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Special Thanks
  1. River Valley High School
  2. WenJiang Middle School
  3. Mr Koh Yong Chiah, Principal, River Valley High School, Singapore
  4. Mr Lu Shi Nian, Principal, WenJiang Middle School, China
  5. Keynote speakers: Mr Fu Yong Lin, Vice Mayor, Chengdu Municipal Government, Dr Yap Meen Sheng, School of the Arts, Singapore 
  6. All honorable guests
  7. All advisors
  8. All teachers
  9. All sponsors, Ministry of Education, Singapore, 成都市温江区教育局
  10. Education Incorporated, Singapore
  11. Inspirar, Singapore
  12. Administrative Committee AYLC 2011
  13. All organising committee members
  14. All facilitators
  15. Photographers
  16. Editorial Club RVHS
  17. All who have contributed to the success of this convention in one way or another