dizneylands asked:

twiddledeedum tweedledee niALL HORAN FUCK ME

icon:99 /100

url: 96/100

theme: 88/100

posts: 90/100

sidebar: 87/100

ship: dylan :))

song: if i’m james dean, then you’re audrey hepburn - sleeping with sirens

random fact about me: i don’t watch tv 

late bc something came up last night

dizneylands asked:

Kira :]

hi Kira (name)! i was scrolling through your blog and Your sidebars (compliment) really caught my eyes. it convinced me that your blog is a 10 (rate out of ten) but one thing that you should change is nothing(advice.) i talked to Niall (ship) and he agrees with me, but he is too shy to talk to you because he knows you have 2k (follower count) other people trying to talk to you. for these reasons i am not(following/not following) you.