I was doodling and decided to doodle some Creepypasta Narrators/Artists.

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Creators~ Ticci-Toby: Kastoway Clockwork: Tomorrow-Yesterday ^^ So it is a little fan art gift thingy to them~ Check out their Galleries, they are amazing artists~ My dA:  AyatoNyaa  

 The Doll Maker (CreepyPasta) 
        There once was a man who made beautiful dolls of all shapes and sizes. He even made life sized dolls. Many requested these expensive and exquisite dolls and though these dolls brought the humble man a lot of money he lived modestly with his young son Vine.
        The young boy was fascinated by his fathers work. The doll parts and finished dolls filled the home. Each was unique and had their own beautiful personality. Vine would watch in fascination as his father would paint the delicate lips upon their pale faces.  He wanted to be just like his father some day a create gorgeous works of art.
        One day a rich business man requested an ornate life sized doll from the humble doll maker, he went by the name Gier. However the doll maker refused to make the doll upon discovering Gier was crooked and wanted the doll for perverted means. Gier grew enraged at the makers refusal, so enraged that he sent hired arms to get rid of the doll maker.
        The doll makers home was set ablaze. He sacrificed himself to save his son from the flames. Vine watched in terror and dismay as his father burned alive before him. His tears only evaporated from the heat as he watched his home turn to rubble and ash.
        He sobbed over the remains of his father, surrounded by charred reminisce of his home, of a the beautiful ornate dolls. They were now melted, distorted, horrid disfigured atrocities of what they once were.
        Vine searched through the wreckage with his tiny hands, trying to find anything that may have survived the blaze. In the end all he could find was a life sized pink glass doll eye. He cupped it in his hands and held it close to his heart, his messy black locks falling in his face. The eye was all he had left.
        The child was at the mere age of nine when he watched everything he had ever known be destroyed in an instant…
      Unfortunately the terrors were not over for the child.
      Gier had his hired arms return to the seen of the crime, to make sure the doll maker was truly dead. They found the charred corpse of the once great maker however they also came across the son. Not sure what to do with the child they abducted him and took him to Gier.
        Gier had no real means for the child but decided to keep him, kept him to replace the doll he never received. He kept Vine for three years, treating him like a doll, an object, playing with him. Vine was his prisoner. The boy couldnt take it anymore and he began to lose himself. His mind began to deteriorate. 
        One night while the man loomed over Vine with him pinned to the bed, trying to play with him, Vine decided he did not want to play anymore. Vine quickly grabbed a pen off the nightstand and began to stab it through the mans carotid. Blood gushed from the hole, it splattered all over the walls, floor, and Vine himself. Vine had just killed a man for the first time. As the body lay there, stiffening, Vine stole some money and quickly escaped.
        Vine lived on the streets. He wanted to start up the family business again, to make dolls. He lived in an abandoned boarded up apartment in the bad part of town. With the money he stole he got parts and painted beautiful dolls. He sold them, getting more money, trading up, making more, more beautiful dolls. More life like dolls. Plastic and clay no longer became enough to satisfy Vine…
      Missing teen MURDERED. A horrific scene was discovered in an old warehouse. Emily Rider brutally MUTILATED.
      - Autopsy Report- Emily Rider:
      Cause of death, blood loss and shock.
      Found in what appeared to be an elegant hand stitched gown. Emily’s mouth had been sewn into a smile with painted lips. Eyes…gouged out and replaces with glass ones, fake eyelashes and painted make up. A frozen expression on her face. Her nails were  removed and replaced with fake ones. Head shaved and replaced with blue hairs sewn into her scalp replacing her once blonde locks.
      Truly the work of a psychopathic serial killer.
      Examination Notes:
      It appears Emily Rider was very much alive when the killer started to mutilate her. She was alive as he had her face sewn into place, each lock of hair tediously sewn into her scalp and as her eyes were gouged out.
      She was initially found on a park bench, put in place like a doll on display. By the way the killing is executed it appears the killer views his crimes as works of art…
                                                   Jason Harris [ Medical Examiner]
       Emily was Vines second murder but a first of a string. He got a thrill in creating new dolls. Carving into them, making them beautiful. He was now 17, never caught. Still living in abandoned homes, still killing.
        He had gone completely mad, though he did not believe so. In an attempt to make himself as beautiful as his dolls he gouged out one of his own eyes and replaced it with the only thing he had left from his child hood,the glass eye. He then stitched half of a smile into his lips. However he felt he failed in making himself beautiful, leaving scars. 
       He knows he is damaged goods…he knows he is worthless…all he can do is make people happy by making his beautiful dolls…
       He became quite popular in the news for displaying his art in public places. And he loved his given name by the public too…
      The Doll maker…
      “Just like daddy right?”
      “Let me make you beautiful.”

((Story and Art By: AyatoNyaa ))


((All Of my Jeff the Killer drawings that I have made. In order from Oldest (Top) Newest (Bottom). So basically I decided to put this up because I notice other Jeff the killer Artists have a certain style or way of drawing him. but what strange is every time I draw Jeff he looks different, I never draw him quite the same whether in Traditional media or Digital media. I wonder if that is strange, not that I mind. He is simply fun to draw, I think because I like long hair and Blood ^^ (Drawing it I mean)

Anyway I hope they are liked ^^

Oh and about the JeffxBEN one, yeah…blame fan fiction haha~

My dA: AyatoNyaa ))