aydin the immortal

amethyst anthem
aydin the immortal

aydin the immortal - amethyst anthem.
close yr eyes and imagine swimming in the sea, saltwater spraying in the air. swim to the foot of a cliff. climb up it to the mouth of a cave. in the cave there are clear crystals jutting out of the side of every wall. walk further into the cave and the rocks slowly take on a purple hue. amethyst. stabbing at you from the dark roof and sides of the wet cave. 

then penguins just start dancing around you under this funky ass disco lights and suddenly yr wearing bell bottoms.

that’s what i see when i hear this, but whatever.


Wolvves // Home



play guitar all day.


spend all yr money on music and art.

look at the sky.

sing everyday.

read yourself to sleep.

drink coffee and smoke cigarettes.


make beats.

smoke weed for inspiration.

lie down and listen to music when you have nothing else to do.

get caught up in thoughts.

draw the clothes you wish you had and design the clothes you wish existed.