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I was being shoved around too. I literally almost passed out as well. I was running on no food x.x so many people passed out and I felt so bad. Like holy crap. I was sharing the water I got from security with people around me. Damn... Dx

ugh during destiny and paradise, I kind of wanted the concert to end in that moment. I looked at the clock and realized there was still 2 hours of the concert left and I actually groaned. that’s really the reason why so many people fainted though. I’m sure a lot of people starved/didn’t drink much water due to nerves or they didn’t have any and couldn’t leave the line because they were afraid they might lose their spot prior to the concert. It was so ridiculous on Hammerstein’s part to take our water away. People who wanted to see infinite just as much as us couldn’t enjoy the concert and went home with bruises and cuts and lost items. I’ll never forget this girl’s face as she was crawling to get out of the pit. Her face was contorted with pain, extremely red and sweaty as hell; she was screaming hysterically and it was just horrible having to witness this and not being able to help her. people were rushing to her spot and almost knocked her over jfc. Last night was no joke and I’m really glad you’re safe 

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“you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 10 songs. then pass this on to 10 people. one rule: no skipping

My 10 songs :

  1. GO -Jay Park “New Breed”
  2. Orgel- SHINee “Misconceptions of Us”
  3. Special- Lee Hi ft Jennie Kim “First Love”
  5. Butterfly- Gdragon
  6. Beautiful Hangover- BIGBANG
  7. I love you- Daesung
  8. Secret Night- VIXX
  9. Walking in the Rain- Verbil Jint ft Bumkey
  10. Rewind- Double K ft Michelle Lee

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it’s like…infinite has become a really big part of me as a person. and when i say that i realize it sounds like a bunch of bull lol. but it’s tru, and i honestly think i would be a more reserved and struggling highschooler if not for infinite. I wouldn’t have been depressed bc i just don’t roll that way, but I wouldn’t have had as much fun. infinite is the first thing that I have actually kept on following and enjoying…so their really important to me…i think lol. I wish i was more knowledgable during NY OGS and knew more about how concerts went, I’m pretty sure alot of other people do to. The next time I go to one of their concerts there are probably three goals I have.

  1. Get myungsoo to notice me. lol selfish desire always takes first priority.
  2. Get Sungyeol to smile. I’ve learned that Sungyeol isn’t afraid to show his feelings, and during NY OGS I could tell he was unhappy just like some other concerts i’d seen them go to. If i can see him smile, I think I would feel content in knowing that inspirits didn’t screw up in making infinite happy.
  3. Show that there are a majority of inspirit international fans and that their not delusional and that they don’t do weird sasaeng stuff. idk I’m korean so I’m like half of inspirit international and half korean inspirit LOL. but i know how korean fans look at international fans and it is not very nice. I want to show infinite that inspirits are different tho….

um yeah tht would be it…I think smth I could never do is actually stalk ifnt or even go to their hotel and act like it was some kind of coincidence…like wtf. their humans and they need their personal space. I know a couple ppl who do it and I follow them on twitter…actually…they heard ifnt was going to stay there so they went there just in case it was tru…but then after they found out it was true they staked out in the lobby…i don’t even know what to think…but when I saw that they did it and claimed that they thought they were better fans then a majority of concert fans I felt torn and a bit uneasy. I still follow them, but it was just a bit uncomfortable when they wrote of their encounter…I understand what they mean by them feeling a bit more important than ppl who went to the concert because there were actually quite a bit of CASUAL kpop/infinite fans. The fact that they might be in the front of the crowd or even get to meet ifnt would irk even me. but to go to their hotel just because ifnt was there is just unsettling. lol offtopic sorry.


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1.- What’s your favorite book?

I really cant choose. I like wayyyyy to many books. But my favorite genre is Dystopia!!!!

2.- Are you an athletic/sport person?

Not really. I meant I used to play basketball, volleyball, and tennis. I still swim. SO yeah.

3.- Favorite song?

Not possible for me to choose. I love wayyy to many!

4.- Favorite group/band?


5.- What is your motto?

Live every day to the fullest cuz you never know when you are going to die. Of course, I cant live by this every day but I try to.

6.- Do you play any instrument?

I used to play the piano. I have no time now. I really want to learn the drums.

7.- Shy or introvert?

neither. Im an extrovert and am very outspoken and loud!!!

8.- Best attribute that you have?

My ability to connect with people. I think.

9.- Going to a party or watch movies with your friends?

BOTH! lol! hmmm if its going to a party with friends then that one, if not then the movies it is!

10.- Best dance/choreography of a group/artist? why?

Uhhhh hard to choose but Ill got with Lucifer by SHINee cuz thats like my jam!

11.- What means to you your favorite group/solo artist/band?

SHINee means everything to me. They saved my life more than once.


1. Name?

2. Favorite band/group?

3. What got you into that group?

4. What is the scariest thing you have done?

5. Do you like traveling?

6. Coffee or Tea?

7. What super power do you want?

8. Favorite color?

9. What is your dream?

10. Have you been to a concert?

11. Are you happy?