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Placing her towel down onto the beach chair, and her fruit salad, courtesy of Adam, on the table, Ayleen scanned the semi-crowded pool. "Gonna swim some laps, then relax in the jacuzzi."

It was only one o’ clock. Man, he hated working on the weekends. He’d already had to kick two kids out and tell their parents that they’d been trying to drown each other.

The dark haired mans eye’s traveled across the pool side, where he thought he spotted an unattended child on one of the seats. Approaching, he tapped her on the shoulder. “Hey sweetie, you can’t be here withou-” That wasn’t a child, great job, James.

“I am really sorry about that, ma'am..” James apologised, raising his hands, open palmed.

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"Wait! Wait I'm almost there just.. Are you, you are!" Ayleen growled as the other was trying to close the elevator doors.

        Seeing the other coming, he quickly pressed the elevator door closed, but Ayleen already made her way inside. “-!! Shit…!” Sly hissed, then made a long sigh. “Dammit…Just my luck…”