Calum Hood Imagine → Don't Get Caught

Pairing:  Calum x Reader

Request: Yes

A.NI’m just gonna use Ashton as the older brother

Dating someone when you have a big brother is more than complictated. No matter who I’m with, no one will ever be good enough. My current boyfriend Calum and I have been dating for almost five month now, my parents happily accepted him as the man on my side, but my brother Ashton on the other hand is overly protective. 

“I’m going to the movies with my friends later. Wanna come with?” Ashton announced and stuffed some toast into his mouth. “No thanks. I’d rather stay in tonight.” I smiled and took a sip of my hot chocolate. “Is your boyfriend coming over?” Ashton asked with furrowed eyebrows. “Uh no. He’s busy tonight.” I lied. I knew that Ashton would be out tonight and my parents were out of town so I planned a nice evening with Calum without aynone to disturb us.


“I’m not lying.”

“I know you for quite some time now (Y/N). I know when you’re lying.”

I rolled my eyes, “Fine. Yes he’s coming over. So?”

“So? I don’t want you to be alone with him!”

“Seriously Ash? It’s not like I was never alone with him before.” I snapped. “I know but still. I don’t like him and I don’t want you to get hurt!” he argued. “He wouldn’t hurt me Ashton. I love him and he loves me. You have to accept it. Jeez even Dad is okay with it.” Ashton rolled his eyes and scratched the back of his head. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to accept someone on the side of my little sister.” he explained. “Well you have to. You know Ashton, you should get to know him. You never even gave him a chace.”

“What do you want me to do huh?”

“I don’t know. Go to a bar with him, take him to a game. Whatever. Just give him a try.” I pleaded. With rolling eyes Ashton nodded and mumbled. “Fine.”


It was 7.20. p.m when Ashton finally left. The whole afternoon Ashton and I have been discussing his overprotective nature. Of course he didn’t perceive it. He even wanted to stay here with us just to observate us. Luckily I persuaded him to go after all. 

Ten minutes after Ashton left Calum arrived. “Hello beautiful.” he smiled and pulled me in for a kiss. “You look terrific.” I blushed and lead him inside. “Thank you. You look really handsome yourself Mister.” I laughed and slung my arms around Calum’s neck. “I love it that you still blush when I compliment you.” he smiled and pecked my lips. “Wait, your brother isn’t around is he?” I shook my head no, “He’s out with his friends. We have the whole house to ourselves.” I said and bit my lip. “Thats good to know.” he smirked and put his hands on my bum, squeezing it.  "Let’s eat something first, I’m starving.“ I pouted, rubbing over my belly. 

We ended up on the couch, cuddling, eating pizza and watching bad reality tv shows. ”(Y/N)?“ Calum asked, intertwinig our hands. "Yes?”

“I love you.” he mumbled and kissed my head. I sat up straight and looked in his dark brown eyes, “I love you too.” I smiled. Calum placed his hands on my waist and lifted me up, making me straddle him. He smiled at me before he started kissing my neck. His hands moved from my waist under my shirt up to my breasts, squeezing them through my bra.

I tilted my head to allow him better access to my neck, while my finger travelled down his torso, feeling his abs. Slowly, Calum pulled my shirt over my head and threw it somewhere on the groud, connecting our lips immediatly after. 

The kiss became more and more heated, his mouth went to my neack again, kissing and sucking it harshly, leaving little marks behind. With his right hand he moved down to my jeans, rubbing against the fabric. I let out a quiet moan and tagled my hand into his dark, thick hair. “You like that don’t you?” he smirked and unbuttoned my jeans. I nodded and played with the hem of Calum’s tee. He quickly pulled it over his head, I traced my finger along his abs and pulled him in for another kiss, while my hips slowly rocked back and forth.

It didn’t take long until I felt his growing bulge poking my legs. “We should continue this upstairs.” I mumbled in between kisses. Calum opened his mouth to say something but the front door slamming shut cut him off. My head shot up and I saw Ashton stading in the door frame, an angry expression on his face. “What the actual fuck is going on here? Take your fucking hand off of my sister!” he shouted, his hand balling up to fists.  I quickly jumped off Calum’s lap and covered my chest. “Ashton. Don’t.” I sighed. “What are you even doing back so early?

"I was -” his eyes travelled to Calum and he noticed his prominet boner. Annoyed, Ashton ground his teeth and rolled his eyes. “Well this is awkward.” Calum mumbled and put a pillow over his crotch. 

“You better calm that thing down and leave buddy.” Ashton demanded. Both, Calum and I flushed. “Ashton don’t be ridicuous.” I frowned, “Remember what we talked about earlier?” He nodded hesitantly and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “So..?” I asked and nodded into Calum’s direction. “Ask him.”

Ashton chewed his lips before he finally turned to Calum and asked, “So, you’re dating my sister and I don’t like you. But (Y/N) wants me to connect with you so here’s the deal. We’re going to this small pub downtown tomorrow and somehow I'l try to forget about all this and give you a chance. Don’t fuck it up.” he said and looked to me as if he wanted to know if he did okay. I rolled my eyes but gave him a reassuring smile. “What do you say?”

Calum nodded and replied, “Sounds great." 

"Great. It’s settled then. Now if you don’t mind.” I sweetly smiled, took Calum’s hand and quickly walked past Ashton up to my bedroom.

Help I woke up thinking about This. Does any1 have that vine of a guy saying “I’m just hanging out with the transformers” and the transformers r poorly photoshopped Ruby and Sapphire & then the guys all like “oh shit they just transformed” and ??? Garnet B???!????? Aynone?????

The Chalaylas

The Chalaylas is the longest surviving contiguous work in Western Eylastal. It tells the story of the defeat of Drios by Uras, despite divine opposition. Many passages are well-known through translations into Hixtal. I’ve distinguished these in boldface.

Chalaylas Urov swa Driov

Aharo cwi aványir adzelir                  
swa sewlir sadhalir kay egmov so,          
cyat nwa voydhósa laylim ivlir te          
ti ecyo aynon sunanon efró.
A sadhar so ek Uren tartebla,              
ol èov tiryo Dria egmo sco,                
agáhte Uras agadríabla,                    
ga nelsho glarion ta tiryatôs.            

Ga onlo Uras genwon Driathon,              
e naryo norov opyês egmien,                
swa onlu fehi engei ton so,                
shta edzu asi kay mot áveken;            
cha'y naru prôvilúlis evrulon,              
swa genulnon athoron Driathen,              
swa'y obnu Fortesmo, ga bliov sa,          
cha'y gyaru Driar fi mot zahus men.      

Niy aysho adzel Rahas Uzar ko              
swa tasco “Urat lei nari sha,              
ti trefi bladhi gyatsu athelon,            
è semza ga, ta nelki, cetson sa?          
Heth twari bladhim athriôs nwa fo          
am adri engi adzelis selát;                
te bladhu amon fo el roy swa cwar          
swa shtendi vekti; nol anari sha.”        

Agáhte sfetyo Uras adzelar,
“Shtalá cyatari sha tor athron men?”
Swa tar côcharya Rahas, “Tiryaví
sca sha aványa Driacétsien!”          
Cha tasco Uras, “asi tirim shwi,
shtalá nwa cetson si ef aprien?”
Niy cyuriécyo Rahas sadhazar,
rwa tasco “Charismá to malpien!      

Sha karaví athoriz niyov ha,
swa ihu prôvilúlus tólki fa,
rwa harbi sfia ta swa metri ta,
ti semza cetson scaya tira sa;                
cha adzelbúloy ceri sfia noy,
cay Urat ti achari adzel sha,
swa asi scoy ek tarim ivlir sco,
sha voydhi say’ numeya vanyêsmá.”      

Ga shwendo Rahas Uren swa niylá,
ga aysho Driar genwon cetson lo,
swa taryo sfeto “Driel driathon,
heth twas ga hagya Urel cura fo                
amétra heth swa prôvilúla sa,
swa trefya gyatsu harba tiryatôs.”
“Sa zweri mo!” tas Dria pelion,
shta peliécyo ‘haryo ágano.            

Ol evrulon tiz shwendo Uras ko,
kay feflu sheflis nubnon shtecanon
swa'y eliu ayni etwis tôvaltá;
ga hokto Uras saknon bednanon.        
Rwa haryo hesyu, beldatúus vef,
scay pomdu garis evron calanon,
swa te byo Uras froyo shtahte lo,
cul desfr samu kay ol eyanon.          

Sadhari naru samu kay amtá,
sarlúlis so, swa elitsus bu kay,
kay eliálu monyu capsius
cha evriul swa omris eliáy.            
“Sarlúlit cay!” tas Uras pelion,
“Vwex naro sfia engi vodhi say’!”
Cha tar côcharyo mona “Asi soy;
ca aydhu amel sta swa driôráy.”                  

Niy thesis corvu Uzar swa niylá,
kay aniarlu tar el enlias:                        
ga Mawgras, Ublas, Bednas swa selát,
ga Shakas, Hèas, Genas, Eshentas;      
cha Sarlas monya naryo nei si,
shtahtá ektaryo Genas swa ga tas                  
“Ga trefya shawya Eriádnôs sca,
te hagya ga niy engov, Sarlias.”      

Am icnon Uras vrner thoriz ko
ton genulir èn prôvilulanir,
swa óra onli kulis anfu kay
ti thokti sádharis kay niyalir        
atólku aga driacetsôs shu.
“Hex adzelcélit” hesyis galanir
è iku thoktis ko; ga 'ceryo lo
tarósus Rahen “Bulôsmá ibnir!”        

Niy nol a golga so ek enlôsáy,
ga Golgas tartel engir golgalir
–shta ahi ayshu engi tartelis–
sadhara mona drien vewzanir            
kay 'numon enanon ol egmov ko;
ga anwaharyo engir sadhalir
è sfetu kay swa fevlu Uzar fo,
swa ga akarso Golgas evrulir.          

Ton apro noron numon Ragnas so,        
ga gulmo ehaharyus golgen mo.
“Cay Ragnel bwi haróso pelya heth!”
tas Golgas ishu holwiz Ragnen ko,      
swa chio, “Cektu niyi bubis na
ek seku chagu genwo diulôs
el vecthelis, ta tólka Uras fa,
ga insa bladhanu, ga neli so!”        

Ol genul samyo Uras icnon so
kay obnu ta en lugal adzelnir
en helcanu, ga atra bulo ash,
swa tasco “Urel tólkanu imlir,        
cay pelyêt, ga mektáfya Drio sca!”
E ánwe froy ko Uzar vektalir.
Ga Fèmas banranu tar tasco lo,
“E nerya tirês heth ha sèmbilir.”    

Ton sèmbion e anfo tirês ko            
tsi ímar Urov corva ek firáy,
swa tasco “Adzelcélat, vanya sha,
shtalá bir sha ek gala sefyeráy?”  
Cyahtá aceryo ga azeryo tir
miánwiôs, e Uros mihaláy,
swa aysho tiriz roy arnúilir,
swa cyuriblo cyataryo “Culiáyt!  

Shtalá shwi emlim eth, ti mawgi ha!
nwa adzelúle vweti hihu na,
ti hescu himu nalinir kay fa,                  
swa swari sha cyatari atri sha  
ni bulo adzelnir, e narye soy;
ga aysha monya glawdas teya sa.”                
Swa árso Uras adzelroy ton lo
aceryo tirês scaya Rahias.  

È samyo Uras imov tiron so,
kay huytu evrulir kay vecis ko.
Niy naru calis insuiya si,
swa ishu vecis diuliz tov lo  
è blias siralir atyár ga ko:
swa'y hexu drio tartelio sco
swa sfetu driar ehaharius
swa agatiru huytiya búbnaro.    

Casamyo Dria cetsin lurah lo                      
'k misúmya rahroy badwar arnunon;                  
swa tasco, “Tiryat men, e narya glad:
ga vlatya galu 'f monon plistanon                
è pomdu amen egmov: cha selát,                    
Ni gladen glawden bwanro Ayvathon;
swa niy mektáfya agadriablus.
Alyár abánris tiren driathon!”

Athoron sèmbon tirin sfetu kay
ek cyuribla, kay roybli arnunon,
e tasco Elês, “Tya, lo zeri sha
tor galnon nol, kay engov genulnon,  
kay saru nelyov drio athelôs?
È aru laya, voydhu froyanon.”
Ca Uras, ga vivékto sreto lo,
ga tas, “Bu amen enlus edhanon!”      

“Ek mawgi sha!” e taryo shuylon sco,            
swa tiz côcharyo Uras, “Asi mo,
ga Rahas aga himu sa, tya èn,
trefúla tar nol ayvathon nwa so        
swa cweri ta, ti èn isewa sa,
miroybla sa, swa monyo egmar ko
tsi onla royon royamawgranon
swa seku amen ftetu adzelo.                      

Selát vex kay ek genulnon ta scoy
ek bulya adzel himu noy: èn sa,
ash kay aceru scoy, rwa harbu èn,
swa chagu amen luya Drios fa.            
Swa twari chio luya shta asi sa,
kay hescuví sfiiya Driar sca,
kay shtendi vewzis tay swa nelei.
Niy twari eltá fteti Rahos fa.”      

E tasco Elês, “Èna sreta sa;
visúnov èn lupòmdu 'men alyár.”
È beldu kay tso sèmbin, a suna so,
swa'y pelyahúlwu prôvilulis tar,          
ti atra bulo vanyan Rahen sco.
Ektesyanir tay Uren Eshentar
lutréfu kay ekcapso Rahen fo,
ga goga hovlin hewliz adzelar.          

Visúnov veldon gyarin pomdu kay
ek banris vuyblir prôvilúlanir;
swa bu kay gogo capso flason ko,                      
swa'y meldu gladu gyaru feknalir.        
Swa felwe fenwin Rahen ko atyár,                      
ga bulnu vuyôs agnir sadhanir
dra ash mot vektius, kay samyu nol
ek saru adwir diulgenwalir.                            

Niylá lupòmdo ágabanras ha
cha sfetyo icnon froyin adzelar
ga tólka agnus harbon afi ga.
Kay deftu veci drilulnir alyár          
tsi banralir aványan Prôvilyen
cha Ragnas, ga atólko banros tar,
ga fwasyo glado taryo ráhroyon                          
amétra ta ti shwenda banriar.            

Alyár abánris, cha eís anyár
ga aysho Rahas edhanir nol lo
chahúlwo ga caroyen malpien
anélko swa aráho Uzar sco,              
“Niy búbit bwuli hivu sefya noy!
Swa ni ekcapsas vyacha mawga so;
ek deftôm adzelcharnu bulôsáy!
Niy sarex adzelo chanáliôs!”            

Ga shwendo ko cha ayshu royis lo,
kay omru veldo fwasyir dhèlanir,
swa siris rayi óra banranon,
ta vlatyo benda hosen hovlanir          
paroyan gogan capsen lófanon.
Swa tas drilúlis sfeto hemanir
“Ek ngawge froy, bu kay ni galis nol
caroyôs Rahen icnon gyaralir!”            

Niy shwendu kay, ti seku, caliz ko,
swa'y samu nol sfiiya driar mo,
kay gyaru adri adru hosanon
swa'y banranúis Ragnalúlus sco,    
ga Fèmas aga Ragnar gliadnon.
Pagládnon anwakaru thekti ko
tsi povalir gogen driadiulin;
rwa Uras swa sarlúlis oltá so.      

Kay diulon lugénwin haru ta,
ti harbahúlwo noron veldanon,
cha monyi hesyatsúi kay nol so
shta úo pómbi genis sèmbanon.        
Aceru elitsúnon vewzu lo,
kay vewzis ralen kalon driulon;
kay clèvi naru dhemzu vanyalir
swa'y ftetu fo sarlúlus gyaranon.    

Monúa anfo Uras èn alyár
swa shawyo súo tiro vewzo sco,
ga onlan icyan gladen meldion;
rwa ga izvésyo Uras glados ko,      
swa gyaron kay anyár, swa glar atyár;
cha tov asámyo Urov gladlays so,
ga vektanir swa royin cwarin èn
mot Rahen; feho ga chagósa fo.      

Cha hetlo aysho nelyen gara lo,
swa gliad samyo vewzov glaribla,
swa saryo Uras ta swa tasco, “Sha!
ek nei, ti ek evrulinon sa!”
Swa tar côchásco Sarlas, “Asi soy,
ca nwari ivnon anwo, Uriat;
sesyósoy nwanfi niyov enlinon.”
Swa ecyo sadhvarósov elias.

Amtá kay sèmbiz cetsin Drien ko,
swa tóval poviz ko tsi iliz tay.
E Enês Etwanir nol tartebla,
shta raryu etwis kulanon caláy,
swa opyon semzo tira Dria so
ek engatir cha culon tiriays.
Swa byo ga onlo lesto shnaro nol
swa dimu arnuu ek misatháy.

Ga tasco veclir ímov cetsien:
“Hex adzelcélit, tirnu egmiar!
Mizeri sfia scaya amen cèn
ek tirnis aprov monyar Fortesmar?      
Niy sèmbon narya enga nalias
en sèmbon calov bliov; nwa ta tar.
Cay Sarlat, tirat egmar agmanir,
swa Urat galir vuyiz, nwesyiar!”

Ga tasco Sarlas, “Tira nelyar sha,
sha cèar shethar soy swa nesyadmá!”
Swa kay izvésyu vecis gladius,
swa tasco Uras, “Tiryat ulta sa.
Sha driya tira semzaví nol soy
cyat nisyen men, ta celu Nalis fa;
swa tirya vewle tiryat niy anát
ca venrays nayan tiraveken sca.”

Ga tasco Dria, “Vekti sfia scay’
abúlya hivu nali adzelis,
dra cèa lèru kay tor ivu nay’?
Kay vyehu icnon engi aydhiis
en monov plistov arnunir, kay ha,
swa engi pelyis imir, sòrênis,
swa aftaliri, agaveki, hwi
swa afta ehu icnon sewsliis.

Tya èn, selát, ga Rahas omr ko
swa sfetyo omr sretus ivir sco.”
Swa tasco Uras, “Chio tasco omr
ga cula sta; a tiradmá heth fo.”
Rwa sfetyo sfeto Dria cetsion,
“Ga bulya nelyo metri nesyio;
shta afi adra metratira sha,
swa voydhi ason genwanon efró!”

Swa hulwo Dria vózon galedmá,
Acènu tartalu lugénwalir
swa vewzis tay, kay diulon èn stu,
kay eylu tartus edhielanir
'hu balyo iclir Rahas sunefró;
swa ahi lemzu genis pòvanir
swa apru pulti hihu engov lo.
Kay haru froyon vecis hesyalir.

Niy cyuriécyo Uras; alyár ga ko
swa samyo Drion gladen ili so,
cha hèvyo Dria venros Uzar sco
swa temzo tóval sèmbo galo lo;
ga hacyo flaylon tira cetsion
è èn ahèvyo Sarlas enlo sco
swa myatyo ta lusèmbin huyto ko
swa'y calshu genwi pòvis ómov fo.

Ga Uras beldalir è kay erèn,
cha sto kay anfu èn lugenwanon;
rwa vyehu kay palémzir pòvalir
swa'y ktahu sfinon lemzon genwanon
swa ulto tóval genwus cultanir
swa tóval pòviz, samu ehwanon
swa saru chagôs prôvilúlien.
Ênúe chage noron sunanon.

Tya èn! Drilúlis prôvilulus so,
swa ehu trefu ayno athelo
swa tiryo Uras vewlon sunanon,
swa Sarlas evruliz anát ga ko.
Cha aydho Dria sto diulion
sewzósa genanir, cha tirya sto
ta banranuus; diul bednar ko
swa pómbo 'l egmov semza cetson so.