Creepy Pasta -The Doll Maker II: Emily-

 The sound of faint footsteps could be heard upon the frost covered pavement. It was a cool autumn evening, the sun had set only a few hours ago. Emily could see her breath in the frigid air as she tucked a lock of her long blonde hair behind her ear.

She held several books to her chest as she walked. She had spent the whole day at the library until closing time. She knew she was not allowed by her parents to be out after dark but surly they would understand she needed to do research for her essay paper.

The wind rustled the branches of leafless trees. Besides the wind and branches it was quiet, so quiet. It made her feel somehow paranoid. She sighed a bit as she continued down the sidewalk, adjacent to the park.

She continued to walk until she found something obstructing her path just under the street lamp. She blinked as she knelled down in curiosity.

It was a 12 inch ball jointed doll that sat before her. She reached her hand out to it while her other hand held the books. She picked up the doll and examined it more closely. She was glad she had not stepped on it for it was gorgeous.

The doll had luminescent pale skin, wavy black hair, a silky and ornate red dress and beaming blue eyes. What was more astounding was that it seemed to be professionally hand crafted and in perfect condition. And yet what was it doing out here then?

Emily was so engrossed in the dolls beauty that she was unaware as someone walked up behind her, looming over her.

“ You like her? Her name is Alice.” a calm and smooth male voice said to her.

Emily jumped in surprise, dropping her books and quickly turning around, doll still in hand.

The figure was slightly in the shadows, not quite under the street lamp like she was. Though the male was hard to make out she could tell he was tall, about 6'3 it seemed. He was wearing black pants and a light grey-blue un-tucked dress shirt. His hair was black, messy and long, reaching to his lower middle back. His face however was harder to make out with the shadows plus his long messy bangs made it more difficult.

“S-she’s yours?” she asked the stranger, trying to regain composure.

“Why yes of course. I made her myself. What do you think of her?” he asked, voice still calm, inviting even.

“ You did really? She is absolutely gorgeous.” Emily told the man. It was not a common thing for her to speak with strangers but he didn’t seem like a threat, he sounded nice.

The man smiled to her “Yes, she is isn’t she. But so are you, I bet you would make a much more lovely doll than she would.”  He told her.

Emily blushed a bit at his comment and though flattered felt a bit uncomfortable by it as well. “O-oh thank you…um well I should be getting home.” she said, kneeling down to pick up her books and scattered papers, setting the doll aside on the sidewalk.

“Let me help you with that.” he said and knelled down as well, helping her to pick up the papers.

She looked to him. “No really you don’t ha-” she started but cut herself off with a gasp as she caught a look of his face under the light of the street lamp.

He had a long pale face with two small scars coming from under his left eye which was a stormy blue color. He had another small scar over the right side of his mouth and yet another that reached from the lower right side of his face across his nose to his upper left cheek.

But what was most unsettling was the X  shaped stitching on the right corner of his mouth keeping upturned into a permanent smile, and his right eye…it was horrific. It did not even appear real, no it wasn’t real, it was glass. The eye was that of a life sized doll. It appeared the man had gouged out his original eye to replace it with this one which was a pinkish red in color, seeming to have a faint luminescence to it.

She again dropped any books or papers in her hands, falling backwards, saving herself with her palms, scrapping them. She scrambled to get up and turned to run from the young man.

She was not even able to take a few steps away before he already had his long arms wrapped around her.

She struggled and screamed “Somebody help me!“

” Shhh my doll, everything will be alright, let me make you beautiful.“ he whispered in her ear as he moved his hand with a cloth in it over her nose and mouth.

The smell of chemicals was forced into her nasal passages. She tried to hold her breath but it was already too late. The world around her got fuzzy and then everything went black…

Eventually Emily’s eyes began to flutter open. At first everything was a blur however things soon became clear.

She was in a dark room only lite by moonlight shining in through a half boarded up window. She was sitting in a chair and she could see things laid out on the floor before her. Different doll parts lay on the floor, heads, limbs, torsos…

There was also a set of knives, scalpels, and clay working knives laid out on a rag stained with blood.

Emily started to panic, feeling her heart jump into her throat. She wanted to quickly escape this nightmare but to her horror she found that she could not move. Her body was like a rock. She could only move her eyes which were now darting around the room in a panic.

She looked down at herself. Her hands were laid folded in her lap and she was no longer wearing her blue jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie. She was now dressed in an ornate gown made of a dark blue silk with white lace and ribbon including a red sash around her waist and a pink bow at her bust under ruffles that covered her upper chest.  

She wanted to cry for help but that was also no use. It seemed her lips were glued together.

She whimpered as salty tears rolled down her cheeks.

Out of the shadows approached the tall thin figure from before. He went to her, a smile in his lips. “Oh, you’re awake. How lovely Emily.” he said with his smooth voice.

Her eyes looked to him in fear. How did he know her name? Had he been stalking her? Or had he gotten her name from her books? Either way it didn’t matter right now. She was in the hands of this monster.

“I’m going to make you beautiful okay? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ve learned that you can’t move, so you won’t make me mess up.“ he told her.

Emily whimpered more, internally screaming.

“First off we must give you a smile.” he told her and lifted a needle to her face. He punctured her skin with the needle, sewing the corners of her mouth upward into a permanent smile.

She may have been in a sense paralyzed but she could feel everything. More tears rolled down her face.

The figure then took some paints in hand and gave her luscious red doll lips and made her skin pale as snow with blush on the cheeks.

He smiled, proud of his work in progress “My name is Vine by the way.” he told her, as if they had just met, as if they had potential to be friends.

Emily could do nothing but watch as he continued. She felt a surge of hate for this man, this man that was destroying her. But fear and disparity dominated the rage as she watched him.

Vine proceeded with his creation. He took a hair buzzer and buzzed all of her hair off.

She sat there.

It took a couple hours as the man sewed new locks of hair into her scalp, beautiful powder blue locks.

She felt everything, all of the pain. At this point no more tears could fall, she had run dry. All she could do was agonize inside this shell, the shell that was her body.

She couldn’t take much more of this…she knew she would die in this place…

Vine finished with her hair and looked to her, smiling. He held up a hand held mirror for her to see. “ Isn’t it gorgeous? Don’t worry Emily, we are almost done, you will be perfect soon enough.” he told her.

She looked to the mirror, all hope was lost from her eyes, no spark, nothing. She looked at her mutilated face. How could he call this beauty?  

She didn’t think it could get much worse. She was just waiting to die.

“Now for your eyes.” He told her.

She looked to him, eyes widening. What did he mean? Her eyes? Like his?

Before she could even process what was about to happen he dug his fingers with his long unkempt nails into her eye socket, digging out her eyeball. Blood gushed.  Her screams were muffled by her closed lips.

Her remaining eye rolled back in pure pain.

Vine then proceeded to do the same to the other, digging it out with his fingers.
He smiled, feeling accomplished. He looked over her face. “Hmm the blood has ruined some of your makeup. Perhaps I will do the eyes first next time.” he told her.

She was no longer listening. She couldn’t, she was writhing in pain on the inside and growing weaker by the moment. Holding on by merely a thread but what was the point of holding on anymore?

The young man then inserted glass red doll eyes into her empty sockets and sewed her eyelids open. He fixed her makeup and gave her fake eyelashes. He ripped out her nails and replaced them with fake ones.

She could not see, she could not move, she could not speak. She truly was like a doll now. She was trapped inside her own head, only able to feel, only able to feel the pain an unable to defend herself from it. She was truly and utterly trapped.

Her body was unable to handle all the abuse. With the drugs the man had given her to get her here and to keep her from moving, with all the mutilation he had done to her body it was starting to give out.

 She could feel her previously rapidly beating heart start to falter.  She was giving up, what was the point in holding on anymore? She was alone, and trapped, and ruined.  

Her body and mind had experienced too much.
Without a word, without a gesture of goodbye, without the chance to get one last look at the horrid world before her, she was gone.

Once The Doll Maker completed his work he held the mirror up to the fresh corpse. “Aren’t you lovely Emily? So beautiful.“ he told her with a smile.

"Come Emily, let’s put you on display for everyone to see.” he said and broke the joints of the lifeless body, it would make it easier to display her.

“Let’s show everyone how I made you beautiful.“

The next morning the remains of Emily Rider were found in the park, displayed sitting on a bench, hands folded daintily in her lap. Cause of death, blood loss and trauma.

The news was quick to report about the horrific scene, dubbing the killer be called "The Doll Maker.”

“Let me make you beautiful.”


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