ayers rocks


Gotta love how the color of Uluru seems to shift as the morning light on it changes


In 1980, a controversial case developed after Lindy Chamberlain claimed that her baby had been eaten by a Dingo in the Australian bush. Chamberlain had been camping near Ayers Rock with her family when she claimed that nine-week-old Azaria was snatched by the wild animal. After two inquests and a thorough police investigation, she was shockingly tried and convicted of the murder of her baby daughter. Thousands of people fought to clear her name and, in 1986 new evidence was found that suggested that the dingo story was in fact true. Azaria’s tiny jacket was found and Canine hairs were located in and around tent. It was concluded that she had been telling the truth.

Lindy Chamberlain was released after 3 years of prison time and was awarded $1.3 million in compensation by the Australian government.

Uluru - Northern Territory, Australia 

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is Australia’s most famous natural landmark. Created over 600 million years ago, it once sat at the bottom of the sea, but now rises 348m above ground. The monolith is considered a sacred site to the native people of Australia.

Occasionally when some of our (usually elderly) distant UK relatives make plans to visit Australia they say things like “YEAH we’re gonna stay in Sydney for a few days and maybe take a drive out to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) one afternoon

It’s kind of adorable but we have to burst their bubble before it gets too big by showing them these:

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omg despite being punched by bighit with these games i am awed by the locations they choose like!!!i wanna run in those places too where they are!!!can bangtan run with me like!!!! I HATE THEM SO MUCH MY LUBS

kr fans are all like ‘where is this place?? is it filmed overseas??? our country has a place like that????’ lol the place’s really cool, my best guess would be some kind of abandoned mine or construction site, it reminds me of ayers rock and grand canyon ;;