Can you make a post where Y/N has dinner with Justin and her family and says, “daddy can you pass the salt” and both Justin and her dad reaches for it. - I literally wrote this during my history class today because I was so excited to write this so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did lol xoxo

You smiled as you rubbed your hands against your apron before resting them on your hips to look at the finished product. It was the first time your boyfriend of six months, Justin was meeting your dad and you couldn’t have been more nervous. You’d made salmon, spinach, mashed potatoes from scratch and then croissant rolls. 

You wanted everything to be perfect. Your dad meant the world to you and was never an easy character when it came to you and dating boys, and you really wanted him to like Justin. 

They were currently in the living room watching the football game, talking amongst themselves and shouting frustratedly at the television. Justin’s frustrated grunts were the only indication that your dad hadn’t killed him yet. 

“Dinner!” you shouted into the living room, listening to the small groans and shuffling feet as they made their way towards the small four-seated dinner table. You removed your apron, exposing your navy blue body-con dress, that stopped at the knees. 

You walked from the kitchen, bringing the salmon with you as you set it on the table. 

“It looks delicious babe” Justin said, flashing you a heart warming smile. You returned the smile and nodded in appreciation. You sat down between your dad and Justin and smiled, “What’s the score looking like?” 

Your dad rolled his eyes, “47-15. Our lost” 

You bit back an eyeroll of your own and sucked your teeth instead. “They’re choking like always.” 

Your dad nodded in agreement before reaching his hand out towards you, “Let’s say grace.” 

All three of you joined hands and bowed your heads as your dad blessed the food. Once he finished, you all began pilling your plates and creating small talk. From what you’ve heard, while you were in the kitchen your dad and Justin had both hit it off. Your dad was skeptical about you dating Justin at first given his past and the fact that he was a huge celebrity but after getting to know him, Justin’s earned your dad’s approval. 

Upon hearing this, you felt relieved. Your dad liked Justin and he approved of your relationship. All you two had to do now was make it through dinner and you were scott free. 

You played with your mashed potatoes and smiled in content, “Daddy, can you pass me the salt?”

You watched and both Justin and your dad reach for the salt from opposite ends of the table, both of them freezing upon seeing the other’s hand. Justin immediately snatched his hand back, his eyes wide. Your dad on the other hand clenched his fist, his wide eyes slowly narrowed into a harsh glare, his gaze shifting between the both of you. 

You dropped your head in your hands and let out a low groan. 

Or so I thought….