ayla gabrielle

Reverse life au

So I really like the idea of Marinette and Adrien having oposite lifes but…
Why Marinette is teenage model and Adrien is baker’s son?

I think it would make more sense if Mari still had both parents. Even if they ignored her. They would be ovners of big company with bakerys all around the word. Marinette could be famous teenage chef or baker.

Adrien and his dad are alone. Gabriel has small shop with handmade cloths. Adrien is still modeling but not becouse he has to. He wants to. He owns only cloths that his father made which makes him feel a little insecure at school. (I think that every teenager wants some cloths that are made, like, thousnds of them.) He spends a lot of his time with Gabriel, who supports him in dream of becoming famous chef in the future.

They are still the same as superheros but Tikki is an ass who always wants cookies and Plagg who is very kind and thoughtfull.

Ladybug has this gigant crush on Chat Noir, who always knows what to do, and Adrien has crush on Marinette, who is walkinh perfection.

Nino has Catblog (blog about Chat Noir) and Ayla is doing everything to help Mari with her parents.

Gabriel isn’t Hawkmoth.