ART: Ayesha Tan-Jones

Ayesha Tan-Jones is a student at Central Saint Martins and an installation and video artist who makes music as Brownie Promise. I have only ever been a spectator online but to me, her work (and whole online presence) acts like an invitation into her distinct own brand of the psychedelic, it is a wonderland and functions like a treasure trove. Ayesha seems to drift effortlessly through mediums in her music, gently reflecting the tenor of her cystaline and pretty bodily installation. The video work feels like it threads everything together into a totally multi-sensory experience which becomes almost other worldly!…Click to read the rest.

Posted by: Hannah Le Feuvre

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my day trip 2 LDN 2 make art n stuff

so i went to london last weekend 2 meet the artist Ayesha Tan-Jones [[see video i posted]]  2 her university , Central Saint Martins. ahh its so big and cool and everyone is beautiful. if i ever decide 2 go 2 a university institution i would consider CSM.. i need sumwhere cre8ive and freeeeing… but i might just fuq all dat and go live on a mountain [[thats the dream]]

any way- when i was there we did some filming in the green screen room [[omg soo cool- proper profesh stuff!]] and in the recording studioz with a binaural microphone which waz so unreal [yet so real]

when i was there we rumaged through the universitie’s skips and found a set of pink lockers that were being thrown away! we dragged them into Ayesha’s studio and decided that if we were 2 keep on collabor8ing in the future i’d need a locker in london 2 leave my stuff! we decor8ed them…i loooovee them i wish my locker @ skool was pink and i could decor8 it like ive done this set! 

hanging out w/ ayesha was really cool shes honestly like my soul sista.. ive never had a big sis b4 i like it. we really reson8 on fuqqin radically cosmic levels lol.. . so x-cited 2 c the pix from the sculpture shes sending them me 2night!