🔃 S I R S A S A N A🔃 was the first inversion I ever learned

I still remember the first time I attempted a #headstand mid-year last year. I recall how much I loved the challenge and the work it took to execute it safely and successfully. But TRUST me—it took time. It took breath work. It took patience. It took accepting and believing. It took letting go of my ego. It honestly didn’t always look this graceful. I had my moments of falling out and making a huge THUD on the studio floor, I succumbed to self-defeating thoughts, and I let myself drown in fear.

Much has changed since then 🙏 Recently, I attended one of my favorite teacher’s classes—Susan Tao—at @yoganetteyogastudio. She was the first to open my eyes to arm balances and inversions. Last Thursday, we were practicing some #ashtanga headstand transitions into #chaturanga. A lot of the transitions scared people, including myself. (Yes #yogalique yogis, your teacher is fearful too) But I thought to myself, “Why are you scared? What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll roll out of it… And you’ll laugh.” Laughing it off—that’s always been my secret. So I attempted every single one. In the midst of the workshop, after dropping from a headstand supporting by my elbows with my palms touching my shoulders to chaturanga, Susan said, “You’re fearless, Lalique!” And that was all the reminder I needed.

Let this be a reminder to you that if you are passionate about something, you have to take a chance, detach from your ego, quiet your mind, and just L E T G O.

OH AND… I received these beauts today ✨ If you’re wondering about the gorgeous harem pants I’m wearing, they’re white peacock by @bohemian_island! If you know me, you know I LOVE #harempants 😍 Much love to you guys and your cause for Phuket’s stray dog population 🙏🐶 #boho #yoga #bohemian #headstand #bohemian_island #yogogirls #yogaeverywhere #aycyambassador #aycycalifornia #circomnavigation (at ✨ #yogalique ✨)

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