What’d you tell him? The truth. That I believe in you. That if anybody deserves a second chance its Jim Kirk

maybe if we would meet
a little later
we would never had to let go

maybe if we would meet
a little sooner
we would be together now

but we don’t meet love
at the perfect time
we meet it when we most need it
and we lose it when nothing can stay aymore

we have to say last goodbye
to our favorite hello
but that’s okay
everything is okay

—  k.m

I’m not sure if i’m just late to the party but, this is Mona. In the 2 minute preview, a redcape walks by, and Aria says “guys, I don’t think we’re alone in here aymore”. Then it cuts out, in this sneak peak, the redcape above leads them to a secure area, and then the sneak peak cuts out. This isn’t Redcoat. It’s Mona. (Look at the hair)

anyways Redcoat is being revealed later, in a different scene and location.

At first I thought, maybe Mona was Redcoat, aka the ally, but i’m not so sure.

Whether the shock Janel is talking about above is the shock of a “fake” reveal, or something more. I’m not sure. perhaps Mona is playing both sides.

Maybe she’s been “helping” Charles, but one thing’s for sure she’ll lead them to the answers in the ‘A lair’ in the 2nd picture above. If she is double crossing Charles it would explain why Mona’s been so suspicious, and I mean with how she’s been getting caught by the girls. At the lab, failing Lesli, a lot of people think she did that all on purpose. She’s more intelligent than what she’s come across lately and I think that could be the potential answer.

Anyways moral of the post, the first reveal we’re going to get will just be Mona explaining how she’s still involved.