Salt Water Flush

This is one of my favorite cleanses to pair with HealThySelf360′s parasite cleanse, liver & kidney flush and/or an organic coffee enema. I often pair it with the parasite cleanse because constipation is a common symptom the first few days, and a salt water flush cleans me right out. You can take this flush on it’s own, too. And a heads up: make sure you do this on a day where you don’t have anything planned, you will need to be by a toilet. Also, consult with your physician, nutritionist and herbalist, especially if you have a history of high blood pressure.


Salt Water Flushes are dope for cleaning and normalizing the pH of the entire GI Tract. It can provide relief from numerous digestive issues including: gas, bloating, cramping, constipation, and digestive irritability. Not only that, it can possibly help with skin issues, respiratory issues and allergies depending on what the trigger is. To read more on the importance of your gut, click here. This flush shouldn’t be used for a quick weight loss. It is not deisgned to do anything more than clean out your system.

This Cleanse Might Be For You If:

  • you are tight on money and want a cheaper cleanse
  • bloat easily
  • poop once or less a day
  • have skin issues (acne, eczema, etc.), allergies or respiratory issues
  • eat a lot of meat, dairy and processed foods
  • suffer for other digestive issues
  • just want your body to be in tip top shape.


  • 1 tbsp of high quality himalayan salt (no table, refined or “white”salts.
  • 1-2 quarts of warm spring, alkaline water 

Mix the solution, and knock back a 1 quart first thing in the morning in 30 thirty minute. Do this on an empty stomach before you eat or drink anything. Do not eat anything for the next few hours, and drink the other quart of water an hour after the solution.


Expect to use the bathroom, a lot. I have read that a small percentage of people do not experience the flush, and that is okay. It might just not be for you or you may need to do it more than once over a span of a few days. It is totally fine to do this daily for the first week or two, and to slowly reduce the days the following weeks.

How To Make The Most Of The Cleanse

- Get Up. Exercise after taking the solution. You want it to get all up and in there.

- Hot Lemon Water. You have heard everyone bazillion times speak about the glory of lemon water from heyfranhey, @coachpsays, and others. Sip on! This is also good to help with nausea during the flush.

- Abdominal Massages. Give yourself one, or go get one. You now have an excuse. To See how to give yourself one, click here.

- Eat Whole. The day before, try to remove as much meat, dairy gluten and refined foods as possible. Fruits, veggies and whole grains. Seafood is you absolutely must. After the flush, continue this pattern, by eating foods gentle to your tummy.

I am excited for everyone interested and amped to do a salt water flush. Wishing you luck, and I hope this helps. As always, feel free to message me with questions and comments.

Went to a yoga studio for the first time in my life…

I found out that I am a Vata, that I inspire and that only I am responsible for my happiness. I was welcomed and accepted in that little corner, my fiancée is more than welcome to attend when she comes to visit me and that means a lot since on a daily basis people just assume one thing about me and if it’s not true they judge me just for being me. I can’t wait for Monday evening !

Love Bitter Melon

Recently, I had a patient ask me about the use of this wonderful fruit for excessive bloating. Guess what it worked a miracle for her!

Bitter gourd or Momordica charantia (also known as bitter melon) belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, of the genus Momordica, home to squash, watermelon, cantaloupes, cucumber, etc. As is the trait within members in the Cucurbitaceae family, bitter gourds are vines with thin stems and tendrils that require trellis to support the climbing vine.

They come in many varieties ranging from dark greens to whites and common varieties are balsam pear, cundeamor, la-kwa, etc. The pods are characterized by smooth lengthwise ridges and uneven warty surface. Depending upon the cultivar type, immature pods are light to dark green and have oblong or oval shapes with a pointed tip at the blossom end. Internally, the flesh is white with rough edged seeds, and gradually turns yellow or orange as they mature, with the seeds turning red.

Bitter gourd contains a unique phyto-constituent that has been confirmed to have a hypoglycemic effect (lowering blood sugar) called Charantin. There is also another insulin-like compound known as Polypeptide P which has been tested as an insulin replacement in some diabetic patients and have been show to be beneficial in folks with gastrointestinal issues and excessive bloating and gas. 

Wellness Baja is captivated by Eastern medicine. Remedies and healing principles that have been practiced for thousands of years deserve our attention, especially in light of the fact that these ideas are based on healing and preventing disease through holistic methods rather than just utilizing a symptomatic approach. 

Ghee is just one of those things. Used in the ancient science of Ayurveda for over 5000 years, Ghee is thought to be one of the cornerstones of Ayurvedic living. Considered a digestive aid among many other things, Ghee is basically claified butter with a nuttier finish, where the milk solids are cooked off from the butter. With such solids removed, Ghee has a much higher smoke point, making it harder to burn than normal butter. Ghee also provides gentle laxitive qualities and is considered a healthier alternative to most oils - especially the oils used in mexico such as palm and canola oil.

Made easily at home, here is a great recipe for making Ghee. Keep in mind you can store Ghee at room temperature and it will last as long as a year without going bad! http://bit.ly/2zPB4C

While many of us don’t have access to organic butter in Mexico, try to find the highest quality REAL butter to make Ghee. Any margarine or butter substitute will not work. We suggest storing in a glass container and have used coffee filters to filter our Ghee when a Ghee strainer is not at our disposal. Also, don’t forget to use a thick pot… those cheap thin Mexican pots will burn your ghee quite easily.

Wellness Baja has found ghee especially delicious with fresh fish, cooking local veggies like green beans, and on potatoes!

Na Índia as massagens são feitas desde o momento do nascimento. Os bebês são massageados regularmente com óleos, mesmo quando choram. Uma mãe sabe que a massagem vai melhorar a circulação em seu filho, que, apesar de se mexer continuamente, é incapaz de realizar exercícios de qualquer espécie.

As crianças são massageadas regularmente até a idade de três anos. Então a rotina muda e a massagem é feita uma ou duas vezes por semana, até que a criança atinja os seis anos de idade. Nesse momento a criança já tem idade suficiente para fazer massagens e recebê-las de outras pessoas.

Oitenta porcento da população da Índia vive em aldeias onde essa tradição ainda está viva. Nas áreas rurais, a massagem semanal é uma cena familiar - todo mundo a faz. No ritmo frenético das grandes cidades está se tornando cada vez mais difícil manter essa tradição. Entretanto, mesmo nas grandes cidades como Delhi, Bombaim e Calcutá, podemos encontrar frequentemente um massagista com seu colchonete e um conjunto de pequenos potes de óleo praticando seu ofício no parque ou na praia.

As pessoas na Índia gostam de ser massageadas; elas sabem que, como um bom amigo, a massagem proporciona alegria e relaxamento.

Fonte: Manual de masagem ayurvédica, Técnicas indianas tradicionais para o equilíbrio do corpo e da mente, de Harish Johari.

Warm Lemon (or Lime) Water

According to Ayurveda philosophy, choices that you make regarding your daily habits either build up resistance to disease or tear your body down. Maybe you do not believe in Ayurveda, it is not important. I am, however, referencing Ayurveda here since it was behind my initial exposure to the habit of drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.

The way I do it: 

  • Squeeze the juice out of 2-3 limes into a mug or a glass jar
  • Pour warm water (my preference is a bit warmer than lukewarm).
  • (optional, non-vegan) Add a small spoon of honey and/or some ginger (thinly sliced or shredded).
  • You can either drink right away or steep it for few minutes if thinly sliced ginger is added and you prefer to strain it first (I don’t).
  • Enjoy!


  • I usually drink around half a liter in a 750ml mason jar with 2-3 limes.
  • I prefer limes to be at room temperature so try to always have a few out of the fridge, unless you have a lime/lemon tree or live in a cooler climate than Dubai and don’t require a fridge.
  • No limes? half a lemon, or a whole one, whatever works.. organic preferred if within your reach.
  • I usually avoid cold water, but if you have a fever it might not be a good idea to have a warm drink.
  • It is much easier to shred ginger if frozen first. It is one of the few things I keep as whole in freezer (washed and dried first, I don’t peel ginger).

Benefitsjust google it, benefits are all over the interwebs.