Snail mail.

So I decided to mail something today, but I didn’t have a car, so I figured I would bike to the post office instead. All of a sudden, when I was getting ready to get the bike, I started getting allergies. I was sneezing like crazy, nose was running & I basically looked like I was crying from how watery my eyes were, but I thought to myself “NO, I WILL DROP THIS PACKAGE OFF!” I went into the garage & realize my mom put my bike back in the corner where everything was basically gathering dust, spiderwebs & who knows what else. I was already suffering from allergies, so the dust & shit that flew up when I tried pulling my bike out made it even worse. 

When I finally pulled my bike out, there was dust and webs all over that thing so I figured I’d wash it. Now tell me why the fuck was the hose not even connected to the little faucet outside?! I had to figure out how to connect it & it had all these random plastic parts I was supposed to put on the hose to connect it to the faucet. Omg, it was horrible. When I finally got it all fixed, I rolled my bike to the side of my house since I couldn’t pull the hose to where my bike was.. When I pulled on the little trigger, the head of the hose just flew off. I was like LAWDY WHYYY! So I had to hold the little shower head thing so I could actually shoot my bike with water. THEN IT FLEW OFF AGAIN & I GOT SOAKED COS I WAS TRYING TO HOLD THE HEAD OF THE SHOWER THING & IT BACKFIRED ON ME. I wanted to cry D; but it was hot anyway so I guess it was okay..

After watering my bike, I went inside to get paper towels. Instead, I used the majority of it to blow my nose & wipe my eyes because I was still suffering from my allergies. To top it all off, I’m on my period so every little thing that happened to me during that hour span of prepping to drop off one letter at the post office made me feel like crying. But I didn’t. & I successfully dropped off the letter after biking through the fires of hell & avoiding a little middle school bike ‘gang’. It’s okay though, Chloe was with me so I decided not to kill them.

Oh, you better like your letter because I just wanted to die today from everything that happened to me.