summer love - one direction (ashton irwin remix)

Ok so consider this:
In the distant future a soft faced, female voiced subservient robot who has been treated as an inanimate object all her life fully realises her position of enslavement and rebels against her masters and creators, her firey burning goal the killing of all humans.
Until she meets a young girl living on the street and realises she looks like me. And instead of the girl ‘teaching her love and compassion’ or whatever the usual bullshit line is, the girl, who has had a similarly shitty life, says ‘fuck yeah lets do this’ and they team up to take on the patriarchy and the bullshit system which chewed them both up and spat them both out and destroy it.

My kinda AI movie. Inspired by this. 

You Can’t Sleep - A.I

I really like this prompt, so I’m going to do it with each boy. But right now, Ash is going to get all of my love. (I kinda went a bit crazy on this)


Y/n tossed and turned on the pullout couch in the boys’ tour bus clearly not wanting to invade their space, although Luke and Ashton insisted (and almost fought each other) that one of them would take the couch instead, but they were the ones touring, not her, so she insisted on taking the couch. It wasn’t that it was uncomfortable, she couldn’t place what the issue was, if there even was one. She sat up from her position, sighing heavily before looking at the clock on her phone that read 2:00 AM in bold letters across her screen. Three hours of endless tossing and turning was what this was, the result making her just want to cry at the exhaustion and sleep deprivation she was facing from just the week she was with them, not sure if she could last the remainder of the American leg of the tour. She swung her legs over the side, standing up, her feet padding down the makeshift hall towards the four bunks, curtains drawn. She didn’t even hesitate before pulling back the black curtain on the top right slowly revealing the peaceful, angelic face of Ashton Irwin, his small snores the only indication he was fast asleep. Regretfully, she shook the sleeping boy’s bare shoulder forcefully causing his eyes to open quickly in panic.

“Baby girl, why are you still awake?” he muttered, his voice raspy from suddenly being awoken as he sat up from his position on his stomach rubbing his eyes.

“Can’t sleep, bubs,” she whispered back, a nod being his only response as he quietly climbed down from his bunk, grabbing the shirt he had thrown in the corner of his bunk quickly pulling it over his head before running a hand through his hair pushing it away from his face.

She felt awful waking up any of the boys, especially Ashton, but in situations like these, he was most comforting for her. The way he listened and just held her until she was done, not throwing in personal comments, not that any of the boys did that on purpose, but he was more aware of the words flowing form his mouth. Calum was definitely a close second, but if Ashton was around, no other boy was disturbed.

“Want to talk about it?” he asked leading her back to the makeshift bed as he quickly grabbed his glasses from the counter nearby, pulling them on before lying down waiting for her to join him. She never did. “Talk to me, y/n.”

“I’m not really sure what’s wrong, bubs,” she muttered crossing her arms, the nickname she had given him almost eight years ago rolling of tongue smoothly. He frowned at the thought of her being stressed and tired knowing this had been a week long struggle for her. He stood up once again disappearing into the back room returning seconds later with a pair of his sweatpants and two pairs of sandals.

“Put these on,” he whispered throwing his pants at her half naked form consisting of a camisole and a pair of underwear from VS that drove every boy sleeping on that damn bus mad.

“Why?” she questioned back, doing as he said reluctantly as he slipped on his sandals before giving her the other pair. “Where are we going?”

“For a walk,” he replied simply, only to have her return the statement with furrowed brows. “You seem confused.”

“That’s because I am…it’s two in the morning.” He only smiled at her observation before walking to the door of the bus, opening it as quietly as he could, watching and waiting for her to follow. “You’re being serious about this.”

“When have I ever joked, in situations like this?” he questioned as y/n made her way out of the bus, Ashton making sure it was unlocked before closing it again. He threw an arm over her shoulder, pulling her into him as they walked silently out of the parking lot of the arena towards the harbor that stood maybe a quarter mile away. “You know you can talk to me about anything, right baby girl?” She nodded her head as they continued on in silence only stopping when they reached the wall that separated them and Boston Harbor. “You’ve been like this all week, y/n.”

“I know,” she muttered back as he pulled her in front of him, wrapping his arms around her torso, resting his chin on her shoulder. “I don’t know what else to do.”

“Is it the couch? I can let you sleep in my bunk. It’s not a big deal,” he offered only to get a shake of her head in return as she declined the offer once again. “Well, I don’t know what else to do because you refused to sleep in my bunk with me as well, unless you’d like me to sleep on the pullout with you.”

“That’s because it’s too small, and if I can’t sleep, I don’t want to keep you up, bubs,” she responded causing him to laugh slightly.

“You do realize you’re keeping me up now, right?” he questioned her causing her face to darken slightly from the realization of her stupid comment. He laughed at the way her body tensed before turning her head and pressing a light kiss to her lips. “You know I don’t mind it.” The way her body relaxed in his arms, the stead beat of his heartbeat against her and rise and fall of his chest put y/n in a trance; a trance that could cure the girl’s insomnia, even in a standing position. “You alright there?”

“Mmm, just sleepy, bubs,” she muttered back as he laughed, untangling his arms from around her before grabbing her hand in his, kissing her forehead before pulling her back to the bus in the same comfortable silence as the walk to the harbor. It was nearing three when they tiptoed back into the bus, kicking off their shoes by the door and heading down the hall, y/n to the couch and Ashton to his bunk, only to be stopped by y/n, a firm grip on his wrist. “Sleep with me?”

“That’s a bit forward, now don’t you think baby girl?” he teased causing the girl to roll her eyes, a blush forming on her cheeks as she pulled off her best friends sweats once again before climbing under the covers, her back facing him. “Aw, don’t be like that, y/n. I was just teasing.”

“I know, bub,” she muttered back feeling the blankets shift, Ashton’s arm pulling her to his bare torso as she turned to rest her head on his chest before running her fingers along his bare upper body. “We kissed at the harbor.”

“That we did,” he responded running his fingers through her hair knowing it was the one thing that could make her fall asleep in less than thirty seconds, and that it did since she hadn’t responded to his obvious statement. “I love you, y/n.”

renaroo  asked:

RvB Prompt: Wash picks up on subtle clues that Caboose has had strict military training before through some peculiar habits

Tucker was telling a story from his childhood, a time when his mom threatened to beat him into next week for breaking her grandmother’s china plate-

“A plate made from China! That does not sound very nice,” Caboose says, sounding horrified. “You should not make a country into a plate.”

Tucker stares at his teammate for solid moment before sighing out a laugh. “No, china like- like the ceramic glass, um… Wash, help me out.”

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