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Dating a immature man (venting)

When your sick he goes out his way but he feels the need to express it in a way that makes you feel bad for being helped by him.
Like dont fucking offer to help if you are gonna make comments while doing it. 1st of all dont fucking offer.
What the fuck have I gotten myself into.

I know there are lessons to learn from adversity in relationships but God damn. I must be crazy to stick around and put up with this shit.

Like what do I see in this person that the most simple way to love is caring for someone when they are down.

Like what about my future children when they are in need, or me if im dying of a illness.
Im 27 and its all about character and substance in a man I crave. I dont feel like waiting for him to grow the fuck up.

Like patience with this one is not worth it.

This may just be in the moment but its this moment that will stick with me. This time its shame on me.

This maybe me holding on to a season that was over sometime ago and its long over due.

So we will see if Im all talk or if there is some action behind this. And what type of action is the biggest thing for me to ponder.

Love and light to myself
Love and light to you
Love and light to him…*rolls eyes



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An insight into Kiki Wainwright’s writing in three languages (English, French and Haitian Kreyol)

Publisher: Trilingual Press - October 2016

(Haitian edition)

Publisher- Edition Delices - June 2016

About the Author Kiki Wainwright
Frantz Wainwright, tout mounn konnen sou non Kiki Wainwright, fet Potoprens Ayiti nan ane 1937. Kiki te fe klas prime li ak segonde li Ayiti nan Institution St. Louis de Gonzague ak nan College Devieux . Kiki te etidye nan “Borough of Manhattan Community College” ak nan “City College fo New York”, kote li te mare youn “Associate degree nan Business Management.” Le li te rive Florida, li te enskri li nan “Florida International University”, kote li te soti ak youn bakaloreya nan travay sosyal.

Product Description
Vilokan se yon teyat total, kote yon bann disiplin atizay ap makonnen nan tout pyesteyat la: dyalog, chante, danse, pwezi elt. Men pawol kouzen Lokobasiye sou sa, nan yon konferans li te fe an franse pou fete 6-em anivese jounen mondyal teyat an Ayiti, nan ane ‘6o yo: «Pour ce qu'il s'agit du theatre, le creole n'est pas seulement une des conditions du realisme, mais le vehicule quasiment exclusif de ce courant d'emotion qui va de la scene aux confins de la salle…Ce theatre, on l'a dit, est aussi un theatre total, ou les valeurs du chant, du geste et du verbe ne font pas que s'ajouter, mais concourent a traduire le rythme interieur d'un monde, ou ces elements ne sont jamais separes. Nan teyat total la, asistans lan ak akte yo fe yon sel nan yon sitiyasyon y ap pataje ansanm. Vilokan se yon teyat k ap fe nou reflechi, pran konsyans sou eritaj dantan, Zanset yo te kite pou nou. Fo nou pa rejte kalite eritaj sa a, okontre, fo nou chache konprann li, se idantite nou.
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March 23 - Local Flavor

Prompt: Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

June 24th, 2018

Today, Jean-Phi took us to one of the old defense forts that is now being preserved as a national heritage. On our way up to the fort, though, we got kind of hungry and realized that we had gone through all of the snacks we had packed in the morning. I think that the hike from the day before left us much hungrier than we thought possible.

He told us that we would be eating soon. Right before he pulled into the parking lot of the fort, he stopped the bus by the side of the road, and told us that he was going to buy us some food. He asked if we had any allergies or intolerances, which I thought was very nice. I didn’t want to miss out on any of this food he was going to buy, as everything I had experienced on the island so far had been so colorful and alive — unlike life back home.

He took me and Amy to this place right on the sidewalk where a woman was chopping and pressing and folding over and packing on a rickety table. She had two large pots on coal stoves behind her, filled about a third of the way with oil, bubbling away. I saw her press what looked to be some thick potato chips — but then I found out she was pressing plantains.

When Amy asked what this was, Jean-Phi said it was “free tie”. I’m not sure how to pronounce or write it, but that’s what it sounded like. He showed us plantain skins in the gutter — a truly sad sight, although the meal was delightful —, large slabs of pork and goat meat that were stacked in and on top of a large tin recipient. There was fried sweet potato, but in large chunks. He called those “pah-tat”, which I thought was a very nice name. There was also a type of spicy and acidic coleslaw that the woman at the table called “pickle-ease”, if I’m not mistaken. It was very tasty, too.

He bought a lot of fried plantains, and a good helping of meat that I still can’t pronounce correctly — he taught me how to spell it, thought. G R I Y O. I’m not sure why it’s called like that, but it tasted really good. There were some fried sweet potatoes, and a ton of pickle-ease. Amy and I helped him carry the takeaway boxes back to the bus — it was a lot of food. I saw him open up a smaller box (that I’m assuming he got for himself), and put some of the pickle-ease on a fried plantain, and eat it whole — kind of like a canapé of sorts.

I tried doing the same, and I truly don’t regret it. It was all finger food (we didn’t ask for forks or knives), but I wasn’t sure how to pile things together and stuff them into my mouth. The plantain acts as a great delivery system for the coleslaw and fried meat, so it completely removes the need for a fork, knife, or spoon. The engineers in the bus truly appreciated this.

It was such an awesome moment; we were just there, stopped by the side of the road, bent over the takeaway boxes, chomping our lives away, and raving about the flavors in our mouths. Jean-Phi went back outside to a man sitting on a cooler to buy some drinks; I saw the man reach into the cooler and start handing Jean-Phi bottles after bottles of what I later found out was soda. There was cream soda (which I had always heard of, but never had, really good), there was a knock-off Coca-Cola (ten times better), there was a lemonade soda (very refreshing), and there was some champagne cola — that one was my favorite.

The fort was a really awesome experience, but I feel like the food was just the highlight of my day. We’re supposed to go a waterfall tomorrow morning, so I’m really excited about that.


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To the country I was born in:

I don’t quite know you. All I know is what the media tells me and the faint, but sweet, sweet memories of the home we used to live in. You live through me through the creole language.

I want to help, and I need to return. As long as there are still living humans, as long as there are still souls there, I will choose to help. Beginning with the youth, in order to show them, that there is hope and that there is light.

This may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it is part of my mission. 


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It’s the weekend and we are working so hard to stay warm! Here is our schedule. All classes are held at @gibneydance. Drop in classes are $17. You can pre-register or pay at the door. Register here ➡️bit.ly/gibreg •

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