british politics: a summary
  • david cameron: are ya ready kids?!
  • uk citizens: AYEAYE CAPTN
  • david cameron: I CANT HEAR YOU
  • david cameron: whoooooooooooo doesnt wanna be in the eu no more
  • uk citizens: U-K U-K!!!!!!!!
  • david cameron: *fuck this shit (pig) im out*
  • uk citizens: actually
  • theresa may: hoe dont do it
  • uk citizens: we dont want to leave the EU
  • theresa may: oh my god
  • theresa may: time for an election then
  • uk citizens: theresa may? i dont know her
  • angela merkel: hello naughty children it is time to begin the *~brexit~*
  • uk citizens: *gasp* JUDAS
Ons Light Novel 4 Chapter 1

Title: A Night of Desires

Disclaimer: This is a fan-made translation from Chinese translations! Please go easy and enlighten us on any mistakes or deviations from the original light novel. All credit goes to the original author and illustrators. - Hyaka and Kuro Shion


A voice rang out in the darkness.

“Hey Guren.”


“Eh Guren.”


“Reply me, Guren.”

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