C'mon, Lemme Kiss That || Craig and Bennett

Setting: May 23, 2014; 10:42 PM

Every Friday night, it seemed like the Kappas, or some other fraternity on campus through some sort of outrageous party. And, as usual the two dorm boys were eager to take part in the one chance they got every week to forget about grades, and indulge in more alcohol than they could even dream of. Both of them being underage, it was their best shot at a good time, without a doubt. So it was no surprise when Craig had a stumble in his step and a slur in his words, by the time he found Bennett in the crowd of people, once again. 

After spending a majority of his night with his strong hands gripped around a tiny blonde’s waist, her name completely oblivious to the tall boy, Craig wanted nothing more than to gather his room mate and drunkenly make their way back to the dorms. As the two of them made their way into the familiar, torn up bedroom they called home, Craig pulled at the boy’s hand, as he’d tugged him along the entire way. It seemed like he was always pulling at the dimpled boy’s hands or hair, some sort of magnetic pull. Toppling down against his bedsheets, Craig was certain Bennett would fall down beside him, in the process. “Never let me drink that much, again.” He mumbled, though he knew he’d be ready and rearing again by next week.


Klutch Benefit - March 2008 (with Aye Jay and Todd Bratrud)

Courtesy of OMG Posters!:

Diesel Fuel Prints is set to release this benefit art print by Aaron Horkey, Todd Bratrud, and Aye Jay later this morning. The three artist collaborated in order to raise funds for artist Klutch, who recently came into a ton of medical expenses.

If it’s not apparent, Aaron’s contribution is the horned skull at the bottom of the print.  Pretty cool little beastie.



@AyeJayWins - Smoke & Ride 

I dropped the NATIVE EP today. Pick it up, listen, and download it here for free. It’s free niggas. or you can click the photo and you can download from souncloud, whatever the fuckkk…bow bow.