a telephone game featuring our favorite pink-haired punk and the queen of our hearts, lisa and phoebe! thanks to those who participated, it was fun seeing everyone’s different styles together!

pictures in order:

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Sunken-City-Vagabonds Roleplay

His gaze was unsettling to say the least. He loomed at a distance just close enough to cross personal boundaries and his ragged cloak drifted peacefully in the gentle breeze.

::Do not think you’ve gone unnoticed.::

He took a step forwards, two of his spider legs slowly slithering into view and curling into the menacing shape of hooked talons.

::If I did not know better than to assume, I might think you wished me ill.::


Day 1:
Basics and cosmetic:

Age? 39
Hair color? Brown, styled in messy unkept dreadlocks
Eye color? Also brown
Skin color/nationality? Her tribe is a bit more influenced from the southern areas of africa than the middle east/northern deserts.
Accent (if any)? Hmmm… She leaves off the ocasional letters, her words being a bit open.
Height? 5'11’
Weight? 150 lbs
Tattoos? Nope
Piercings? Also Nope
Birthmarks? No
Disfigurements? None yet
Scars? All of her wounds healed properly.
Do they have any nicknames? Where did they come from? She doesn’t have many nicknames, but a popular one is Ayo, since, Ayotunde gets cumbersome to say after a while. She’s from a tribe that was situated somewhere between the yellow and pink sands, but the tribe doesn’t exist anymore after a horrible attack. 

The Sunken City Vagabonds

(((You know what? Here we go. Just so that you guys know who these guys are… actually on the blog. B/c I keep forgetting to post this. Sorry it’s uncolored… :I but I am still getting used to getting my stupid computer to transfer this from RIFF to PNG (which is a freaking processssss harrrrgh.

On the far left we have Ayotunde. She is a self-appointed vigilante who tries to keep down the crime in the Sunken City. There has been a rising number of villans, creeps and all-around-shady folks in the settlement and Ayotunde tries to keep them in check. She origionally lived in a small tribe, but it recently disbanded. She is the last of their warrior-class, and continues to wear her traditional robes in honor of an era passed. Ayotunde is very blunt and very confident. She doesn’t try to impress anyone and it is difficult to earn her respect.

In the middle is Nafis, a quick-footed thief that often gets into trouble. He is about 12 years of age, and was seperated from his family about two years prior. Ayotunde tries to keep him out of trouble, but is often too busy to keep a good eye on him. Nafis is a bit over-confident and often tries to hit on women about twice his age. He doesn’t really realize what he’s doing, however. He’s extremely thin, partially due to his fast metabolism, and mainly due to the fact his meals vary on how much he can grab at the marketplace unoticed.

On the right is Kunchen, an ex-monk from the temple. He was expelled from the temple due to some scandal of sorts, and was thus forced to wear black robes. He would change them, but he continues to wear them with pride, claiming the religious order was actually doing unjust things and he merely called them out on their crimes. Kunchen enjoys making others happy and will try to help others when they are in need. He often meditates, but doesn’t try to confluence, saying that him and his ancestor do not get along. Kunchen has recently tried to take Nafis under his wing, but hasn’t been very successful. Kunchen has a bit of an affection towards sweets, and almost always has a surplus wherever he is camping.)))

Igbo Cultural Dancers by Juju Films
Via Flickr:
Igbo Girls Igbo New Yam Festival a yearly harvest by the Igbo people in early august at the end of the rainy season. Yams are usually the first crop harvested and a very important crop to the people. All yams from the previous years harvest are eaten or thrown away before the New Yam Festival a symbol of abundance from the new harvest. The first yam is eaten by the oldest man or the Igwe of the kingdom. With offerings to the ancestors and gods. #JujuFilms

Dora Akunyili

Dora Akunyili was the Director General of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) of Nigeria and Nigerian Minister of Information and Communications from 2008 to 2010.

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Picture of The Week 10/03/2014

Chioma and Ufuoma’s wedding | Maitama Abuja Nigeria | #JujuFilms #IgboWedding #Chioma #Ufuoma #Nigeria #Igbo #Africa #Wedding

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False Prophets

Some pastors in Nigeria claim they can cure Ebola, another unimaginative way to monetize misfortune. They prey on the poor and miseducated exploiting them for fame and fortune.

The Nigerian Federal Police and the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has just cause to arrest and prosecute these false prophets for fraud. Those who follow these false prophets blindly are not victims but…

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Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Traditional wedding ceremony in Echumofona Village, Yala LGA Cross River State Nigeria | #JujuFilms #Echumofona #TraditionalWedding #CrossRiver #Nigeria #Africa #Yala #Dance #TraditionalDance

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