Ons Light Novel 4 Chapter 1

Title: A Night of Desires

Disclaimer: This is a fan-made translation from Chinese translations! Please go easy and enlighten us on any mistakes or deviations from the original light novel. All credit goes to the original author and illustrators. - Hyaka and Kuro Shion


A voice rang out in the darkness.

“Hey Guren.”


“Eh Guren.”


“Reply me, Guren.”

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Nominations list

Hello everyone! Sorry this took so much time but the list got really long and it took a lot of time to communicate and sort it out.

Two things,
a) If you see a * next to your URL in the list, you have been nominated more than 3 times. You are required to message us THREE nominations out of those that you’d like to participate in for the final voting as per the rules. For convenience, I have also made a page linking to all the persons who need to do this selection. Please refer to it (and if you know someone among them, please inform them!).

b) We have linked to the ff.net/AO3/youtube/deviantart accounts etc. with the tumblr ones being the priority. If by mistake we have not added yours and you wish to be added, send us a message. Or if we have included you twice but not by the same URL/wrongly linked you, please tell us.

Without further ado, here is the list of nominees :) (The voting dates and polls should be out after a week or so, probably.)

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