/wheezing for entirely different reasons (=q=) why don’t more people like this ship it is hot as hell on a bonfire night hnnnnnghghghg

I don’t know uuuuuuuurgh

probably they are just like “why this doesn’t make any sense” OTL or they just don’t like Kouen in general because of his goatee


Ahhh, I should just shut up, this is my guilty pleasure pairing but only few people understand me…

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Ooh, interesting, and I agree with practically everything :D (Sorry to you and anon both though because the bulk of my comment and appreciation must go to YES KassAli shipper YES 8D)



Ootaka, I have hopeeee

j/k, but yeah I especially like all their cute AUs because well, he’s not dead and I love them together OTL /too many other feelings about them otherwise

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ahahaha does it sound unsporting if the reaction to “does not involve you-know-who” is YES MORE PLEASE? ;u;

Honestly I do try to look for those, the trouble is that my own inability locks me out of certain comics like

ones where sharrkan talks a lot (fucking accent)

ones where judal talks a lot lot (fucking accent)

Masrur’s isn’t bad but you know he doesn’t talk a lot and it’s usually with sharrkan

Yamuraiha has the same problem

Not enough people draw my babe pisti

okay this is just a long list of whining but you get the idea 8D;;;;

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is that some piano girl? :D (orrr someone else, idk lemme check my nakamura folder) and on that note... top 5 favorite mangaka?


I am a piano is my favorite oneshot hnngh

Favorite Mangaka hmmm, in no particular order again

  1. Shinobu Ohtaka (For magi >w<)
  2. Hotta and Obata (for Hikaru no Go)
  3. Gong Jiyoung and Mizu Sahara (I really love the one shot,  Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan  , so fucking sad hrghhrg)
  4. Takako Shimura (WANDERING SON rghrhghf too many feels about that series)
  5. Naoki Urasawa (I admire the hell out of him and his works)
wow there are probably like tons of other names I’m missing but this is off the top of my head plus my current obsessions lol. honorary mention for Nakamura, can’t wait for her new title to come out this month