"The past year: it was what it was, it is what it is"

I’d rather have a life full of mistakes and correct them than live the rest of my life full of regret.

Second chances are a gift, not a hand out so try harder and strive for something better,

You choose the actions that made your life the way it is………nobody forced your hand. 

The most common lie in the world is ‘nothing is wrong, I am fine’ so just be who you are and say how you really feel.

We only get one life so make it count, don’t dwell on last month, yesterday or even this morning, life is way to short…………….push forward to the future.

Forgive those who are worth forgiving, love those who are worth loving and forget those who are worth forgetting and who deserve nothing!

The only way to let go of old memories you made with someone is to enjoy making new ones with someone else.

Once you learn to accept things you then learn to get over them, never let how someone treats you define how you feel about yourself.

Never ever give up and even when you are broken inside always wear a smile

Maybe this is about you, maybe it isn't but if the shoe fits…………..