Project Songtale [ Yasushi Ishii - Survival in the Streets of Insincerity ]

Initially was inspired by this amazing UTmob! fic by @kaesaaurelia

What is Songtale? 

They nose the armor through the barrier spell.  "is ok, sANES???  we leav soon, yah????“

“Yeah,” I say, picking up the armor and checking it over.  I grin.  "These are great!  I really owe you guys.“

“Oh, yes, we’re well aware,” says the first Temmie.  She smiles brightly.

Chapter 21  of “Never a Lovely So Real”  by @kaesaaurelia

some gameplay notes on HSiFS:

there are four characters and four subweapons, although they are both season-themed any character can use any subweapon.


  • Reimu has her usual reliable homing attack.
  • Tanned Cirno is a spread type that can hit the whole screen from the bottom. Her power seems a little low.
  • Aya mostly shoots forward, and is FAST (ayayaya). Her center shot pierces while focused, but it doesn’t seem very significant.
  • Marisa has lasers, but they’re not piercing. Her coverage is about the same as Aya’s, so the choice between the two is mostly a question of whether or not you want Aya’s ludicrous speed.


A new feature in this game is the “release” mechanic. By gathering season items you power up your release meter, which maxes out at 6. Your subweapon powers up with your release level. You can expend your release meter to release a special mini-bomb, which gathers all items, eats any bullets it touches, and does NOT fail spellcards! This does mean you lose your subweapon power, so use it wisely.

  • Spring gives you homing options like Reimu. The release gets bigger with each level, covering almost the whole screen at level 6.
  • Summer gives you a spread shot like Cirno, with rather weak DPS. The release is very small, but only costs 1 level per use! This is very useful for survival and gathering items.
  • Fall gives you a paired forward shot on either side of your character, decent power but will only hit bosses at the highest levels. The release’s duration increases with level, and it follows you around while you move. Also makes you EVEN FASTER what the fuck.
  • Winter gives you a single laser that increases in power with each level, obviously the most useful for killing bosses. The release gives you a short damage buff!

Other notes:

Grazing creates season items. Graze for more power!

Don’t die though - dying is rather harsh, as you lose 0.5 power and get basically nothing back.

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