An old character that I haven’t had the chance of drawing yet

Her name is Ayrn Neelam and she is Sheng’s matron. She has a blessed prosthetic arm made of black titanium with silver inlays made from a Vatican cross, and is basically a walking holy weapon.

She’s also “The one bitch that would bless her lipstick” (thank you @tinkerinks for that quote)


i remember the night i met you.

like it was motherfucking yesterday.

i asked you what music you liked and you said animal collective and i said oh my god.

in a good way.

i’m sorry i’m so weird and perverted.

i’m sorry but i swear it’s not my fault.

i want you.

please have me.

love dane.

GoT 4x05 First of His Name | Reaction Post (Book Reader's POV)

1. Tommen is cute. I hope he turns out alright.

2. Cersei and Margeary talking and being amicable towards each other.

I was sitting here waiting for Cersei to fire shots! These bad bitches could rule together. I think Margaery went too far with the mother comment though.


3. Dany deciding to not leave behind what she’s conquered.

She needs practice. I was frustrated when reading the books, but I see that she wouldn’t be able to deal with the players in Westeros.


4. Petyr killed Jon Ayrn?

The reason why Ned Stark went the Kings Landing and got his head cut off?!?! You’re still my boo, Littlefinger, but damn!

5. Everything about Lysa & Littlefinger


6. Finding out the the Lannisters are basically broke.

7. Cersei, “What does tyrion deserve for lighting that future on fire.”

Let’s be honest, Joffrey’s death saved the Lannister name.

8. When Sansa finds out that she’s to marry her cousin.

Girl, can’t catch a break.

9. Brienne and Podrick

I didn’t know that I wanted it until I did!

10. Cersei and Oberyn talking

I was expecting scheming and threats.


11. Jojen’s vision of his hand on fire.

Is that how he will en or how they all will?

12. Dude getting a sword through the mouth.


13. Ghost and Jon reuniting.

14. The women watching Craster’s Keep burn down and going off on their own.


OC-tober #3
Aryn Clarson

Protagonist of ‘Shrouded’ 

Ayrn was born in the fantastical world known as Theophia, the name meaning ‘eternal lands’. She lives in the furthest east human settlement of Solfyr. She is strong both physically and mentally, and later learns that she has a natural affinity with magic, but specifically a rare and powerful kind of magic known as Shadow magic. She eventually goes on a quest with her best friend Kayli and finds new companions along the way. 

“The old phrase, ‘What you can’t see wont hurt you’ is the biggest bunch of malarkey I have ever heard.”