ayo! ;d


A: wooooiiii
B: ia knp
A: sange nih ngwe yuk…
B: kapan?
A:u bisa na kpan..
B:bsok jg bsa gw libur tpi mlem nunggu laki gw jaln.
A:ok besok jam 8 gw jmpt tmpt biasa…dah sange nih ma memek u
B: ia ok bsok
B: mo ngewe dmn?
A: di kosan gw aj biasa
B: och ok deh,bliin mknan dlu isenh

D kosan
A: langsung aj ya dah sange nih..
B: ok deh mulai.
A; sepong dong
A:enak bnget
B: masa sih
A: gw masukin ya
B: ia msukin yg dalem genjot yg kenceng
A:gw mo kluar kluarin dmn?
B: bebas dmn aj gw pke kb
A:didlem biar enk
A: ach enk bnget memek u
B: kontol u juga enk gde panjang gw puas
A: untung ada lo bsa d ewe cwe gw lg g mau.klo g ad u bsa jadi odol
B: sama gw jg untung u ngjakin ngwe klo kga pusing pala gw.u tau yg d rmh kya ap
A:mo blik skrng?
B: ia tkt kmlman ayo antrin gw blik dah puas kan ngwe na?
A; ia ayo..

Sampe d tempt

A: sampe sini ya
B; ia tkt ad yg liat
A: ok deh gw jln blik ati2 .ntar kpan2 klo gw sange gw hub kita ngwe lgi
B; ok gw tunggu gw jg mo blik g enk mmk lengket ma peju..kalo sange sms aj g
Asal ad waktu gw mau d ewe ma lo


if you have never been on a road trip with Jehan and Bahorel then you are missing a lot

Yuukk bikin meetup tumbloger Banjarnegara..
Yang dari Banjarnegara Purbalingga Purwokerto Wonosobo Kebumen Cilacap..
Angkat tangan kalian.. hihihi
—  jalansaja ayo suhu bikin meetup.. :D



I have stopped procastinating (after 2 months) and decided to make my 2nd follow forever (Summer edition ;) haha since the first one was in winter)

I didn’t reach a certain number of followers, it’s not my blog’s birthday or anything, i’m just making this to tell people i love their blog :)

For now almost 2 years, my life has been ruined *cough* thanks kpop *cough* BUT the blogs that I will list in this are the ones who made it lovely, fun and worth it.

Among them, there’ll be people who I’ve talked to and people who I never dared speaking to, but let me be honest..

… they’re all so awesome idek man like wow good job thx for making my dash so funny n pretty like woah much appreciated xoxo ;))

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I stared out of the window as Chris rolled down the street. The only reason why I accepted his ride home was because the asshole made me lose the bus. I side eyed him once in a while but figured out that he was enjoying this so I resolved to stare at the window failing to give him any attention. That is until he played one of my favorite throwbacks, “Into You.”

“I can’t really explain it I’m so into you now I wanna be more than a friend to you now.” Chris began to rap along with Fabulous, touching me and shit. I slapped his hands trying my hardest not to smile and mouthed Tamia’s part.

“ I really like what you’ve done to me I can’t really explain it I’m so into you.” Chris sang getting in my face. “I don’t think you hear me, Kae! I’m so into you!”

“I hear you! Keep your eyes on the road!”

Suddenly all I heard was “Yes Sir!” And I turned to Chris as he smirked. This nigga was playing “Your Body.”

“Pretty Ricky? Really?” I was now amused.

Chris nodded cheesing as he turned up the radio. “Yes Sir!”

I rolled my eyes playfully as he began to sing along.

“I got new shoes on the ride (yes sir) Rollin’ down 95 (yes sir) And you can see in my eyes (yes sir) That I’m lookin for a cutiepie (yes sir) And we ain’t gotta make love (yes sir) And we can just cuddle up (yes sir)” He stopped at a red light and got closer to my face and with all seriousness, stated:

“Let’s Cuddle.”

I burst laughing and giving him to the hand.

“Boy bye!”

My body, your body (it’s burnin’ up) My body, your body (it’s burnin’ up)

We had finally pulled up to my house and I turned to him smiling.

“Thanks. Even though you were the reason why I missed the bus.”

“You’re welcome, baby.” Before I could reject the nickname for the millionth time, Chris puckered his plump lips to me.

“Give your nigga a kiss.”

“No. You’re not my nigga.” I folded my arms.

“Girl, stop playing!”

I laughed before giving up. “Fine.” I went straight for his lips but curved it kissing him on the cheek. Chris sat there with so much salt on his shoulders. I wiped it off still giggling.

“You said you wanted a kiss. Never said where. Bye, Raichu.” I winked grabbing my bag and entering my house.


“I know this motherfuck- Ayo D!” Honey shouted to get his attention. “Raise out of my seat.”

“I don’t see your name on it.” He smirked mischeviously.

Honey and I just arrived to Trig to see Devante had taken her seat next to me. I laughed as I navigated myself to my seat and watched as the two argued.

“Well if you don’t get up, you’re gonna see your face on it.” Honey threatened.

Devante laughed not taling her seriously and she rolled her eyes sitting next to him.

“That’s what I thought.” He turned to me. “Hey Kae.”

“Hey D. What’s up?”

“Shit, I was wondering if I can take you out to the movies.”

I swallowed hard and my voice got high. “Like a date?”

“Not like a date. A date. What do you say, baby girl?” He touched my chin and I lost my breath. What the hell was I supposed to say? Shit, I’ve never asked out before. When I did, it would usually be a joke. Chris and I are not together though I opened my mouth and replied:


His mouth dropped as if I cursed. “No?”

I sighed making eye contact. “Look, Devante, you’re cute and funny, but you’re my friend and I don’t see anything happening between us. It wouldn’t be fair to you or myself if I dated you when I don’t feel same way. Not only that, but……*sighs* I’m in love with someone else. So I can’t. I’m sorry.”

Devante said nothing. Just got of Honey’s seat and returned to his own. Just in time for Mrs. Filkins to walk in.

I felt like shit. I really do. Is this how it feels to turn down a date? How do some girls feel comfortable doing that?

“Damn Kae shut Devante down!” Honey cackled at the lunch table. It was just me, her, Heather, and Amber. We decided not to sit with the guys today.

“I hurt his feelings.” I mumbled sadly poking at the nasty peas.

“Better to hurt them now than later.” Amber spoke up and shook her head. “Learned that the hard way.”

“Besides, Kae. You said yourself. You’re in love with Chris. Go get him!” Heather commanded.

“I don’t know, guys. I’m really scared that he doesn’t really love me. That I’m just his second choice.”

“BISH WHET?” They questioned in unison.

“Girl are you crazy?” Amber asked.

“Girl, Chris has been in love with you! He was just too much of a idiot to realize, let alone, admit it!” Honey stated with wide eyes.


“Kae, you are smart but hella slow. Have you not picked up on the signs?” Heather began counting off her fingers. “1. He has a cute nickname for you. 2. He gets defensive when a guy flirts with you. 3. The way he looks at you! Karrueche! There were so many signs I can’t list them all! And he was showing these signs even in a relationship. ”

I huffed looking at them. “My brain is saying no but my heart-”

I looked at Chris who almost immediately looked back giving me a smile and a wink. I held my smile looking down.

I don’t know what to do.

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As I sipped from my water bottle, I observed as Chris and Kae were flirting across the cafe. Could I really be that mad? Chris told me that was all his but shit, she didn’t say it until I finally asked her out. Maybe I should fall back.

You know what? Fuck that!

I ain’t falling back. Watch out, nigga. Whether she’s your girl or not, I’m taking her anyway.

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Look at me. Sitting at a table with a bunch of people I don’t even know and August. This was beyond pathetic. I looked at Chris partially missing the times I was there.

Before I cheated on him.

I shook my head as the people sitting with us went outside and August spoke up looking at the table.

“I’m gonna be back at that table.”

I kinked an eyebrow. “What makes you think that?”

August looked at me smirking and kissing me hard.

“Don’t think. I know. You and I will be back there. Just wait, babe.”

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Ever since I told Honey I wanted her to meet my mom, she’s been swerving me ever since. Since it was lunch and she was with her friends and shit, I decided not to interrupt it, but I’m gonna figure out what the hell is going on.

“Why are girls so complicated?” I questioned rubbing my forehead.

Everyone agreed adding their own problems.

“Amber lied to my ass.”

“Heather is Heather.”

“Kae playing games. Shit but when i cuff that ass, she staying cuffed. I don’t give a fuck. She’s mine. I’m in love with that girl and she wanna say my love ain’t real. I don’t say that shit if I don’t mean it. FAWKYOUMEAN!”

We all looked at this nigga shaking our heads. It’s always Chris. After lunch, I caught with Honey.

“Yo, Honey why you keep swerving a nigga?” I asked taking her arm and she pulled away.

“Ok, Ty. What the fuck is up with you wanting me to meet your mom when you didn’t make shit official?! The fuck?! What am I to you?!”

“My girlfriend! I want my girlfriend to meet my mom!” I replied out of breath.

Her face softened and she smiled. “I’m your girlfriend.”

“Yes, you are.” I pecked her lips.

“That’s all I wanted to hear, Ty.”



I don’t know what it is, but I love you. I don’t know what you do but I love you.

I can’t help it. I’m sprung, I know. Love fucking hurts. You know what hurts more than being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back? Being in love with someone who loves you back but just won’t be with you. That shit hurts like a bitch.

I felt a small hand on my arm. “Chris, can I talk to you?”

I turned around frowning. The ex. She looked up at me with glossy eyes rubbing her arm.

“How are you?”

“Why do you care?”


“No, Jasmine. You……you need help, but I thank you because you didn’t cheat, I would’ve been stuck in a relationship with you and not realize who I really wanted.” I spat then smiled patting her back. “Take care, Jasmine.”

Unfortunately, Kae wasn’t in Oceanography today and I found out she got dismissed. I have my ways. Don’t judge me. My girl is M.I.A. I found myself in front of her door knocking a couple times. Kae opened the door and I breathed deeply as we just had a staredown which is amazing since I’m a foot taller than her.

“What?” She spoke up with her arms folded.

“Kae…..I’m tired. I’m tired of days of not being able to call you my own.”


“No. Shut up. I’m talking.” I commanded sternly and she obeyed.

“You’re my best friend and complete pain in my ass.”

“Oh. How nice.”

“I believe I told you to shut up.”

She closed her mouth and I continued taking her hands.

“But damn it. I want it all I’ve been wanted it all. It hurts just looking at you and knowing that you’re available to any other nigga. The fucking thought of you with someone else. I don’t like that.”

Kae sniffled. “I don’t like it either but Chris, My brain-”

“Baby girl, A heart ain’t a brain. I know what my heart wants and that’s you. It’s always been you, Pikachu. Ever since we were little. If we weren’t meant to be, I wouldn’t feel this way and you wouldn’t either. Just think about it.” I walked away and headed towards my house.


I turned around to see Kae running towards me and on impulse, I caught her up in my arms and her lips met mine kissing mine passionately. So many emotions in one kiss. I pulled away making eye contact.

“Are you mine?” I whispered in happiness and anxiety.

“Yes, Raichu. I’m all yours.” Kae smiled before kissing my lips once again. I smiled inwardly as we made out.

She’s all mine. Finally.