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Amour Creole/BET -  A 25-year-old restaurant owner was recently crowned Miss Haiti on Sunday in the Caribbean country’s capital of Port-au-Prince.

As the crowd of more than 400 people chanted her name and gave her a standing ovation, a crowned Carolyn Desert repeatedher vows: “I’m going to support the youth. I’m going to support women. I’m going to support the poor.”

Among Desert’s winning traits was her reputation for supporting artists and helping impoverished children and her wide smile, which earned her a “most photogenic” award, AP reports.

Another big moment of the night for Desert occurred during the question-and-answer portion of the pageant. According to the AP, Desert said that Haitian women have more to offer than looks: "Perseverance, courage, resilience.” Her eloquent response reportedly garnered a huge round of applause.

Desert’s closely cropped natural hair also sparked a national debate about whether competitors should embrace their natural hair instead of wearing hair extensions or straight hair like a majority of the 21 pageant participants.

As Miss Haiti 2014, Desert will compete in the Miss World competition in London in December and represent the nation on trips sponsored by Haiti’s tourism ministry.

Cécile Fatiman is known as the Haiti Vodun priestess who led the war council at Bwa Kayiman that started the Haiti Revolution. But this sacred mother was more than that. This greatest of all Haiti priestess, like Haiti healers and warriors Tante Toya and Gann Guitonn, Cécile Fatiman was the living vessel of her people. Carrier of the irreducible essence of Ezili Dantò, Manbo Cécile Fatiman and the elder women of Haiti revolution mobilized the enslaved and the maroons, traveled for years, some say, day and night without rest to the plantations letting trusted initiates know about the great gathering of all warriors to end slavery to come on August 14th. Holding Vodun “clearing” rituals as she went, undoing colonial mentacide.

Like Asset/Isis of Egypt/Kemet/Kush on Alkebulan, Haiti’s supreme Divine Warrior Mother of love, Ezili Dantò, danced in the head of Manbo/priestess Cécile Fatiman on August 14, 1791, chose the warrior amongst all warriors gathered on August 14, 1791, who would start the triumphant Haiti Revolution and free her children from European enslavement.

Spoken in the KiKongo language on August 14, 1791 - The Bwa Kayiman Prophecy and Call, which began the Haiti revolution, is: E, e, Mbomba, e, e! Kanga Bafyòti. Kanga Mundele. Kanga Ndòki. Kanga yo! - Stop the imperialists, their Black collaborators and all their evil forces now! (Evil forces=their lying assemblies, media, religion, schools, their mercenary militaries, et al. STOP THEM! See HAITI EPISTEMOLOGY.)

source: Women warriors of the Haitian revolution by Ezili Dantò