Hey…..you have Labor Day plans? Well CANCEL THEM!!!! “Day of No To Do” is an episode Katie Mattila​ wrote and yesthisisaaron​ and I boarded and it’s one I’m especially proud of! (It’ll also be airing alongside “Recipe for Disaster” which is a brilliant new episode boarded by chrishoughtonart​ and iamcharlieg​!)

Watch it; be cool.  


A special commission for Hannah! Her Honduran vampire girl Bianca and werewolf boy Mason. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to draw their human forms or monsters forms so I did both!

Hannah’s work is amazing! Its super loose and free but still has a lot of structure and solidity to it. Great character designs too! All of her characters have such distinct personalities you can just tell from a single drawing. Check her stuff out definitely! 

And her comic Monsters Abroad too!


The Harvey Beaks episode I did props, effects, and character designs on aired LAST NIGHT!

Lemme just say it was such a treat to work on something for animation and learn a ton of new things, all while working with incredibly talented people! Very big thanks to Nicholas​ Sumida for putting me in touch with Nickelodeon, and to Hannah Ayoubi and Aaron Austin​ for the storyboards! Couldn’t have asked for cuter art to work from!

In this clip I got to design the bug parade! Some floaty jellyfish! Some dancing flowers! An avocado! And a ton more! Hope you enjoy!

Harvey Beaks is premiering this weekend

Following the Kid’s Choice Awards on Saturday, March 28th there will be a Harvey Beaks sneak peak! Then on Sunday, March 29th at 7:00pm the first episode I ever boarded, “The Spitting Tree”, will premiere!

I am so so so so SO SO SO excited! I boarded this episode with the talented Brandon B., and I remember going through our episode outline together and thinking “this show is so special”. It really is! And it’s so unreal to see it all finished and about to air on real live television! You guys are gonna love it.

(P.S. I put in a little cameo of one of my favorite video game characters–can you catch it?)


Yesterday I filmed my entire day at Nickelodeon Animation Studio using iOS 8’s new time lapse feature. 

It was harder than I thought to keep it up all day. I think you can see people getting more tired of me while the day goes on.

Featuring appearances by Anna O'Brian, Chris Houghton, Aaron Austin, Derek and DianaHannah Ayoubi, Monica Ray, Nick Sumida and many others.


Feeling like no one in town shares his steampunk interests, Moff builds a portal to another dimension. Check out this video to watch the behind the scenes storyboarding done by our amazing artists Hannah Ayoubi and Aaron Austin

And catch the episode “Steamgate” this Friday night at 8!