aye kyle

Other dads and men in South Park react to the news that Tweek & Craig are gay:

Randy Marsh: We already have our first gay kids. So cool!

Gerald Broflovski: That’s really no one else’s business, if that’s the lifestyle they choose.

Stuart McCormick: Well, now we know why Kenny thinks he’s a Japanese princess, I guess?

Steven Stotch: I won the bet, you know. Butters isn’t gay!

Jack Tennorman: Oops, he’s kinda dead…

Eric Cartman: AY!

Kyle: Shut up, Fatass! You’re the one who killed him!

Grandpa Marsh: Billy’s gay?! What? Who? Oh, dunno that kid.

Thomas Tucker: I like Gay Craig. I love my son.

Steve Black: I find it very progressive, even if Token is a bit unnerved by it.

Roger Donovan: It’s not that big a deal.

Ryan Valmer: Apparently, Thomas and Laura Tucker used to make fun of gay people, therefore, Craig turned out gay to punish them.

Richard Tweak: Oh, look, Honey! It’s Craaaaaig! Just leave the door open, OK?

Richard Burch: RICHARD!

President Garrison: I know those kids. Hell, I knew that 20 seasons ago!

Caitlyn Jenner: They’re both stunning and brave.

Big Gay Al: Well, that’s just SUPER! Thanks for asking. Wait, should we teach a class on this?

Mr Slave: So long as they don’t turn out to be stupid, spoiled whores!

Terrance and Phillip: Who farted on whom?

Jimbo: They’re fags? WHAT?! Wait, I can say “fag” without getting bleeped?

Ned: (buzzing, nudges Jimbo)

Jimbo: Sorry, Ned’s battery is dead, and he’s a little freaked out.

Officer Barbrady: There’s nothing to see here, boys, move along now!

Father Maxi: They’re going to hell!

Jesus: I’m not touchin’ this one with a 20 foot pole!

Satan: Oh man, am I gonna have to explain this to them, like I explained addiction to Stan Marsh?

PC Principal: What’s wrong with bein’ gay, Bro? This shit’s important, boys!

Mr Mackey: M'Kaaaaay, well boys, you can always come talk to me.

Chef: whoops, he’s dead, too. Or rather Darth Chef now.

Old Chef: Children, why you always comin’ in here askin’ me questions that’ll get me in trouble? Let me sing you a little song about boys bein’ gay! (If he’d been there.)

Mr Adler: They screw around too much! Oh, wait…that didn’t come out right!

Mr Meryl (AV): I thought I suspended that kid, and recommended he be castrated?

Old Man with the Garden (Black Friday Trilogy): Well, at least THEY’RE not in my damn garden!

Whistlin’ Willie: I never have to remind them to whistle for their pizza.

Mr Turner: Guess I don’t have to worry about them anymore!

Skeeter: We don’t take kindly to…oh, wait, we do now. Sorry!

Dr Mephesto: It’s probably a genetic defect. I can fix that.

The Super Adventure Club: They’re gay? Where’s that box of party invitations?!