What’d you tell him? The truth. That I believe in you. That if anybody deserves a second chance its Jim Kirk

our little angel shawn please read


our little angel. He grew up so much. I saw him for the first time when I watched his cover ‘Drop in the ocean’. My first thought was “wow just another boy who wants to become famous” but I just watched the cover because why not he was cute after all.. at the end of the cover my thoughts changed. He was actually good like really good so I subscribed to his youtube channel. and he went to magcon and now he’s on tour with Austin and he made his own songs and now he isn’t our little angel aymore who made youtube videos in his room.

He grew up and i’m so so proud of him. that he is famous now and that stuff just like he wanted. but on the other side i’m sad and idk why maybe it’s because it’s harder to meet him now


am I the only one?

I’m not sure if i’m just late to the party but, this is Mona. In the 2 minute preview, a redcape walks by, and Aria says “guys, I don’t think we’re alone in here aymore”. Then it cuts out, in this sneak peak, the redcape above leads them to a secure area, and then the sneak peak cuts out. This isn’t Redcoat. It’s Mona. (Look at the hair)

anyways Redcoat is being revealed later, in a different scene and location.

At first I thought, maybe Mona was Redcoat, aka the ally, but i’m not so sure.

Whether the shock Janel is talking about above is the shock of a “fake” reveal, or something more. I’m not sure. perhaps Mona is playing both sides.

Maybe she’s been “helping” Charles, but one thing’s for sure she’ll lead them to the answers in the ‘A lair’ in the 2nd picture above. If she is double crossing Charles it would explain why Mona’s been so suspicious, and I mean with how she’s been getting caught by the girls. At the lab, failing Lesli, a lot of people think she did that all on purpose. She’s more intelligent than what she’s come across lately and I think that could be the potential answer.

Anyways moral of the post, the first reveal we’re going to get will just be Mona explaining how she’s still involved. 

no yeah uh everything im posting for the next eight thousand years is gonna be lost, specifically desmond hume so see u

a get to know me meme

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countries I’ve lived in: the united states

favorite fandom: i’m not really in any 

languages you speak: english 

favorite film of 2016: deadpool was p good

last article I read: research articles on the effectiveness of children as witnesses in court

shuffle your music library and put the first 3 songs here: eyes, nose, lips - toppdogg / changing of the seasons - two door cinema club / she don’t have to know - john legend

last thing you bought online: some socks

any phobias or fears: i’m afraid of the dark although it’s not as bad as it used to be

how would your friends describe you: umm funny, kind, responsible, comforting 

how would your enemies describe you: i used to get called annoying a lot when i was younger cause i talked a lot but i don’t really talk as much aymore but uhhh i prolly come off as cold/mean to people who don’t really know me

who would you take a bullet for: every dog in the world

if you had money to spare what would you buy first: i want one of them fancy gaming computers

disney or studio ghibli: disney

book or movie: books 

comedies or scary movies:  i watch a lot of scary movies and i’m not sure why

emotional or logical: emotional

pastel colors or dark colors: dark colors!!

candles or incense: candles

summer or winter: WINTER!!!

museum or aquarium: BOTH!!!

halloween or christmas: christmas cause the atmosphere is always nice

peppermint or spearmint: peppermint

cake or pie: uhh dang pie but not fruit pie

morning shower or evening shower: evening shower…cleanse me

massive mansion or cozy cottage: mansion for all my dogs and cats

dinosaur kid or space kid: neither i was into animals

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