intentionally-misgendered-victi  asked:

Dear girlfriend cuz wow u gaiz are kawaii

>u> hehe thank you

dear girlfriend,

wow you’re such a friggin cutie- STOP SCREEN PEEKING YOU BUTT

i really hope you catch this mouse running around just so you can play with him oh man its so friggin cute watching you try. <3

you put up with me waking up in the middle of the night and sleeping all day and having dumb anxiety attacks over school and life and just fucking leaving the house and wow that takes a lot of patience thank you. you put up with so much of my whiny, needy, lays-all-over-you-and-asks-to-be-fed crap. and then you spoil me rotten (a WHOLE BAG OF REESES PIECES OH MY FUCK) and you kick my butt into gear about things and provide reminders because i’m a scatterbrained loser ;u; 

we’ve been together just over 2 and a half years (its like, 31 months on Saturday????) and wow thats so long holy shit. that is longer than my current program in school and thats a LONG FRIGGIN TIME. and i know we bicker and argue but that only ever lasts a little bit and then we get over it and thats perfect. you’re perfect. you know all of my favorite things and how i take my hot chocolate and my subway orders and all of my allergies (its a lot) and you know the look i get when i’ve had too much social time for the day and then you just take me home and its perfect. 

I still have dorky sweet notes from you on my phone that you left in the memos, between half written erisol fanfictions and links of fics i should read. 

I still have the train ticket from the day I asked you if you’d like to have me as a girlfriend.

I still have goofy pictures from the day we met (ew my first zexion wig looks awful now- STOP SCREEN PEEKING GOD DAMNIT), and pictures all the way up to now, which, thank you for letting em take them, i know you dont like it when i come running up stairs all dressed up going CAN WE TAKE PICTURES PLEASE I DONT LOOK LIKE CRAP PLEASE TAKE CUTE PICTURES WITH ME I NEED THEM 

thank you for letting me sleep next to you every night and all the back scratches and cuddles and telling me its okay to not go to school if i’m having a day and jsut


thank you for everything

i love you soso much Ayden and i’m so stupidly happy with you <3