Can anyone recommend me some good blogs to follow, please?
  • My dash is beginning to become predictable and that sucks. I like humor blogs, soccer especially, food is a good one too. i will check out just about any kind of blog A lot of blogs i started off following turned into Quote/Relationship blogs, and its getting old!
  • I would much appreciate recommendations for some new blogs
Shit that bothers me :
  • People that wear shoes on the bed….NO, DAMMIT!
  • When i rub my eye and it squeaks.
  • Girls that wear uggs and shorts…QUIT.THAT.SHIT.
  • Girls that get sluttier the drunker they get..the fuck, dude?
  • People who say “we should totally hang out” because you havent seen that person in forever, and dont follow through… why did you even bring it up then?…
  • Guys that talk shit to girls on Xbox live because they are girls on Xbox live.
  • Ordering food , having it read back to me correctly, and getting the wrong shit in the bag when i drive off… Fuck you mcdonalds!
  • People who are like 3 years older than me calling me “Sweetie”. seriously?
  • When my fridge looks empty…ugh, i hate that. that not only bothers me but makes me sad.
  • When guys make the comment “someones on their period” because a girl gets mad. You think THIS is bad, wait till i am actually on my period, you are going to regret that comment!
  • People who say they are fans of a football team but cant name anyone but the damn quarterback!