anonymous asked:

what if touka ships ayahina just as much as hinami ships touken?

Touka would probably tell Hinami she is too good for that brat everyday to tease Ayayo but she is also thrilled that they make each other so happy.

aoinekoqueen  asked:

A question popped in my head:P Which of the boys (S, M &T) do you think would be jealous dads with their daughters? I think Ayayo would be one of those dads that follow his daughter on her first date:P

Shu- If you are his daughter, good luck with even trying to get away with secret boyfriends. He will find out, and when he says you can’t date until you are forty, he means it. 

Reiji- The first date needs to be at her house so Reiji can meet the boy. If he doesn’t like him (nearly every time), he threatens the kid to never talk to his daughter again. 

Ayato- Ayato would interrogate the boy at the door before his daughter came. He’d terrify the kid, then he’d give him strict rules for taking his daughter out. He’s very embarrassing..

Laito- He does the same thing as Ayato, except during the date, he calls like eight times and if his daughter doesn’t pick up he will be pissed and will beat the shit out of the boy once he finds them. 

Kanato- Kanato would greet the boy at the door and while his daughter was getting something, he’d slowly lean over and whisper something like, “I’m not afraid of going back to jail for murder…” Then he’d lean back and act like nothing happened.

Subaru- Subaru would insist on chaperoning the date. If the boy even touched his daughters hand, Subaru would flip his shit. That stuff has to at least wait until the third date.

Kino- He’d greet the kid at the door cheerfully, but once his daughter went to get her shoes, he’d beginning interrogating the boy and freaking him out before his daughter came back. Then he’d set strict rules for the date. He’d also text his daughter the whole time until she came home.