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When will Kilo and todd admit feelings for each other? I wish there was more art of them together, its hard as a reader waiting for relationships between characters you adore to really "blossom"... I hope its soon...

Monster’s Garden isn’t a story about Kilo and Todd, and if people thought of it that way, you wouldn’t find yourself investing in a story that is not going to pay off in the way that you want it to. And I’ve got a good feeling there’s a chunk of folks here who are expecting something that’s not going to happen.

Monster’s Garden is a story about Kilo forming relationships with other damaged people to make a functional pseudo-family, so his relationships with NIKA, Ayshia, and Jaymi are just as important to the story as his relationship with Todd. Absolutely nothing is going to make me skip his development with the girls to focus on only Todd. Nothing. As an ace myself (And this is a reminder that Kilo Monster himself IS ace), I want to write a story where the romantic relationship is not front and center, but one of the many other loving bonds in the protagonists life.

I do, in fact, have a future story planned out that centers around Kilo and Todd’s development. I outlined it over this past month. So it’s not like I don’t want to show that to you guys. But it comes after this first arc which is approximately another 90 pages left.

If you really REALLY want me to draw more Kilo and Todd together, then I’m going to have to make this request to not just you, but to all the other people who message me about this, pledge to my Patreon

I make this comic in my very limited free time thanks to serving active duty in the military. So I’m more worried about making a comic I’ve spent years wanting to make how I want to make it. If enough paying patrons requested that I do more Kilo/Todd art, then I would kindly oblige with doing and showing more sketches of the two on Patreon. But barring that, you really do have to have the patience to wait for me to handle my story at my own pace and show art when the inspiration hits.

And you know, you don’t necessarily have to wait for me to do stuff to get more Kilo and Todd. If you are a creative type too, you can write fanfics or draw fanart. I don’t mind it at all and wouldn’t mind seeing it if you do. I only ask that folks stay true to the characters and not forget that Kilo Monster is ace, which keeps him from doing some things comfortably. Technically I can’t stop you from doing whatever you want, but it’s just a request from me if it’s something you want to share with me.

This is probably not what a lot of you wanted to hear, but I need to be honest with you guys. Thanks for listening.

If you were wondering what happened to the strawberry trifle, two plates of jammy-devils, a napoleon cake and a large bowl of cocktail sausages, wonder no longer. There’s no supervision under the table, not least because Roddy’s more likely to aid and abet than actually lecture the kids for petty theft and eating too much cake. 

(when did this turn into 24-7 adorable, my goodness, it’s ridiculous, i have an IMAGE to maintain. Excuse me while I scuttle off to draw something covered in biceps and casual obscenity)

The guilty parties are the property of Kilomonster, myself, gravitationaltimothy, elzee3, jim-moroniarty and kacydoodles, with a generous measure of George the Slug thrown in. Thanks everyone for allowing me to nick your lovely characters!

I was working on this when I discovered that Crow and I had very similar ideas and that security had already broken up this little party! So it was a little rushed. I suppose it could have happened before Roddy’s arrival.

Tam is more nervous around kids their own age, and especially so if those kids are younger. They’re not here to join the party–just wanted to let these little ladies know that their dresses are prime beauties, as are their long and fluffy ears. (And of course, if they’d like, Tam would be more than happy to snatch some more goodies for them to munch on in secret. Brilliant idea!)

Now get out, Tam, get out, before you blow their cover!

I accidentally tripped and fell onto my sketchpad and drew some cute party girls, because Miss Kilo drew them so beautifully and I couldn’t NOT, after that. 

I apologise for any impending cases of diabetes. 

These two are just too much to handle. By the time the rest of the grown-ups have gotten sufficiently schnockered, Wyse and Aysh will have smuggled a whole trifle under one of the buffet tables to eat with their fingers where nobody can tell them off for it. 

Ayshia of course belongs to Miss Kilomonster. 

Daemion’s this giant, scary-looking, near-seven-foot, tattooed, muscular alien guy, but he’s the gentlest, kindest person you’ll ever meet.

He gets along especially well with children. Probably because he himself his a giant child, as well as a living playground.

We have Wyse, Ayshia, Little One, Miyuki, Nata, Bella, and Tam! They all belong to their respective owners. The big four-armed idiot is mine.