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1. What fanclubs are you in?

I am an Exo STAN (I don’t wanna say EXOtic, I’m too ashamed), SONE, Blackjack, VIP, I wanna say pseudo-Shawol and psuedo-ELF, and afFXtion or however you stylize that.

2. What is your favorite K-drama/movie?

I just started watching them, right now I’m on my first one, which is Shut Up Flower Boy Band, so I guess that.

3.Have you been to a k-pop concert?

NO. But I swear to god I’m going to SMTown 2013 if it kills me.

4.Bias group, or not; What is your favorite glowstick?

Either f(x), 2NE1, or Girls Generation.

5.Do you learn the dances for songs?

I tried and failed at The Boys and Nu ABO, but I still do it anyway because it’s fun. :)

6.Do you know how to play any songs on an instrument?


7.Is your icon a idol?

Yep, it’s Amber from f(x).

8.Do you do fanart?

No, I don’t have the tools or the talent. :(

9.What is your favorite variety show?

I don’t really watch variety shows.

10.Who is your ultamiate (I can’t speeellllll) bias?

Good lord woman, are you trying to kill me? Um, Tiffany? Or Sunny? Or Bom? Or Suho? Or Luhan? I DON’T HAVE ONE OKAY MY BIAS IS KPOP.

11.Does any one say you look like a idol?


My questions for THE CHOSEN ONES:

1. Favorite groups?

2. Last variety show/kdrama/kmovie you watched?

3. Do you make fanart?

4. Have you ever successfully converted anyone? 

5. Favorite fandom?

6. Top bias?

7. If you could go to anyone’s concert, who would it be?

8. Do you own any merch? What is it?

9. How long have you been listening to KPop?

10. Who brought you to the dark side?

11. Favorite song?