• Lena: what kind of flowers do you think Kara likes?
  • Lena: Wait, is this too much?
  • Lena: It's probably too much huh?
  • Lena: No what if it's not enough?? I need her to know how much I lo - care for her
  • Lena: What about chocolate? Should I get her chocolate too?
  • Lena: Or food? She likes food
  • Lena: Maybe I can take her to an AYCE diner?
  • Lena: What if she doesn't want to go with me?
  • Lena: Should I send her flowers everyday? Or just once?
  • Lena: An office full is the normal amount right?
  • Lena: JESS WHAT DO I DO?? You're my assistant, so assist me!!
  • Kara: Will you go to dinner with me? Tonight?
  • Lena: Yes! Yes of course!
  • Kara: Great! I want to go to AYCE KBBQ but there has to be a party of 2 or more, you're a life saver Lena!
  • Lena: Oh..uh great! I can't wait
  • Kara: Neither can I yum i can smell it already <3
  • Maggie: For a Super, you sure are blind Little Danvers
  • Kara: Oh! Did you wanted to come too? I'm sorry! I didn't invite you 'cause Alex said you two are hanging out tonight!
  • Maggie: *face-balm* You know, Alex IS your sister, maybe that's why you're so clueless
  • Alex: HEY!

Classic Mercedes by James Pankiewicz