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Abyss is the best! Continue to beat the rest! You're gonna pass this test! XD Ok, anyway: Is there ANY news about Rachel's mom or Konoe's and Celica's mother, despite the fact she died when they were younger? I find it baffling that we hear about the dads but not the moms.

(My biggest fan <3)

We know nothing about Rachel’s mum. Heck, she probably doesn’t have one.

Celica and Nine’s mum is seen in Lost: Memories (lets face it, Watashi and Imouto are definitely Nine and Celica). Anyway, she died giving birth to Celica, but the two looked very similar. She seemed to be a very nice person, and cared a lot about Nine and Shuichirou. Her death marked the beginning of Shuchirou’s spiral from ‘loving father’ to ‘monster’.

Her only given name in the series is “Mother”.

On January 5th,geisha and maiko attend Shigyoshiki ceremony.

Shigyōshiki is an annual opening ceremony in the Kyoto Geiko Hanamachi, marking the start of another year.

Wearing a Inaho Kanzashi (rice-ear hair ornament) all the Geiko and Maiko gather in their performing theatre, wearing crested formal black kimono.

They renew their vows as Geiko and Maiko and the ones with the most sales of the year are commended for their work. They have finale show performed by Geiko and Maiko.

Soon we will celebrate Shigyoshiki aswell. I look forward to attending the ceremony at the Kaburen-jo!