ayo! ;d

~Junhui as your boyfriend~

Request: Could you do a Jun bf list? Please and thank you

I certainly can, I’m not sure how I feel about this yet so I might change it a little later, but here you goooo~

  • I know lots of people think he’d be a real greaseball lmao and maybe he would be at first - i’m sure he’d approach you with some awful pick up lines oml 
  • “Your body is 75% water, right?” “Good because I’m THIRSTY AYO”
  • You’d facepalm but you’d honestly find it so hilarious because wow he really went there 
  • Definitely the type of person to laugh at his own jokes and poke at you like “D’ya get it? You get it right? It’s funny because…” but that’s okay because you’d find that so adorable honestly this lame dork, man
  • Really though, we all know that behind that front he’s super soft inside and probably nervous 

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medyo-gaga  asked:

Dear Queen

dear queen,

hala ang qt naman nung sa dp mo parang ako… jk jk ahhahahaha kamusta na po? long time po ah! :D ako ayos naman mej brokenhearted sa acads at lurvlyf. jk wala akong lurvlyf baka naman diba hahahahaha. sana po nasa maayos kang kalagayan :D

Yuukk bikin meetup tumbloger Banjarnegara..
Yang dari Banjarnegara Purbalingga Purwokerto Wonosobo Kebumen Cilacap..
Angkat tangan kalian.. hihihi
—  jalansaja ayo suhu bikin meetup.. :D



I have stopped procastinating (after 2 months) and decided to make my 2nd follow forever (Summer edition ;) haha since the first one was in winter)

I didn’t reach a certain number of followers, it’s not my blog’s birthday or anything, i’m just making this to tell people i love their blog :)

For now almost 2 years, my life has been ruined *cough* thanks kpop *cough* BUT the blogs that I will list in this are the ones who made it lovely, fun and worth it.

Among them, there’ll be people who I’ve talked to and people who I never dared speaking to, but let me be honest..

… they’re all so awesome idek man like wow good job thx for making my dash so funny n pretty like woah much appreciated xoxo ;))

Anyway, enough with my awkward attempt at being funny, here’s my 2nd FF:

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aaaannd donee ! Thank you all, I love you ♥