Father and Daughter
  • So my dad sees a blinking light from my room last night, he thinks it could be a possible robber, or my boyfriend trying to sneak in, and not my occasionally blinking lamp in my room. Our convo--->
  • Dad: "its okay if your boyfriend comes over at 1 in the morning, as long as he uses the front door."
  • Me: -_____- "he works graveyard shift, I don't see how that's possible"
  • Dad: "but I'm just saying its okay, just use the front door."
  • Me: "yeah but he didn't come over tho."
  • Dad: "just use the front door next time"
  • Me: D:? "He works graveyard shift he couldn't possibly be over at that hour!"
  • Dad: "so is he coming this weekend for the new year party*?"
  • Me: at this point I'm like -______________- "uhh maybe...I dunno."
  • Dad: "okay front door this time."
  • Me: "Oimahgosh! He was never here at that hour!"
  • Father then precedes to make phone calls to his friends
  • Moral of my conversation with father, he says its okay for my boyfriend to come late at night/early in the moring as long as he uses the front door, lol use that to my advantage! Cx
  • *we're Asian we celebrate the new years in February but we're throwing a party close enough Lmao.