What’d you tell him? The truth. That I believe in you. That if anybody deserves a second chance its Jim Kirk

Ban X Reader

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I really like Ban, okay-

“Hey (Y/N), can I talk to you for a moment?” You stood up straight, looking over at the princess.

“Yeah, sure,” you replied before turning to your customers. “I’ll be back in a minute, my dears~” You hummed, blowing a kiss to them before bouncing after Elizabeth. “What’s up?”

“I don’t think Sir Ban is okay with you flirting with everyone like that,” she explained nervously.

“Hm? What makes you think that?” You tilted your head to the side slightly, confused. Sure, you and him were good friends, but you didn’t think he’d be jealous over anything.

“Well, he broke a spatula just a moment ago when you were talking to those men.” You blinked. “Even Meliodas has noticed that he’s been frustrated lately.”

“Oh dear. I better talk to him. Cover me?” You grinned sheepishly. She nodded, and you called out to Meliodas. “Hey boss, me and Ban are taking a step out for a minute! That okay?”

“Sure, be back soon though!” He called back, and you motioned for your friend to follow you out the back.

“Ban, is everything okay?” You asked, leaning against the Boar Hat with him.

“Everything’s fine, why?” He even sounded irritated. Now you really felt bad.

“You seem frustrated. Come on, what’s wrong?” You sighed, standing in front of him and taking one of his hands in both of yours. “Please tell me.” You lowered your voice, gently squeezing his hand.

“It’s just…” He sighed, shifting slightly. “I don’t like you flirting with everyone. Before you became a waitress, we always talked. You always talked to me when I was cooking. Now we don’t talk aymore, you’re always busy with the customers.”

“Oh, Ban.” You smiled, shaking your head. “You could’ve just told me. You know my flirting is all for the tavern, right?” He blanked, making you laugh. “Dear, if you want, I can flirt with you too. That way you won’t feel left out.” You could see his cheeks light up, causing you to laugh more. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Trust me, Ban, I have no feelings for anyone who comes to the tavern.”

“If you’re sure…” He grabbed your hands with his free one.

“I am, I promise,” you replied, tugging his hands down slightly. You kissed his cheek, pulling away and smiling. “Hey, to make it up to you, why don’t we go to that dance later this week? Together?”

“Really? You want to go to that?” he asked, eyes wide. You giggled, nodding.

“If you’ll go with me,” you said, blushing slightly. “Come on, please? I won’t drag you to it, but it’d be great if you went.”

“Well, any chance to see you in a cute dress,” he replied, smiling and placing his hands on your waist. You laughed, placing your hand on his shoulders.

“Come on, we better get inside. Meliodas will expect us back soon,” you suggested, trying to take a small step back. He squeezed your hips slightly, making you jump. “Come on, babe.” You couldn’t help the grin spreading across your face. “We’ll talk about this later.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Ban sighed, pulling you towards him. You laughed, rolling your eyes. He placed a kiss on your forehead before letting go of you. “Let’s go back in.” You nodded, letting him pull you inside.

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do you have headcanons about Jackie pre-basement gang?

Sure thing! :D

  • Her usual group of friends were the cheerleader squad and their boyfriends. She didn’t get along with most of them, but she liked being with the girls.
  • Most times, her house was chosen to be the host of the cheerleaders slumber parties, especially when everyone noticed she was left alone a lot.
  • She loves camping. She used to go on camping with her dad when she was younger and he wasn’t so absorbed by stealing work, so she was always the first one to put her name for cheerleader camp.
  • Jackie is organized with her homework, always does it when she gets home to have the rest of the day free. Sadly, since her parents aren’t at home most times, and her friends aren’t actually her friends, she has too much of said free time and the loneliness only made her more desperate to have a boyfriend or something.
  • First time she saw Kelso, she wasn’t that impressed by his looks. But she liked the attention he gave to her and soon she found his beauty something she could consider good boyfriend material.
  • One of the cheerleaders tried to win Kelso out of spite against Jackie, he enjoyed the attention of both girls and it made Jackie angry. When he realized Jackie had stoped fighting for him, was when he went to ask to be steady, that way she won’t leave him.
  • She loves her hair and likes to let it grow… During a sleepover at Kat Peterson’s place little before summer of ‘76, one of the girls cut a big lock of her hair and she had to cut it shorter than she wanted. It was a big deal in school and Jackie felt horrible about it.
  • Once it was out who cut her hair, the squad and the rest of the popular clique got divided in three: those who sided with Jackie, those with the girl, and those who didn’t care. To this day, they are still divided.
  • The summer of the hair situation, she and the cheerleaders were working at the pool as life guards and the girl who cut her hair started to talk about her and her not so big body until an older boy shut her up and told her to stop tormenting her, and well, put her in her place in front of everyone after rejecting her insinutions on him. It was Hyde.
  • This is also the reason why she trusts him so much and so quickly when it comes to seeking for comfort. He doesn’t know that she had heard and see him that day, and he also doesn’t remember much about it. But he does remember seeing her cry hiding near the boy’s bathroom and that’s why he couldn’t stand being hiten on by that girl. He doesn’t like a crying Jackie.
  • She has no unlces or aunts from her father’s side but she does has an uncle from her mom’s side who is her favorite person in the world. He never got married or had children, but was always there for her and buy her nice things she actually liked, made sure she had some books to read and called every week while she grow up. One day, her mom told her she couldn’t see him anymore. Older and out her house, he called one day and asked her to go for dinner with him and his couple, only then she realized uncle Richie is gay and her dad didn’t want him around aymore for that. He’s still her favorite.
[Jackson] Step Sex (Chapter 3) ft Kai

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

A/N: I’m not sure if this is an actual series or not, I don’t really like the plot aymore, but I like this part. Enjoy, and leave some feedback!

Warnings: Smut

“Roxy!” My mom calls from downstairs. I join her in the kitchen. She’s on the phone, dressed in her brand new black dress. Is she seeing Rob? She’s spending so much money for this man. She covers the mouthpiece of the phone when she sees me.

“Are you going out tonight?” She asks me. I would love to say I’m seeing Kai, but he’s still mad at me.


“Good. Jackson needs a haircut.” She says. What? No! She wants me to cut his hair? I don’t want to see him again!

“He can go see a professional alone.” I retort.

“Roxy says yes.” She says into the phone.

“No she doesn’t!” I deliberately say loudly.

“Alright, see you.” My mom replies to who I think is Rob. She hangs up, sealing my destiny.

“Mom!” I scold her. She puts her hands on her hips.

“Roxy please. Robert still has to find a private hairdresser for Jackson.” She says. Oh, poor him! I know it’s hard to stay alive without a private hairdresser.

“Why can’t he go to a salon downtown ?!” I whine.

“Please, be kind. I know Jackson’s a bit…different.” She murmurs. «But try to get to know him a little bit.“ She says. 

Get to know him? I almost slept with him!

 She puts her hands on my shoulders, and I smell a nice fragrance. Did she buy a new perfume too?

“Where are you going?” I ask her.

“Dinner with Robert. You’ll spend the evening with Jackson.” She says. Gah, no!

“Mom, I don’t want to.” I whine. Se rolls her eyes and sighs.

“I’ll buy you a bottle.” She says. A bottle? She’s saying my name.

“Of?” I cross my arms over my chest, intrigued.

“Anything you want.” She says. Alcohol carte blanche?

“Deal.” I say before turning on my heels. I think I’m alcoholic.


Robert and Jackson arrive an hour later, and I’m the one in charge of welcoming them.

“Good evening.” I say casually to Rob as him and his son stand in the doorway.

“Good evening. Nice to see you again.” He replies politely.

“Me too." 

"Hi.” Jackson greets me.



We all turn around to look at my mom coming down the stairs, looking cute or whatever. I let them in and close the door behind them.

“Michelle, you look lovely.” Rob says, kissing my mom’s cheek. I can see her blushing. If I had a bucket next to me I’d be throwing up.

“Good evening, Jackson.” She says.

“Michelle, you look beautiful.” Jackson responds. I scoff, but none of them hear me.

“Thank you.”

“So, you’re cutting Jackson’s hair tonight?” Rob enquires, turning around. I lean against the door.


“Thank you for accepting.”

“You’re welcome.” I reply, forcing a smile. Rob turns back to my mom.

“Are we ready to go?” He asks her.

“I think so.” She says, picking up her purse. Taking the cue, I open the door again. Rob gives her his elbow, and she takes it happily.

“We’ll leave you alone, youngsters.” Rob says as they head out past me.

“Have fun.” I give the couple a tight, tight smile, and at the second I close the door, I know I never should have pushed her back into Robert’s arms. When I turn around, Jackson is giving me his back, his hands in his pocket, and his eyes to the ceiling.

“Can I look around?” He briefly turns to me. Well, if it means you’ll go away for a moment.

“If you want. I’m gonna prepare the bathroom.” I reply as he adventures himself in the kitchen. I stomp up the stairs. I bring a chair to the bathroom, prepare the shampoo, a towel, scissors, and a bottle of wine.

“I’m ready!” I call down the hallway.

“One second!” He calls back, from downstairs. I wait in the bathroom and hear his footsteps as he climbs the stairs. But he doesn’t come my way, he turns to the left, and his steps fade away. When I pop my head out, he’s walking over to me, his shirt gone.


He is as muscular as I felt he should be, maybe a little more. His muscles roll with each steps he takes, it’s mesmerizing.

“Why did you take your shirt off?” I scold when he’s in front of me. His proximity is dangerous.

“I don’t want it to get wet.” He explains.

“I’ll be careful. Put it on.” I almost beg.

“No.” He says.


He grins.

“It’s funny to see you like this.” He says.

“Like what?”

“Flustered.” He replies. Yes, I’m flustered. Why? I’m never flustered, it’s not me. Get a grip of yourself, Roxy!

“Sit.” I command, and he obeys. Tilting his head back, I dampen his hair with my hand.

“I think we left something hanging last time.” He says, crossing his arms over his chest. Ah, shit. We’ll actually have to have this discussion.

“Yeah, about that.” I murmur, shutting the faucet.

“You have a boyfriend.” He says before me. When I look at him, I notice his eyes are peacefully closed.

“How do you know?” I ask, grabbing the shampoo. He shrugs. He said that out of the blue? I squeeze some shampoo in my hand.

“Anyway, we can’t…finish what we started.” I murmur. Jackson opens his eyes as I make a move to touch his hair, and I freeze. His eyes lighted with a mix of surprise and… shock?

“I want to finish what we started.” Jackson frowns.

“Sorry.” I shrug apologetically.

“You don’t want to or you can’t?” He asks me. Do I want to? I don’t need to answer that question, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.

“I don’t want to. Head back.” I reply. He sighs but obeys, closing his eyes and tilting his head back. I start to wash his hair. As I do, I feel his hands on my hips, and suddenly he pulls me down in his lap.

“What are you doing?” I ask in surprise. He doesn’t open his eyes.

“You’re going to break your back like this.” He says. What?

“I’m good.” I mutter. My hands full of foam, I use my elbows to push myself off him. He pins me down, and I sigh in defeat. He’s not going to let me go. I resume washing his hair.

“Why?” He asks me.

“Why what?”

“Why won’t you let me fuck you?”

I stop massaging his scalp and gaze down at him, shocked and outraged. He opens his eyes to look at me.

“That’s not a way to speak to a girl.” I scold him.

“You didn’t say that last Friday.” He retorts. 

‘I want to fuck you, Roxanne. Hard. Will you let me?’ His words were so exciting in his mouth back then. I resume washing his hair so he can’t see me blush.

“I told you, I have a boyfriend.” I reply.

“You’re afraid he’ll find out?” He asks. I don’t answer. 

It’s way more complicated than that. Even if he didn’t find out, just the fact of having wanted Jackson makes me feel bad. Jackson grabs my wrists, making me look down at him. His gaze is intense.

“If we do it right here, right now, there will be no way he finds out, you’re conscious of that?” He asks slowly. I swallow, truck by his intense staring.

“Yes.” I reply. Jackson tilts his head to the side.

“Good. But you still don’t want to? If that’s not that, then…” He trails off, thinking.

“You’re afraid I’ll fall in love with you?” His mouth quirks, and he raises an arrogant eyebrow at me.

“Is the idea that ridiculous?” I scowl at him. He laughs loudly.

“Oh please, you cheated on your boyfriend with me, a complete stranger. You think I’d want that?” He says, bemused. My face heats. I’m an unfaithful bitch. What the hell got into me?

“Plus, I don’t fall in love.” He says, wearing a big arrogant smile. That arrogant asshole, he’s what got into me. It’s all his fault.

“Good for you.” I mutter grabbing the toothbrush pot next to the sink. I empty it and scoop water in it, letting the faucet open. After rinsing my hands, I grab Jackson’s hair and tilt his head back.

“Ah! Easy, Roxy.” He says. I ignore him and start rinsing his hair.

“Did I offense you?” He raises an eyebrow at me.

“You’re an asshole.” I mutter.

“An asshole?” His eyes widen. Yes, an asshole. My blood starts to boil. Why am I so frustrated on my own?

“An arrogant brat.” I add, deliberately pouring water on his face. There. It feels good.

“Hey!” He shouts, sitting up. He brings his hands to his eyes and rubs them over his face. Oh, I’m so childish. I can’t help but giggle at the mess he is. He looks up at me, his expression unreadable.

Suddenly he grabs my hips and presses his wet head against my chest. I gasp in surprise. Jackson runs his wet hair up and down my chest, soaking me.

“Stop!” I giggle, my dress starting to stick to my skin. He does the same thing from the left to the right. He’s so childish too.

He pulls away and we both look down at the mess he made. Shit! My shirt is white and drenched and totally see-through, and I don’t have a bra on. My breasts are completely exposed to him. I’m mortified. I should cover myself, but I’m stuck and my limbs are unwilling to move.

Jackson looks up at me, his burning eyes staring in mine. Then it starts to radiate, from him, from me; it’s like a densified atmosphere between us. Like a cloud of and intoxicating perfume, like an aura. It’s electric and heady, taking my breath away.

“You feel it?” He breathes, his eyes piercing my soul.

“Yes.” I’m breathless.

“Then you better stop resisting me.” He groans, pushing his fingers into my hair. He grabs a fistful of my mane and pulls my head to his, crashing his lips onto mine.

I gasp, and he takes the opportunity to push his dominant tongue inside my mouth. He licks my tongue in harsh, powerful licks, making me whimper.

He tugs at my hair harshly, tilting my head back and revealing my neck to him. I blink up at the ceiling, disoriented. He’s way too powerful for me, I’ve never known that.

He starts trailing open-mouthed kisses all over my neck, taking my skin between his lips and running his tongue across it.

“Jackson.” I gasp, tangling my fingers in his hair. He throws my oversized T-shirt over my head, leaving me in nothing else but my panties. His hands come up to massage my breasts, his mouth wild and frenetically working my skin.

My pussy starts to feel heavy with need, and it increases every tome his thumb skims over one of my nipples. I close my eyes and let my body feel.

One of his hands leave my breasts, and I feel his fingers slip in the waistband of my panties.

His pads find my clit, his middle finger parting my damp folds.

“Aaaaah.” I shiver, wanting to close my legs. God, his fingers feel so good.

He keeps my head tilted back, his fingers slowly working onto my clit, making me writhe and moan against him. I tug at his hair, the thrumming inside me getting stronger.

He slips one bold finger inside me.

“Oh, yes.” I groan. This is so good.

“Jackson.” I gasp. He moves his finger in and out of me, his open mouth against my neck, his tongue dipping in the hollow at the base of my neck. Heat licks along my skin. I could come like this.

“More.” I find myself begging. I’ve never begged before. 

“More?” He repeats, his voice strained. He pulls his finger out of me and lets my hair go. I look back down, and he pushes the same finger inside my mouth.

His dark eyes locked with mine, they radiate with lust and erotism. I’m hypnotized. I could do anything for him to pleasure me at this very moment.

I suck on his finger, feeling his erection through the de material of his pants.

“If you want more you’ll have to work for it.” He rasps, pulling his finger out of my mouth.

“I want your smart mouth around my cock.” He says.

In a nanosecond, I find myself kneeling on the floor between his legs, my fingers fumbling with the buttons of his pants. I unzip them and slide them down to his thighs, along with his boxers. His cock springs free, hard, long and proud.

I bite my lip at the sight of it. When I think it’s going to be inside me soon, I almost salivate in front of it.

I wrap my fingers around the base and let my lips hover around the tip. I feel him thrust and look up, meeting his fiery eyes that betray his impatience.

I take him inside my mouth, very slowly, inch by inch, before letting him out at the same speed. I do it again, taking more of him this time, and repeat the process until I can’t fit his shaft inside my mouth.

“Mmmmh… yeah.” Jackson moans, one hand grabbing my hair again. He guides my movements and thrusts up to meet them.

I can feel his veins against my tongue. It’s hot and logged with blood. His cock is thick, and beautiful.

“Suck it, Roxanne. That’s it.” He compliments. I keep my tongue flat against his shaft, but swirl my tongue around when I reach the tip. I watch him, head thrown back, chest heaving. For once I feel like I have some effect on him, like he has on me.

I reach up and play with his balls, gently massaging them. I try to relax my throat and take more of him.

“Fuck, that’s good.” He groans. His hips make quick, slow circles, driving his cock further inside my mouth.

“Touch yourself for me, get yourself ready.” He breathes. I obey, pushing my hand inside my panties. I rub my clit, lifting the accumulated tension between my legs. I moan against his cock.

“Oooh god, baby.” He moans, his thrusts becoming more vigorous. Tears spring to my eyes as he reaches deeper inside my throat, making me gag. I jerk away from him, letting his cock slip out of my mouth, strands of saliva hanging from my lips.

He looks down at me and glares furiously, before changing his attitude completely. He stares at me, panting, slowly shaking his head.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, Roxanne.” He murmurs, a point of wonder in his voice. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, trying to catch my breath. I’m still touching myself, my fingers already drenched and sticky.

He moves, grabbing me by my throat and pushing me against the counter. I challenge him with my eyes. His cock slips between my thighs, and when he rolls his hips, my legs start to wobble.

 He has the upper hand.

He turns me around and pushes my chest onto the counter, the surface feeling cold against my nipples. I hiss.

I lift my head and watch him pull a condom out of his pocket through the mirror.

“I told you I’m on birth control.” I pant.

“STD’s. I don’t know if you’re clean.” He retorts, glaring back at me through the mirror.

“You fingered me.”

“And you licked it off.” He counters, sliding my panties down my legs. The air gets caught up in my throat when he takes my hips in his hands.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” He asks me.

“You’re asking that now?” I giggle, panting. He smacks my behind, harshly.

“Ah!” I yelp in surprise. It stings! It stings where he slapped me, and then the sensation travels to my core. I gasp as it tingles. What the-

“Answer me, Roxanne. I’m dying over here.” Jackson commands, watching me. 

“No, I’m not.” I reply.

“Good.” He says, before slamming into me.

“Ah!” I yell as he knocks the air out of my lungs. He’s not that big, bit it feels different. He’s stretching me out so fucking right, and he reaches so deep.

“Fuck.” I groan, slapping my forehead against the counter.

“You’re tight…and really wet.” Jackson observes, pulling out of me, before ramming forward again.

“Jackson. Aaaaanhh…” I moan, closing my eyes.

“How about we get started for real?” Jackson grunts, gradually picking up pace. I open my eyes, and he starts to plow me like a madman.

“What? Oh! Fuck!” I cry out, slapping my hand against the mirror, so I don’t bang my head against it. He reaches a punishing rhythm, his cock reaching so deep so quickly, I literally lose every last bit of control I had.

“Jackson! Jackson! Jackson!” I yell, screwing my eyes shut. My god, it feels so fucking good. I feel so full and dirty; my pussy is trembling with every thrust. I’m being throughoutly fucked, for the first time in my life.

I arch my back and stand on my tip toes, angling my hips so he can reach even deeper. It’s like I want him to destroy me, like I actually want not to control anything. What is this boy doing to me?

“Yeah, baby. That’s it. Fuck…” He moans loudly, never slowing down. His stamina is admirable.

I feel him grab my upper arms, and he pulls me up so I’m standing straight. My mouth falls open, I can barely make any sound, he’s fucking my brains out. I feel his ragged breath against my shoulder, his deep grunts ringing inside me.

He wraps his fingers around my throat, tilting my head back so his mouth is at my ear.

“Open your eyes, Roxanne.” He rasps, his voice pornographic. His other hand slides down my stomach and fins my clit again. 

“Wait!” I squeal, jerking away from his touch, and impaling myself on his cock even more. My eyes roll back.

“Look at yourself, baby.” He orders. I blink my eyes open and look at myself in the mirror. 

I see my red cheeks, my clouded eyes, and the drool hanging from my lower lip. I’m fucking drooling.

“You’re loving this, aren’t you?” He enquires, his hips tracing big circles against me, his shaft shifting around inside me. My brows furrow, it’s almost painful.

This is so fucking good; I almost want to cry.

“Mmmmh…” He moans deep in his throat, while I blabber incoherent profanities.

“You like being fucked like this, don’t you?” He rasps. He feels so good, so fucking good inside me.

“Nggh…mmmmh…” Is all I can, the words are lost between my brain and my mouth, I am not myself anymore, I feel like a hungry whore. Maybe I’m being myself actually.

“I bet you’ve never been fucked this good before.” He says, starting to thrust in and out of me again. My eyes roll back, my head falling onto his shoulder, my clit burning because of his touch.

“Don’t stop.” I beg as he picks up pace and intensity. The buildup is too much; I’m going to explode.

“Fuck me, Jackson. Fuck me. Fuck me.” I moan, my walls rippling like crazy. My legs are trembling, I’m stumbling.

“I love it when you beg me.” Jackson says appreciatively, his movements relentless and brutal. Roxanne, this boy is going to fuck you up, and not only physically.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard, god, please. Harder.” I plead, everything tightening inside me. I stop breathing, like I do every time before I climax.

“I’m coming.” I choke out, right before my orgasm washes over me.

“Fuck!” Jackson groans, his thrusts growing sloppy. I fucking detonate, exploding and imploding at the same time.

“Jackson! Jackson! Jackson!” I beg, holding on for dear life against the counter as I ride my orgasm the better I can. 

Jackson follows shortly, spilling himself into the condom while biting down on my shoulder.

When he pulls out, my legs nearly give up on me. He holds me as I wobble, before lifting me onto the counter.

Then, he takes the condom off and throws it in the toilet before flushing it. I try to catch my breath, feeling like I’ve ran a marathon. 

That was awesome. Amazing. Mind blowing. Fuck.

“That was…” He starts, leaning against the sink next to me. I close my eyes and throw my head back against the mirror.

“Too fucking good.” I finish. God, I’ve never come this hard. I need a cigarette to make it really perfect.

I reach out and open the cupboard next to the mirror, finding a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in it. There are cigarettes everywhere in this house.

I bring one to my mouth and go to light it up, but Jackson grabs my wrist.

“Not around me.” He says cooly. I give him wide eyes while takes my cigarette from my mouth and tosses it in the toilet.

“You didn’t have to throw it in the toilet.” I mutter. I really need to smoke now; my head is a mess.

I walk out of the bathroom to change myself. I’ll smoke outside if he’s going to be a jerk.

The doorbell rings, making me freeze in my tracks.

“You’re expecting someone?” Jackson pops his head out to look at me. 

“No. Get dressed.” I order, walking into my room. I throw on a sweatshirt, panties and cotton shorts, and toss Jackson’s shirt to his face so he can put it on. The doorbell rings again.

When we’re both clothed and we look less sexed up, I make my way downstairs to open the door.

When I open it, I see this familiar Asian beauty. Tall, skinny, tanned and muscular.

“Kai.” I breathe.