17th of June 2016

It has been ages since the last time I auditioned for TV. And, my family and friends know how much I dislike going through auditions like this because of the intensity of stress it gives me. My tears always well up every time I try to be on deja vu years ago when I auditioned for #TheVoice wherein we fell in line for almost 14 hours! We arrived an hour before the call time which was 8 am. And I only got to sing few lines at 11 am, 4 pm, and 9 pm. The pressure I felt while waiting the whole time was unexplainable, only to find out that there was a “special audition” that happened already. And I swear to God, I promised myself then on that I will never undergo such process again.

But I guess I love my mom so much. After just a few arguments and persistence, I am already auditioning for a different TV show which is “Tawag ng tanghalan sa Showtime.”

My mom is not in the country right now so my coaches and the receptionist at my voice lesson were the ones who accompanied me to Abs-Cbn. We arrived at the audience entrance at around 11 am, but I was already close to 130th auditionee. We fell in line for almost 2 hours and then the woman, seated at the table, just signaled “Next” and then I sang in front of her. Just imagine how difficult it was to sing in front of her because there is also a table beside her and another person is singing a different song. But of course I cannot let that distract me, so I sang there 2 songs: “Bukas nalang kita mamahalin” and “Set Fire to the Rain.” I didn’t finish the whole song because we were asked only to sing the part near the climax. After I had sung, she gathered the 5 of us, and she said that she’ll call the name of the person who’ll undergo to the next screening. And yep, my name was called!

We were given stickers containing our number (I’m on the 30th) that we had to stick on our chest, and then the marshal also gave out a paper for us to fill out about our basic information, songs, and some “If-I-Were this and that” questions. As we were filling out the paper, the marshal called us again because they’re (the one in charge of the audition) going to take pictures of us.

At around 4 pm, we already went our way to another studio which looked like the studio of Singing Bee before. We were asked to take a seat first and then afterward they stationed 2 women who will be in charge of another screening. They were just sitting on a monoblock, and then 1-24 will be falling in line for another woman, and then 25-50 will be falling in line on another. I just sang 1 song, it’s entitled “Bukas nalang kita mamahalin”. I just started on the part near the climax, and then after that, we went to the side and waited for the verdict. And yes! I passed again!

Those people who didn’t pass on that screening will be sent home already, while those who passed are going to sing in front of a camera with a minus one. The auditionee has to sing 1 Tagalog and 1 English song. In my case, I sang “Hanggang” with a minus one and “Set fire to the rain” in acapella. After that, they told us that we just have to wait for the call within 2 months. If they didn’t call within 2 months, then that means we didn’t pass. They also told us that after we sing in front of that camera, we can already go.

As much as I wanted to listen to other people’s audition pieces, my tummy can no longer wait. I am feeling ravenous for the last 8 hours of starving. So we went to the nearby McDo and grabbed dinner. Despite the fact that I have already stopped eating fast food, today I had no choice because my tummy can no longer wait and besides we are with someone else so it’s awkward if I will say that I don’t eat fast food. They might think that I am being sassy. (LOL)

So yes, I auditioned for Tawag ng Tanghalan, but I am not expecting that I will be called. I have undergone a lot of auditions, and I always get up to the VTR part but not on the live show. But all I know is that I tried my best, and I made friends (#kabasquad)– and that is what matters right now.


26 Sept 2015 

 So many first times for tonight: First time to ride a private car from GrabCar and first time to do clubbing!! Well, not really clubbing because it was my block mate, Thea’s, debut at Privé Luxury Club. We also had dinner at Ton Cha Ya, it was my first time there and they have good food. They somehow satisfied my Ramen craving. Hehehehe. 

Something I realized: how can those people deny that they are not going to clubs. When in fact, when you went out of the club and go in the car, you smell like a cigarette’s smoke. And how can their parents believe that they didn’t? LOL 😂 (not generalizing all clubs all people and their parents)


March 21, 2014 (Part 1)

4:30am palang bumangon na ko kasi nga may flight ako ng 6:55 eh malayo pa naman sa kabihasnan ung lugar namin. Hahaha. So yun, ligo din ako agad. Tapos umalis ng 5am. Para nandun na ng 6am. Tapos yun nag check in na din ako agad. Tapos hinintay lang namin ung Tita ko, tapos umuwi na din si Mama nag-babye na ko. Tapos hanggang sa sumakay na kami sa airplane. 

Ewan ko ba, Wanderlust nga siguro talaga ako. Kaya gustong gusto ko dun sa eroplano, gusto ko ung view haha mas lalo na ung mga clouds na parang ice cream tapos ung mga terrain! Hahaha. Naisip ko tuloy, sa lahat ng mga palaging nagtatapon ng kung saan saan, at sinisira ang environment dapat pinapasakay ng Airplane para makita nila kung ano ung sinisira nila, kung gaano kaganda ung sinisira nila tapos ihulog nalang din sila para mabawasan mga abnormal sa mundo. Hahahahahahaha lols kasama pala ako dun sa mga ihuhulog =)))) lols ok 

Tapos yun din parang mas nafeel ko na independent ako. Hahaha. At chaka artista. Hahaha =))))) Eh kasi pinagtitinginan ako nung naglalakad ako nung kukunin ko na ung bag ko tapos tinutulungan pa. Hahaha. Weird. Hahaha =))))) Pero yun na. 

Magkasabay kami ng tita ko, tapos sinundo kami nung Tito ko. Hahaha. Tapos nagdrive thru muna kami sa Mcdo para mag “breakfast” pero mcmuffin lang naman, parang hanggang lalamunan ko lang din naman un. Hahaha =))) tapos un nagpunta kaming Alabang kasi may dinaanan lang kami sa business nila, tapos yun umuwi na kami. Pero nakatulog lang ako all along. nakakahiya. Hahaha. 

Tapos 11 na kami nakarating sa bahay. Tapos yun nag-ayos lang ako for Lee Min Ho’s Funmeet. 

to be continued………..


June 27, 2015

It was already 1 am when we arrived home from the late dinner treat of my brother in Tuscany, Mckinley. And since I have a 6 am flight to Singapore I didn’t sleep anymore but instead just finished packing my things.

It was 4 am when we arrived at the airport, and I was able to check-in all my stuff right away. And since I am an unaccompanied minor, there was someone who escorted me again all throughout the proceedings of checking in until I get in the aircraft. And the funniest things is that: THEY CALLED MY ATTENTION IN THE PA SYSTEM!!!!!! … just to find where I am sitting exactly. Oh god, it’s crazy. A lot of people stared at me when I stood up and went to the flight attendant! HAHAHA but it’s okay, at least I didn’t wait too long there, and I was the first one to get in the aircraft. ((LOL please bear with me, I have less than 2 months to enjoy this privilege)) 😂😂😂

When I went in the aircraft, I was seated in the middle, and although it was awkward I was so sleepy even to think this it was. Hahaha.

When we have few minutes before landing, the flight attendant asked me to transfer seat. And I was placed in the business class, and if I were just put here earlier I would have probably slept much better! #AnnoyingSeatmates

It was around 9:30 when I was already at the airport. And I was asked to wait for like 20 minutes because the person who will escort me is still on her way. I think… Sherly was her name? Not sure, but she was really kind, although I believe she was just hired recently. Anyway, since I am a minor, I wasn’t really questioned that much by the immigration officer. At around 10 am, I already met my sister and we rode the cab going home.

And I am feeling surreal. I still can’t believe that I am here already, and I am not in the Philippines anymore! 😂

At home, we just fixed our things, had brunch, and while my sister was putting makeup on her friend, I was just in the living room watching TV. I thought that they have any Korean channels available, but they don’t have it. And while I was trying my luck and watching other western movies. I just fell asleep.

I woke up at 7:30 pm, and then my sister and I had noodles dinner at Tampines Mart. And I just realized that I am adjusting again to their accent. I had difficulty understanding their accent. Hayyyyyy.

When we arrived home, we continued fixing our things and then at 1 am, I fell asleep.


October 17, 2013

First day of exam. Since masama ung pakiramdam ko kahapon, I decided na matulog nalang. At gumising nalang ng madaling araw, mga 1:30am para mag-aral. Tapos ang saya saya, kasi ang tahimik ng buong bahay. Pati sa labas, as in kami lang nung aso at pusa ang gising. Hahaha. Tapos natapos ako magreview ng mga 6am tapos nagpainit na din ako ng water, tapos idlip lang sandali tapos ligo na. 

Physics. Yan ung unang exam namin, okay naman siya. Hindi naman ako ng shotgun, kasi na-aral ko ung mga formulas and stuff. Salamat din sa YouTube at nagtutor sakin. Hahaha. Effective talaga. Tapos ayun, pero ang hirap kasi ung sa oras. Tapos may time pa na ang ingay sa labas, eh mabili talaga akong mawala sa concentration. Pero un, hay, dasal nalang na sana pasado :)

Filipino. Ito naman ung second Examination namin, at kung tutuusin ito ung mas mahirap. Kasi langya, di ko talaga maintindihan ung Pokus ng Pandiwa!! Kahit tinitignan ko sa YouTube, hindi talaga ma-explain, hindi ko maintindihan. Tapos ung teacher pa…….. Kru kru hahaha baka mabasa nya to omgey cyber bullying ito hahahahaha pero un basta :(( argh 

PE/HEALTH. Ito okay naman to, kasi nabasa ko naman ung isang back to back na long bond paper hand out =))) Hahahaha. Tapos ayun kaso nga lang dahil nagastos ko na lahat ng brain cells ko sa Physics at Filipino. Hindi ko nabasa na 10 points pala ung essay, as in dapat dalawa sasagutan. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Isa lang sinagutan ko, tas natulog ako. Hahahahahahahahaha so great huh. 


January 18, 2015

Yesterday I went to UST at 6pm, because I’ll be getting my Volunteer’s ID. And I swear I cannot contain my happiness and excitement again because it’s like a wake up call of what’s really going to happen in few hours! 😁😳

As volunteers, our call time was 2am but because people are already crowding I decided to go to UST at 12midnight together with my mom, cousin, nephew and 2 coaches. Volunteers’ gate will be at Gate 1-3 and 14. And General Public will be at Gates 10 & 11 in Dapitan. My mom and her companions went to the General Public’s gate while I went to the Gate 2 because my friend, Pammy is already there. And oh my walking from Lacson gate to Gate 2, really took me a lot of time because of the people crowding the sidewalk. There were even people who placed news papers on the street, and were sleeping there. When I arrived to Gate 2, it was also the same scenario. I and Pammy continued to talk to each other while waiting for 2am. The miliary tanks and police mobiles are already going in UST and the people are getting more and more and I don’t know if that would make me nervous or happy! But one thing I know I am just excited for Pope’s arrival!! 😉

We waited outside for almost 3 hours before we were able to get in because the people who are crowding the gates were not really all should be there and I think they just mistaken it, and for that they didn’t allow us to pass through. The atmosphere is getting tensed and I cannot help blaming the system because there is no communication between the people and the securities inside. That’s why the people are feeling hopeless because of lack of communication.

When we entered the University I was so excited seeing the place because it was field with securities and they feel like they really wanted to protect the pope and as a volunteer, I am part of those people who wants that to happen! 😊 because of the barricades it was really like a maze because there were really parts that were close and you have to go to other side again. But thanks to the policemen who helped us with the directions.

It was actually pass 4 AM when the people started getting in and it annoyed me again because they are making it difficult for people to go in because of lack of orders. I don’t know where the authorities went that they didn’t arrange the people outside, and they didn’t order the securities to let the people in at this specific time. They are too unorganized and it’s really annoying. And then when they get in, they are telling us that we should be 1 arm length away from the barricades, and then they were telling the crowd to step farther because they know that these people would push themselves forward when the pope arrives. I mean, it’s so unfair 😔 they won’t attack the pope aren’t they?? 😒 hay I’m starting to not feel good about my privilege 😣

Anyway, at 5am I was able to sleep until the mass ended, because seriously I would probably lose consciousness there, because I wasn’t able to have breakfast and dinner last night, and I’m so sleepy. 😂 but when I woke up at 6am, I was completely recharged and that’s what I used the whole day.

At 9:30-10. Pope Francis finally arrived!!! Oh my God those were the moments that I feel like it’s too calculated, I barely know how long I was feeling excited and my palms were so cold. And then when I SAW HIS POPE MOBILE, I swear I was screaming and he’s waving and my eyes are getting so teary!!!!! Those were the best 13 seconds of my life!!! 😢😫😳😃

After that the people left and went to the grandstand because Pope will be giving his message there. And so we went there despite the fact that it’s raining light to moderately. And when he started speaking… I WAS CRYING AGAIN. I have to wait for the english translation but hearing his voice really made me cry 😭 And his message was really good, it’s long but it’s the best homily/message that I ever heard.

And at that moment I already felt like I’m going to strive hard and when I get rich I’ll go to Rome and listen to his mass. 😭

I love you pope super!!! It was cold and raining but seeing you made me sing “The cold never bothered me anyway…” Hahahhaa hayyyy i’m still hoping to see you next year or
by the end of this year and it doesn’t matter if I would be a volunteer again and wait that much, as long as it’s for you. 😭😭😭😭 I love you!!!!

But every good things must come to an end… You are leaving soon. And you’re going back to Vatican tomorrow. 😭😭😭😭 i will miss you pope!!!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL CHRIST’S LOVE WITH YOUR PRESENCE!!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘 take care!!!


August 5, 2014

So today, I followed a lot of studyblr blogs (is this the right way to say it LOL) and I enjoyed browsing their blog posts which were motivational quotes, desk designs, study tips, random articles about college and even online sources of different websites that will be helpful for me while studying.

And guess what, it really helped! And since they’re from different countries across the globe, I understand that they won’t always be online the same time I does. But, I hope that they’ll fill my dashboard things that’ll motivate me.

And to start of, I even studied at the library earlier because it felt like, studying and having good grades is the new trend now. Hahaha! 😂 Thanks to those blogs I got to scroll into.

Also, I fixed my study table. I tried to imitate the “dream table” I reblogged earlier. But I lack, colorful memopads. So I might be shopping for more stationaries and school supplies this weekend? Hmmmm.

If you want to follow them look at the notes of this post


21 July 2015 

My sister was cooking our lunch when she asked me to check the status of my application for extension of a short visit. And I was surprised to find out that I was rejected! My nape became so cold, I was so nervous. As much as it’s okay for me to come back to the Philippines, I still don’t feel like it, because I knew in myself that I was supposed to stay until the 8th of August. 

So after we had lunch, we prepared and went to Immigration and Checkpoints Authority or just referred as ICA. 

We arrived there at past 2 pm because it says on their website that 10-2pm are peak hours. So I suppose since that’s the peak hour, no one comes at that time. And everyone would pile up after those hours. But since we were not really prepared to go, we still went there at that time. Tampines to Lavender was such a long train ride, but when you’re nervous like this, I don’t think that even matters.

The “Visit Pass” was in the 4th flr so we quickly went there and found out that there was a long line of people. But I’m happy because the system was so fast. We just waited there for a couple of minutes and then when we were on the counter, we were just asked why we were there. When my sister told her that we are applying for an extension of a short visit, she handed us the paper that we had to fill up and then said just to come by the counter when we’re done. 

So we filled up the paper with some basic information such as name, address (in Singapore & Philippines), relationship, age, birthday and so on and so forth. And then we handed the paper back again, but she didn’t take the paper, and she just gave us the number. 

Our number was too far, and we waited for like more or less, 2 hours. But it was bearable because we face timed Mama and my brother in the Philippines, I even played with the cute kids there, and I even watched Korean Dramas. But my sister lacks skills in this area, you know “Trying to lure yourself that it’s fun waiting” thing. So she started getting bored, and she wanted to eat. So we rushed outside, and ate a $1 Ice cream!! 🍦 

After that, we returned and waited for some moments, and then finally!!!! We are going to be interviewed by the Singaporean, who looked like Malay, officer.

But he started asking for birth certificates, and we cannot give him. And he said how can he prove that we are sisters, can we believe it if she points at the officer beside him and he says that she’s his sister? Blah blah blah. 

So to cut the story short we were not approved, and we were asked to return back tomorrow or whenever we have the documents already. Although it’s annoying because we were not granted at that moment, I was still happy because I have experienced the strict and disciplined system of Singapore’s government. The transparency and fairness were very admirable. I hope someday it will be the same with the Philippines. 

Since my sister was too annoyed, we decided to eat first before going home. And we went to Carl’s Jr at Marina Square. And believe it or not, I think Carl’s Jr’s burger is one of the best burgers that I ever tasted. The Angus beef was really soft and tender, and you can really feel your teeth cutting those beef oh god it’s so tasty!!!!! 🍔 And also the fries are better with the sauce that my sister made, I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s like Nacho’s salsa. So spicy but splendid!!!!!!! 🍟 But the thing about this food trip was that I drank a soft drink: Fanta 🍇 very unhealthy :(((( although I believe that it’s just a grape-flavored soft drink, still……. :((((( 

After that, we went home already. And then I fixed my documents so that it will be sure that I am going to stay longer here in Singapore and will not be “deported” by next week. (Lol)

Online Check!

Good Evening! Kggsing ko lang from my 1hr power nap. Chart. Dat magbabike ako eh, kaso un inantok ako. Hahaha nagsing kasi ako sa isang viber message nanaman. Hayy bat di ka mag clown, sobrang dami ko ng tawa sayo eh! Hahahahhaa stop messaging me, you don’t matter anymore stranger! :) mwahahahahhaha


I had a Joaquin Day.

All day magkasama kami. Binantayan ko sya. Ako ung nagtimpla ng milk nya. Ako ung katabi nya habang natutulog. Ako ung kasama nya kahapon. Ang sarap ng feeling. Kahit hindi ako nakapag Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook kahapon. Ang sarap ng feeling na sya ung kasama ko. Ang sarap ng feeling na ang sarap nyang kurutin kahapon, kasi ang taba ng pisngi nya at ang puti-puti nya.

Habang pinapatulog ko sya, merong feeling na sobrang inaantok na ko. Kaso hindi pwede kasi gising sya. And i swear, pag sinundo na sya, matutulog talaga ako. Tapos nung umalis sya, nakatingin sya sakin. Tumatanaw nga ng utang na loob. Hahahaha. Tapos un pag uwi nya, *blaaag* tulog ako. 

Online Check

Nasa moa ako ngayon. At pag sinuswerte nga naman may mga grupo ng amerikano na mga kaidad ko siguro ung nandito din. Hihihi kilig kilig. Baka sakaling kelanganin nila ng Tour Guide, nandito lang po ako. Hahahahhahaha I speak fluent english bwahahahhahahahaha

Online Check

WAHHH SORRY FOR BEING ABSENT YESTERDAY NIGHT (Di nakapag ol) eh kasi naman jusko! Inaantok talaga ko. Hahaha pero ngayon mukang kaya ko namang makipag halubilo sa inyo. Yeyyy. Miss ko kayo. Mwa

PS. Itong eksena ang nagpaiyak sakin talaga. Nakakainis.

November 29, 2012

Tinapos na namin ung One More Chance para sa Filipino Class namin. Kasi tungkol sa pagki-critic ng movie ung topic, tapos yan nanuod kami. Hindi ko pa kasi ito natatapos, tapos alam ko ding maganda un. Matagal ko na siyang gustong panuorin pero di ako makapag download. 

At oo, naiyak ako. Kasi nakita ko ung sarili ko.


Basically, it revolved in making a relationship work, breaking up, rebound love, winning back, regrets and realization.

At pinaramdam nila ung kung ano talaga ang meron sa “over reacting” na sinasabi natin sa kaibigan nating nagmumukmok at hindi makausap dahil broken hearted. Pinaramdam nila kung pano ung manghinayang sa relasyon dahil sa mga pangarap na nabuo ninyo. Pinaramdam nila kung pano magmakaawa na mahalin ka ng taong tinapon mo. Pinaramdam nila kung gano kasakit mag panggap na okay ang lahat pero alam mo naman sa sarili mong hindi okay. Pinaramdam nila na masakit magtago ng nararamdaman. 

Madali namang mag move on eh, basta ba ni-isa sa inyo wala ng gusto sa isa’t isa.


December 8, 2014 

It was a pleasant morning. I woke up again at 10am, even if I slept at 10pm. Such a lazy kid I am. 😂 I did my usual routine in the morning until 12. But at around 12:30, my mom shattered my “relaxing time” when she said…

“You have a guesting at Net25.”

My emotions got mixed up. It was so surprising yet I feel so excited about it. This will be the 1st TV guesting that I will have!!!! Yet I’m so unprepared. I am so scared. They are asking me to be there at 2:30pm, yet it was near 1pm and I was still looking for my CDs and I haven’t even took my bath!! I feel so stressed out!!

They were asking for 2 songs, both OPM. And honestly I don’t know much about OPM. So I decided on Hanggang (which I don’t know the lyrics well, and kind of feeling nervous that can barely memorize the 2nd stanza) and Para Sa Akin (which I was still reviewing the lyrics). But no choice, I can’t let the opportunity pass.

We met up with Tita Myreen somewhere in Visayas, and then we all together went to Net25’s studio. I don’t know the name of the building and all, but the people there are all approachable and nice! Afterwards, we went to the make up room, and then they put make up on me and fixed my hair. I really felt like I was a real singer already! 😂 The anchors on the other shows of Net25, we’re also there in the dressing room, and I don’t know what to say, I just smiled at them whenever our eyes will cross. It was also this time when we found out that we can sing 1 English song, and of course that would be “Set fire to the rain”. My comfort song.

Okay so let’s move forward, so I went towards the studio for the “Sound check” but I was surprised that on the 3rd time, it was the actual already. My heart almost felt like going out of my chest. But I have no choice but to go along. Though I kind of messed up in the 2nd stanza, and I was fighting the urge to stop (since it’s just a taping), I calmed myself and tried my best not to commit mistake again because it’s irritating. And then after I sang, I heard some flattering comments from the camera men, which made me feel less nervous.

And then the interviewer came in, and then there was a technical problem and then the interviewer came in again. And as a first timer, I was actually trying to calm myself with the questions that were coming. And I think, I messed up some parts again, because when she asked me who’s my favorite, I said “Beyonce” because that’s the truth! And then she said jokingly, “Really? Meron nag sabi sakin na si Adele, mali naman sila.” [really? Someone told me that it’s Adele, but they were wrong]. And so I had to fix my answer, and I said, “well gusto ko rin si Adele.” [Well i like Adele too.] and then she said “Can u give us a sample?” And I said, “On Adele…” And then I sang few lines of Rolling in the deep. HAHAHAHA #failpart1 and then the #failpart2 was when she asked me “Since you said studying is more important for you, if for example on your exam day, you’ve been called for a guesting. What would you choose?” My mind panicked. Of course it depends. It depends if it’s a guesting like this, then of course my mom wouldn’t be happy if I’ll miss that. While, if it’s just a guesting somewhere, then it’s okay. And It also depend on what kind of test, is it just a quiz or a final examination. Because if it’s just a quiz, it’s okay, i can do well on the next. While, if it’s examination, then I guess I can’t come too or I can retake that. These are all in my head, and I don’t know what I will say!! I feel like I don’t have words of honor. And last but not the least, my #failpart3 was when they were asking me to where people can contact me, (Social media) and they were asking me for Facebook, while in the screen they are posting the Instagram. Hoooooofffffff~ i really died a thousand deaths today.

After the interview, I sang for my 2nd song “Set fire to the rain” and then there was a technical problem and there was a 5 minute break, and the camera man again said that “that’s okay, they just like to hear you again!” And this camera man was really funny, I feel so appreciated by him, he kept on complimenting me and taking pictures of me. So anyway, going back, my throat was getting dried also that time, but there’s water, so I tried concentrating on swallowing my own saliva just to dry them. Hahahaha. And after 5 minutes, the song is ready, and I sang.

And then after that I had photo with the 2 camera men and they are really funny. Hahaha. I’m so amused with them. And then, I had picture with Sir Cesar, to thank him for having the chance to perform here too.

Hay it wad just 3-4 hrs that passed, but I felt like this is the longest day that I had. I received so much stress today, but it’s so fun!

And I think… I’ll be having another guesting again on Net25. It will be on Pambansang Almusal. ☺️ But I don’t know when yet.

So yeah, I’m inviting you guys to watch Letters and Music on Net25, this Dec 31, 1pm. Thank you!!!!! 😘


January 16, 2015

Yesterday Pope Francis arrived in Manila from Sri Lanka. His arrival was enthusiastically welcomed by the Filipinos; there were a lot of welcoming performances, there were a lot people who even waited the whole day in the different areas that he will pass through, and many people stayed at home and started filling twitter timelines with their excitement for his arrival. It was such a big feast in the Philippines, that I barely stopped my tears because of the overwhelming feeling of being alive to see this such huge historical event!

And I am very happy that I am not having additional regret for the rest of my lifetime, because I AM A VOLUNTEER TO HIS VISIT IN THE UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (UST)!!!!!! Who wouldn’t be excited about that?? This adorable and cute pope that I have always loved even on pictures only and internet articles, is going to my school. And i will see him. I will see him WAVE his hands!!! I will see him SMILE at the youth!!! I will see him BREATHING THE SAME POLLUTED AIR THAT I AM BREATHING TOO!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!! Isn’t that wonderful?!!!!! 😍💛🐯

seriously I felt like he’s someone that I am going to praise for the rest of my life. He’s the coolest old man I have ever seen!!! And I will really study harder to see him and meet him in Vatican oh my god!!!! 😂☺️

So yeah today, we had a dry run in UST which includes a mass, some orientations about his visit, and they even deployed us into different areas. And we happened to be in the Quadri Square, facing the Main Building’s door. I don’t know if that’s a good space, but I am happy and contented. As long as I’ll get a picture of him and/or probably just be able to hold his hand, that is the best thing in my life. I love you pope so much!! 😘😘😘

After the deployment, we are given the ID’s but we didn’t had our ID’s because our names are not yet there (because we passed our applications on the last minute). But they said that we would PROBABLY have our ID’s tomorrow or on the exact date.

I am really wishing for that ID, because it will really serve as a remembrance of this historical event. And one more thing, we are also asked to make a letter for Pope Francis and they said that HE WILL READ THE LETTERS THAT WE’LL BE GIVING!!!!!

… and I already drafted my letter. But I am still thinking of revising it again, because I want that letter to leave an impression to him. Lol kidding but I’ll do it later 💖 yay oh my thank you Lord for this opportunity. This is the best thing that you have given me this 2015! ☺️

December 17, 2013

Today is actually the most laziest-est-est day I ever felt. Katatapos lang ng exam, but kelangan kong i-cram ung 5 pages kong discussion for my Research Paper, plus the journals, the portfolios and other shits. To the point, na para magising kailangan kong makipagdaldalan for Lunch. Topics: Jem & crush. 

Tapos maya-maya bumaba kami, tapos nakita namin si crush nagba-bangers dun. Tapos nakakatuwa kasi makita ko palang sya kinikilig na ko… Normal ba un? :“> 

Tapos hanggang sa nagkabiruan na sa classroom, kasi sabi ko, "Hay nako, mashadong halatang crush niya ko. Kalain mo un, nung una ko syang nakita, sobrang parang tinatamad lang siya mag-tambol. Samantalang nung nagkatinginan na kami, inayos niya na. Ano ba sobrang halata na…" 

External image

Tapos pagtatawanan nila ako. Mababaliw na daw ako. Hahaha. Akala ko nung una, nung sinabihan ako ng "Mababaliw ka na.” joke lang un. Un pala, paalala pala yun. 

Kasi nung Math Subject namin, bigla akong napatingin sa labas ng classroom. Tapos nakita ko si ex-crush na medyo nakatingin sakin. Sabi ko naman sa sarili ko, 

“Hindi Lally, banlag lang yan. Wag mo syang pansinin." 

tapos nung paalis na ung mata ko sa pagkakatingin sakanya… Bigla ba namang nakita ko si PRESENT CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ Hart hart ❤

Tapos hanggang sa bumubukas na ung pintuan, tapos sabi nung iba kong classmate… "Papasukin na yan!" habang ung iba ko namang kaklase, ung malapit lang sakin. Sabi ba naman, "Hillary, si ano si ano si ano." ako naman to si ati, nag-ayos ako agad ng hati ng buhok ko. Kasi haggardous versova na talaga ako. Tinatamad na nga kasi ako. Hahaha. Tapos I composed myself agad tapos I acted na parang wala lang. 

Tapos pumasok na sila sa classroom…

Teacher: Oh ano naman meron? 

Ex Crush: May pinapabigay lang po.

Tapos bigla siyang tumingin sakin at naglakad papunta sa harapan ko. As in ako… 

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Tapos nag hiyawan nanaman sila. Tapos parang nag zoom lang kay Ex-crush ung paningin ko, tapos parang slow motion pa siyang gumagalaw. Tapos inabot niya sakin ung sun flower na may nakasulat na, "I’m” tapos biglang si present crush naman, hawak ung flowe na may “Sorry” ayun na nagloko ng ung puso ko parang mamamatay na ata ako sa sobrang kabaliwan tapos as in parang kaming dalawa lang ung tao sa mundo tapos sakanya lang ung spotlight. Tapos sobrang shocked pa din ako. Sobrang ramdam ko na sobrang ganda ko. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha. Tapos lumabas na sila. 

Alam kong muka talaga kong tanga nun, (kasi sabi din nung mga kaibigan ko nung kinukwento ko na) sobrang tanga talaga pero okay lang okay lang okay lang :“> 

Tapos ang dami ng "baka si ano ung nagbigay” pero in the end galing pala kay Jemarie ung flower hindi naman sa na-broken hearted ako. Or what. Ewan ko ba sobrang overwhelmed ko. Na parang I hit 2 birds in 1 stone. O si Jem ata dapat ung makaramdam nun. Kasi pinasaya na nga niya ko, naging okay pa kami. Arghhhhhhhh :“> Weird. 

Tapos naiiyak na talaga ko nun, sobrang mixed emotion ung nararamdaman ko. Kaya dala ko ung flower sabi ko sa teacher ko… 

Ako: Ma'am hahanapin ko lang si Jemarie! (nakakunot pa ung noo ko) 

Ma'am: Bakit? Ibabalik mo? 

Ako: Opo! (pero joke lang un) 

Ma'am: Akin nalang! 

Ako: Ma'am, ung may "I’m” nalang, basta akin ung “sorry” kasi kay *toot* galing un. 

At ito ang twist, pag bukas ko ng pinto. nandun nanaman si crush sa harapan ko. and i’m afraid, baka narinig niya ung sinabi ko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Siya: Hillary, paki tawag naman si Jessa. Pinapatawag kasi kayo ni Sir Legaspi (adviser) 

Napalingon ako sa gilid, nakita ko si Sir Legaspi, tawa-tawa pa siya tapos nakangiti siya sakin ng sobrang meaningful. Sobrang meaningful talaga. Tapos tumango lang ako kay crush tapos pumasok ako ulit sa loob tapos tinatawag ko na nga si Jessa. Tapos ung mga tingin nanaman sakin ng mga kaklase ko, meaningful ulit kasi nasa labas pa din ung crush ko. Grabe sobrang kota na talaga ko. Hahahaha.

Tapos pag labas ko, NANDUN ULIT SI CRUSH!!!!!!!!! pinagbuksan nya pa ko ng pinto. Tapos inescortan nya pa kami papunta ng Library. Pinagbuksan nya pa ng library. Ung tataa, bakit kelangan umescort? Baka daw ba maligaw kami? Hahahaha. :“> 

Hanggang sa makapasok na kami ng Library. Ngiting ngiti pa din ako, sakit na tlaga ng cheeks ko sa sobrang kilig. Hahahahahahaha :”> Pati panga ko pala. Hahahaha. 

Sir: Hillary, nakumpleto ko ba ung araw mo? 

Ako: Sir hindi lang kumpleto, lampas pa po ng kumpleto! 

Pero after nun, lumabas ako ulit. Kasi nagpunta naman ako sa Computer Class ni Jemarie. Tapos inexcuse ko sya. tapos hinatak ko sya palabas. Nakakatuwa kasi para kaming mag boyfriend. Tae. Hahahahahaha. 

Sobrang saya ko talaga ngayong araw na ito. Malungkot man ako bukas, pwedeng pwede kong balik-balikan itong araw na ito para maging masaya ulit :“> Sobra sobra pa. 

Maliban sa okay na kami ni Jem, masaya din ako dahil ang mga crush ko pa ang nag-bigay ng flower. Grabe na itu. Bat ganuuuun, sobrang saya ko talaga. Sobrang high ng pakiramdam ko. 

I mean, hindi naman ako nakipagbati lang dahil ginamit niya ung mga crush ko okay, pero sabi ko nga iapproach lang nya talaga ko di naman ako mag iinarte. Hahaha. Para bang plus points nalang na sila ung ginamit niyang way.

Bitches always knows her co-bitch. 

Bat ba issue kung sino bumili?!
  • Mama: *Pinatong ung mga make up sa Study Table ko*
  • Ako: Ma! Wag mo ilagay dyan, lagay mo sa iba.
  • Mama: Lamesa ko yan, ako bumili nyan.
  • *After 5 seconds*
  • Mama: Nasan ung isang plastic na tray?
  • Ako: Diba ikaw bumili nun, dapat alam mo kung nasan.