(Yes I know the official party is over BUT WE’VE GOT ALL NIGHT LONG, BABY.)

I’ve fallen in love with so many of the characters at this ball but I couldn’t resist pairing Arthur up with the magnificent Miss Kit, and Mesi is all about eating desserts under the table, especially with adorable kids like Ayshia.

Characters belong to the majestic Emily K. Smith and the redoubtable yet adorable Kilo! Sorry for trashing your wonderful characters with my hurried pencil scrawlings!

I accidentally tripped and fell onto my sketchpad and drew some cute party girls, because Miss Kilo drew them so beautifully and I couldn’t NOT, after that. 

I apologise for any impending cases of diabetes. 

These two are just too much to handle. By the time the rest of the grown-ups have gotten sufficiently schnockered, Wyse and Aysh will have smuggled a whole trifle under one of the buffet tables to eat with their fingers where nobody can tell them off for it. 

Ayshia of course belongs to Miss Kilomonster. 

I was working on this when I discovered that Crow and I had very similar ideas and that security had already broken up this little party! So it was a little rushed. I suppose it could have happened before Roddy’s arrival.

Tam is more nervous around kids their own age, and especially so if those kids are younger. They’re not here to join the party–just wanted to let these little ladies know that their dresses are prime beauties, as are their long and fluffy ears. (And of course, if they’d like, Tam would be more than happy to snatch some more goodies for them to munch on in secret. Brilliant idea!)

Now get out, Tam, get out, before you blow their cover!