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Milky Way over Uluru : The central regions of our Milky Way Galaxy rise above Uluru/Ayers Rock in this striking night skyscape. Recorded on July 13, a faint airglow along the horizon shows off central Australias most recognizable landform in silhouette. Of course the Milky Ways own cosmic dust clouds appear in silhouette too, dark rifts along the galaxys faint congeries of stars. Above the central bulge, rivers of cosmic dust converge on a bright yellowish supergiant star Antares. Left of Antares, wandering Saturn shines in the night. via NASA


Uluru - Northern Territory, Australia 

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is Australia’s most famous natural landmark. Created over 600 million years ago, it once sat at the bottom of the sea, but now rises 348m above ground. The monolith is considered a sacred site to the native people of Australia.


Milky way over Uluru, Australia

International Space Station resident and Expedition 50 crewmember Thomas Pesquet captured this image of Ayers Rock in Australia last week. Measuring 1.5 miles wide and 2.2 miles long, Uluru, as it is known in traditional Aboriginal dialects, is a large sandstone monolith located near the center of the Austrailian subcontinent.

To the southeast of the rock, to the bottom-right of the rock in the image above, the aboriginal town of Mutitjuju can be seen. The town has a population of around 300.

P/C: Thomas Pesquet


Dusk til dawn at Uluru, Australia

To Sousuke,
Are you doing well? I’m doing pretty well.

I’ve finally gotten used to life over here. At first I had trouble getting people to understand me. I tried really hard by using body language and drawing pictures but I just couldn’t get what I meant across! The day I drew a Sakura tree and I was brought a mop I really wanted to go back to Japan……

Oh, and there are fish dishes here that I’ve never seen before in Japan. Just looking at them makes me think ‘you can eat this!?’

There are kangaroos just hanging out all over the place. I wanted to touch one, but they told me I can’t because they’ll kick.
Did you know that Australia is 1/3 desert? In the middle of it there is a famous place called Ayers Rock! I climbed up it the other day.

My swimming club here is just full of really fast people. …I lose every day.
I really want to tell you that I win every day, but…… They’re all guys who are even bigger than Makoto. Their power feels completely different.
Now I’m in the slowest group….

Everyday is just full of painful things. But that’s alright for now. I’m scared that I’ll get used to it and that the painful things won’t feel as painful anymore but… I definitely won’t give up! I won’t be disheartened! I might cry sometimes but I’ll definitely become faster! Faster than anyone!

You know I haven’t forgotten anything about that relay. I remember it all. That guy from that time is still swimming in front of me. I… want to swim like him, I want to swim fast just like Haru!

Enrique Murciano Joins Cast Of ‘The Blacklist’ On NBC In Major Role
EXCLUSIVE: Enrique Murciano has been tapped as a major new cast addition on NBC’s drama series The Blacklist, from Sony TV and Davis Entertainment. The Without a Trace alum has joined the thr…
By Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: Enrique Murciano has been tapped as a major new cast addition on NBC’s drama series The Blacklist, from Sony TV and Davis Entertainment. The Without a Trace alum has joined the thriller drama for the last five episodes of the current fourth season with an option to be a series regular next season, pending renewal.

Marciano will play Julian Gale, an FBI investigator and Ressler’s (Diego Klattenhoff) former colleague, whose obsessive tendencies make him both a valuable agent and a potential liability.  Dedicated, driven and possessed of a quiet charisma, he can command a room or a crime scene without uttering a word. And yet, his new assignment puts him in danger of losing himself.

The Blacklist could use some cast reinforcement as one of the original series regulars, Ryan Eggold, is transitioning to topline spinoff series The Blacklist: Redemption.

The Blacklist’s casting keeps Murciano in the Sony TV family, coming off a co-starring role on the studio’s Netflix drama series Bloodline.

Murciano also recently recurred on Starz’s Power and did features Bright for Netflix and David Ayer and Rock that Body for Columbia. He is repped by Gersh and Management 360.

(Thank you @2redpyewackets!  Ressler’s former colleague!?! I like the sound of this!)


Gotta love how the color of Uluru seems to shift as the morning light on it changes