“Chris hurry up!”, I said as I walked out the door carrying the baby seat with my 10 month old baby, Christopher, we hopped in the Nissan Altima and headed to the mall to buy Christopher some new Jordans. “Hey ma when we get here make sure you get you a dress for the party you hostin’ this weekend”. “I am why would I forget about the party I’m hostin’?” I asked he didn’t respond back I knew he was mad but I didn’t give a fuck! We arrived at the mall and he got out with a attitude I rolled my eyes and shook it off. As soon as I and the baby got into the mall Chris had disappeared in the crowd. WHAT THE FUCK, WHERE THE FUCK IS CHRIS!!!!???? We were lookin’ all around and then I spotted him he was with hood and the other niggas I don’t like and he knows it. I went over to him and I didn’t wanna say nothin’ cuz he was already pissed off at me and I don’t need him treating me like he treated Rihanna the llama faced hoe. I’m thinkin’ about goin’ to stay with rori but I don’t know yet. I tapped on Chris and asked what he was doin’ and why the hell did he leave? he said “hol on ma I’m tryin’ to talk here if you can see it’s important I might have a tour in a couple days.” I mugged him and finally rolled my eyes. I left and went to the foot locker to see what they had. They shit was fly but not fly enough my baby. He got hella swag like his daddy but more adorable. I kept on lookin’ and then I spotted some and they will go good with his eyes. I picked em up looked em over and LOVED em! I had to wait on Chris though because of I just buy em Chris might get mad like always and say “I wanted to pick his shoes out Damn bruh!” and he would be mad for a long time. I called Chris and he didn’t answer. I sat down in frustration. He called me back and I answered, he started to yell but I don’t know why. I wasn’t really listening to him and all I said back was “Come to foot locker because I want you to look at these shoes I might buy for Christopher.” He was silent for a moment and then said “Iight ma.” 2 minutes later he arrived, I looked up and saw he had all his niggas and his niggas bitches. “WHERE THE FUCK YOU BEEN CHRIS!!!!!?” I asked but he didn’t say anything back but “Where is the J’s?” I showed him he looked at em, and then looked at me. I looked at him and stared for a while then he said “These is Fresh” and he smiled. He was in a good mood now and when he is happy, so am I and when my lil man is too. We started to shop some more so I can pick me out a dress and my Lil man need him a outfit and Chris is gon do what he’s best at… hangin’ with his friends and they bitches! I found me a pearl embellished dress it was fuckin’ beautiful, I just had to buy it I don’t care how much it is. $2,000 hell yea, that’s a lot but I don’t give a fuck. I picked up the dress and started lookin’ for me some shoes and accessories. I found my stuff and left I felt good and special for some damn reason! Chris kept blowin’ up my phone but I didn’t wanna answer the phone because I knew all he was gon do was cuss me out, so I’m like what’s the point of answering my phone. The party was tonight and I didn’t know if Chris was gonna be there beside me. I know he is mad at me but damn he can still come and show some love to his baby mama! I got in the car and didn’t give a damn about Chris. He don’t care about me and I don’t give a fuck about him.

Me and the baby went home and I started to get ready. I’m very nervous and I hope Chris is going to be there. My mom is takin’ care of Christopher so I ain’t worryin’ bout nun. I arrived at club of diamonds and I saw all my sisters but no Chris. I was pissed then I saw him walk through the door. He looked at me and walked on “FUCK YOU TOO NIGGA!” I said. I was very hurt and mad also. A little tiny bit frustrated but I went on with a smile…  All my sisters knew I was hurt but it just made it worse because then they would go and argue with him I don’t want that. I just want us to be a family.

It started to get boring and I missed Christopher. I was about to leave until Chris called my name and told me to come here. I didn’t want to but I did any way. Is this the beggining of the end of our relationship!?… I walked over to him to see what he wanted. He was drunk and high at the same time. He told me to come closer and I said " I’m good right here now what the fuck do you want Chris?“ He pulled me closer and put me on his lap. I was frozen for a second and then he started to say "This is my baby mama!!!” over and over again. His friends was givin’ me comments and they were nasty ones. I didn’t like it at all and Chris didn’t say shit so I gave him the look and he looked up at me and I finally said som “What kind of boyfriend are you?” Then out of no where Chris said “I’m ready to go.” “Let’s go!” I said we hopped up and when we went outside. It was hella people in the lines and they were wanting to get in the party to see me and Chris and they all started screaming and when they started to scream I started to run. When me and Chris got by the car, he gave me a big ass hug and a kiss. I smiled at him, he smirked back. I told him that we had to go pick up Christopher. We went to pick up Christopher and he kept on crying. It started to get annoying so I had to stop driving and make him a bottle. Chris wasn’t doin’ shit but sleepin’. When we got home I took a shower, put Christopher in the bath and then Chris got in and we all slept on the couch.

That morning the phone rang. I answered it and a bitch said “Is Chris there?” “EXCUSE ME HOE! THIS IS HIS BABY MAMA!! MAY I ASK WHO CALLIN’ HIS PHONE?” “My name is Alex and I’m Chris’s girlfriend EXCUSE ME?” After that I hung up the phone and I woke Chris up and asked who Alex was. He said “Who?” Nigga you heard me “that’s my ex.” I walked away and went to the shower. After my shower I felt better. I think I was mad at Chris for no reason at all because Chris never has cheated on me NEVER and we been together for 3 years now. Chris had to go stay with his Auntie Crystal because I have a photo shoot and after that a interview Crystal has a photo shoot too but not until 7:30. Mine is in 1 hour so Crystal is watching Christopher while I do those things and then Chris has to go on tour for the whole damn month! He’s goin’ all over the damn world! So I guess I won’t get to see my boo for a whole damn month but to me it’s gon be like a whole damn year. After the photo shoot I went to pick up Christopher and left to go home me and Christopher fell asleep on the couch while watching Scooby Doo.


India is always sad and I don’t like it when she is. Yes Chris is her babies daddy but shit what the hell he always worried about her, and what she doin’ but when it’s the other way around with her, he turn up on my lil sister or his baby mama and I don’t like it at all and I know I can’t make her break up with the nigga but eventually she will.he ain’t her type I left my house to go see india and ask her how she was doin’ I haven’t saw her since the party  I’m just worried because she is my lil sis and I see her mostly every day.

I arrived at her house and all I saw was hella niggas I’m like what the hell and I knew Chris was the one who hostin’ or was in charge of the stupid shit It looked fun but when I looked to see my baby sister on the porch with Christopher with her head down my blood pressure went up prolly over fuckin’ 100 and I know every body keep they shit 1huned but us Westbrooks keep this shit 3Hunna I was mad as fuck why this nigga bout to leave with hood and a couple of bitches the fuck Chris really and India ain’t doin’ shit forreal bruh they gon’ make me turn up. I went up to the porch and I took the baby from her and I said “Let’s go now India” Chris called India to the car and said som I really don’t know and if it was about me India would have been done told me because she my sister and sisters stick together..well we do. After that Chris called me over and said “what’s goin’ on and I know what you thinkin’ I’m not cheatin’ on India and no I wasn’t talkin’ about you to India your my sister in law and I love you we supposed to be family and this is how you treat me I don’t mean to hurt India I never do and all my ex’s keep callin’ because they tryin’ to make India break up with me I love India with all my heart and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me I would never do anything to hurt her bitches be trying’ to ruin our relationship but I don’t let em India is always sad and she sais that I never try to help her take care of our son and it’s true Imma keep it 3hunna I ain’t even gon lie bruh Iove her to death and I will die for her I will do anything she likes if she would just listen to what I gotta say, now I’m sorry if I’m talkin’ to much but damn I just had to let it out ya know I don’t like her or I don’t like seeing’ her hurt because it hurts me and I try to throw parties and stuff for her but I guess she don’t like what I do and I’m sorry but I’m just a party person and I know she is too but she just ain’t used to the way we do back in the A Town and I’m sorry and if y'all don’t like me then maybe me and India shouldn’t be together and that’s how it is I’m trying’ to make her happy and shit and then I took her and Christopher out to breakfast and to a fuckin’ fancy ass dinner and she still wasn’t happy she wasn’t talkin or nothing and you know I Love her like I’ve been sayin’ for the past 3years but now since we had this baby things have changed a lot and that’s all I gotta say now if you wanna put yo 2since in it Bree you can but I just don’t think this is going to work and that’s what I told India a couple minutes ago and I know it’s gon break her heart more but I think that’s the best thing for us right now we can still be friends and talk and all that shit but I just can’t right now I got to much shit on my damn mind including my

 fuckin’ son Bruh now y'all don’t appreciate me so Imma move my self out the damn Westbrooks circle if that’s okay I’m dismissed I love y'all”.

“Hol on Chris like you said you loved her with all yo heart she loves you the same damn way and we didn’t mess with you or talk to yo ass no more because we thought you didn’t like us no more and all that shit and India was tryin’ to tell us but we wasn’t listenin’ and we didn’t believe her so y'all need to stay together you guys are the cutest fuckin’ couple ever and I would hate to see her cry for nights and nights and every damn day that would be heart breaking to us too if ya know what I mean?.

we love yo ass too but… you know maybe y'all should have a talk or take a break from each other not break up and you thinkin’ bout leavin’ nigga hell naww you have to escort all these mufuckas out my sisters house so her and her baby can get a good night sleep tonight, ha-ha all these mufuckas you know what I mean Chris we all Love yo ass but you just be actin weird sometimes now yes I put my 2since in like you said now me myself Bree Candace is dismissed and so is Chris Brown bye Luhh you honey I will see you tomorrow at India’s photo shoot right? and she walkin’ down the runway so yo ass betta be there iight come show some love for ya girl come support ya baby mama aha”

“Luhh you too he said” after that him and his friends drove off and he didn’t escort nobody out what the hell did he forget that fuckin’ fast bruh? I guess I’ll have to do it What Chris said really touched my heart and I recorded it all so India and the rest got to see it and India started to cry we all piled on top of her and gave her big hugs and kisses we hated to see her cry and since she seen the video she wanted to communicate with Chris she didn’t want it to be all bad for her damn baby that ain’t fair for Christopher because he didn’t do anything to neither one of em so it’s not fair for him.


Like I said I love India with all my damn heart I love her to fuckin’ death bruh and I wanna be with her forever and shit but like I said I don’t think this is gon work out…. earlier that day I went back home at like 2:30 and India also Christopher and some other girl was sleep I think it was India’s friend rori I don’t really know and I don’t really care either I walked in and went straight to the bathroom I got my clothes first then I took a shower when I got out Christopher was crying’ I went in there and picked him up then took him In the room I layed him him on on the bed and he stopped cryin’ I was already dressed and I didn’t want India to be late for her photoshoot in Africa I wanted to go but I had to go on tour maybe I can be a good man and skip my tour or cancel it to next month because India has photoshoots all this month! so yeap that’s what I’m gon do she does great and I know every body is proud of her including me I love the poses she does they just make you feel all springy and shit, Christopher had fell asleep again and I walked into the living room where India was sleepin and woke her up she woke up and started bitching me out and I told her to come here into the room so we can talk she took her time getting up but FUCK! at least she made it right?

India finally made it into the room and me and I was laying’ down with Christopher she layed on me and started to kiss me she was prolly drunk I really don’t know I started to kiss her back and it turned into sex, thank god Christopher didn’t wake up cuz I was feelin’ it Bruh!!! and her damn friend in there the way India was moaning oohwee ! after we was done India went to take a shower like always her outfit was very beautiful she had a photo shoot today like I said I was goin’ with her to shit she goin’ to Africa that’s a place I’ve never been but always wanted to.

Christopher was goin’ to his Auntie Bree this time Bree got her own kids to take care of aha but I just don’t want Bree to be struggling’

India was talkin’ about goin’ to some party in Africa and I’m like hell naww so some African bitches can start dancing’ on me you got me fucked up India she was about to leave and I had to wake up her friend rori because guess what rori ain’t even ready to go to Africa for the fuckin’ photo-shoot.

then India gon ask me the dumbest question….. it was if I gave you head do you think you would like it?…. damn ma what kind of question is that?… I wouldn’t like yo Head India… I would love yo head ma  she started to laugh and I smirked at her I never really looked at her face I just saw that ass and her boobs and bam we ended up havin’ Christopher Alonzo Westbrooks I wish he had my name but India gotta be so damn Diva licious and shit so I had to give the baby her last name Westrooks.

 I had to leave because I was meeting my homies at the mall I hopped in my new car and sped off I saw this girl and she looked like she was about 10 or 12 I didn’t wanna say anything because they would prolly think I’m a kid napper so I just left that shit alone and she looked lost too but oh well that’s her damn parents problem and she need to get her lil fast ass back home prolly been fuckin’ on some lil dudes for some damn 50 cent bruh I chuckled to myself and I thought about what I said it was mean so I took that shit back bruh I arrived at the mall and I saw my niggas with they bitches and shit to bad I couldn’t bring mine but oh fuckin’ well at least my girl doin’ better than they hoes my baby workin’ and modelin’ at the same damn time plus she got me soo we good.

India (short paragraph)

I was very heart broken I was stayin’ in a hotel tryin’ to to keep my distance away from Chris.

I loved Chris so fuckin’ much but I just couldn’t take the drama no more all the hate and Chris would say “we Ain’t Got No Worries” Nigga we got hella worries now and it’s all because of you I just couldn’t do it any more I was sick of all the bull shit so I gathered my things including my baby boy, and got the fuck out of Cali I’ll go back but I’ll be with rori in NC for a couple months.

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