Playing with Speedball Hawk 107. Oh! I really like this one!! It is the mini version of my favorite nib (one Speedball Globe). I’m not quite fan of the kanji, it is not ideal for japanese, but experimenting more might help.

The C2 didn’t feel to write well today, though.

I really love new supplies. They change your whole perspective about your work and your habilities. This happens alot if photography or linocut (I just started but there are alot of materials I want to try out)

I tried the 100 but is for experts, so it really didn’t work with me.

Next 104 and 102. :D


My mother and my baby sister were arranging some boxes for storage (which I was automatically assigned for making the signs). And our electrician was taking the boxes to his truck for the storage. I was sitting right were the picture was taken and he said with surprise “I thought you were doing the signs in the computer, you have an awesome penmanship”.

That just made my day! (c: