Calum Hood Imagine → Don't Get Caught

Pairing:  Calum x Reader

Request: Yes

A.NI’m just gonna use Ashton as the older brother

Dating someone when you have a big brother is more than complictated. No matter who I’m with, no one will ever be good enough. My current boyfriend Calum and I have been dating for almost five month now, my parents happily accepted him as the man on my side, but my brother Ashton on the other hand is overly protective. 

“I’m going to the movies with my friends later. Wanna come with?” Ashton announced and stuffed some toast into his mouth. “No thanks. I’d rather stay in tonight.” I smiled and took a sip of my hot chocolate. “Is your boyfriend coming over?” Ashton asked with furrowed eyebrows. “Uh no. He’s busy tonight.” I lied. I knew that Ashton would be out tonight and my parents were out of town so I planned a nice evening with Calum without aynone to disturb us.


“I’m not lying.”

“I know you for quite some time now (Y/N). I know when you’re lying.”

I rolled my eyes, “Fine. Yes he’s coming over. So?”

“So? I don’t want you to be alone with him!”

“Seriously Ash? It’s not like I was never alone with him before.” I snapped. “I know but still. I don’t like him and I don’t want you to get hurt!” he argued. “He wouldn’t hurt me Ashton. I love him and he loves me. You have to accept it. Jeez even Dad is okay with it.” Ashton rolled his eyes and scratched the back of his head. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to accept someone on the side of my little sister.” he explained. “Well you have to. You know Ashton, you should get to know him. You never even gave him a chace.”

“What do you want me to do huh?”

“I don’t know. Go to a bar with him, take him to a game. Whatever. Just give him a try.” I pleaded. With rolling eyes Ashton nodded and mumbled. “Fine.”


It was 7.20. p.m when Ashton finally left. The whole afternoon Ashton and I have been discussing his overprotective nature. Of course he didn’t perceive it. He even wanted to stay here with us just to observate us. Luckily I persuaded him to go after all. 

Ten minutes after Ashton left Calum arrived. “Hello beautiful.” he smiled and pulled me in for a kiss. “You look terrific.” I blushed and lead him inside. “Thank you. You look really handsome yourself Mister.” I laughed and slung my arms around Calum’s neck. “I love it that you still blush when I compliment you.” he smiled and pecked my lips. “Wait, your brother isn’t around is he?” I shook my head no, “He’s out with his friends. We have the whole house to ourselves.” I said and bit my lip. “Thats good to know.” he smirked and put his hands on my bum, squeezing it.  "Let’s eat something first, I’m starving.“ I pouted, rubbing over my belly. 

We ended up on the couch, cuddling, eating pizza and watching bad reality tv shows. ”(Y/N)?“ Calum asked, intertwinig our hands. "Yes?”

“I love you.” he mumbled and kissed my head. I sat up straight and looked in his dark brown eyes, “I love you too.” I smiled. Calum placed his hands on my waist and lifted me up, making me straddle him. He smiled at me before he started kissing my neck. His hands moved from my waist under my shirt up to my breasts, squeezing them through my bra.

I tilted my head to allow him better access to my neck, while my finger travelled down his torso, feeling his abs. Slowly, Calum pulled my shirt over my head and threw it somewhere on the groud, connecting our lips immediatly after. 

The kiss became more and more heated, his mouth went to my neack again, kissing and sucking it harshly, leaving little marks behind. With his right hand he moved down to my jeans, rubbing against the fabric. I let out a quiet moan and tagled my hand into his dark, thick hair. “You like that don’t you?” he smirked and unbuttoned my jeans. I nodded and played with the hem of Calum’s tee. He quickly pulled it over his head, I traced my finger along his abs and pulled him in for another kiss, while my hips slowly rocked back and forth.

It didn’t take long until I felt his growing bulge poking my legs. “We should continue this upstairs.” I mumbled in between kisses. Calum opened his mouth to say something but the front door slamming shut cut him off. My head shot up and I saw Ashton stading in the door frame, an angry expression on his face. “What the actual fuck is going on here? Take your fucking hand off of my sister!” he shouted, his hand balling up to fists.  I quickly jumped off Calum’s lap and covered my chest. “Ashton. Don’t.” I sighed. “What are you even doing back so early?

"I was -” his eyes travelled to Calum and he noticed his prominet boner. Annoyed, Ashton ground his teeth and rolled his eyes. “Well this is awkward.” Calum mumbled and put a pillow over his crotch. 

“You better calm that thing down and leave buddy.” Ashton demanded. Both, Calum and I flushed. “Ashton don’t be ridicuous.” I frowned, “Remember what we talked about earlier?” He nodded hesitantly and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “So..?” I asked and nodded into Calum’s direction. “Ask him.”

Ashton chewed his lips before he finally turned to Calum and asked, “So, you’re dating my sister and I don’t like you. But (Y/N) wants me to connect with you so here’s the deal. We’re going to this small pub downtown tomorrow and somehow I'l try to forget about all this and give you a chance. Don’t fuck it up.” he said and looked to me as if he wanted to know if he did okay. I rolled my eyes but gave him a reassuring smile. “What do you say?”

Calum nodded and replied, “Sounds great." 

"Great. It’s settled then. Now if you don’t mind.” I sweetly smiled, took Calum’s hand and quickly walked past Ashton up to my bedroom.