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Why do you ship Ayahina? I think they are seems as just friends. I mean, I don't think Hinami has feelings towards Ayato in other way. (I daubt Ayato tho) But I really like this ship, don't get me wrong please

Actually, this was something I kinda thought about a lot in the past but I think it seems this way because Ayahina’s relationship has all along been shown from Ayato’s perspective from the manga. 

But Ishida also gave us that shojou stare off between them that took up like one full page

And it reminded me of this scene between Sasaki and Touka

And we know that Sasaki had canon feelings for Touka. I think Kuroiwa and Yoriko also had a similar panel with the focus on the eye, but I guess that’s to explicitly set up the future marriage parallel between Yoriko and Touka. 

And Ishida also subtly does things with the two of them in Cochlea, like the jacket and the fact that they’re beside each other quite a bit for some reason???

Like… Hinami, sweetie, your Onee-chan is right over there, don’t you wanna stand beside her? 

Okay on a more serious note, we haven’t had anything about Hinami’s thoughts about their relationship in the manga which is why I’m really glad that the novel story was written in Hinami’s perspective. I mean, how you interpret it is up to you but I feel like Hinami puts Ayato on a different level than she does with the rest of Aogiri. I don’t know if you have read it but if you haven’t then maybe you might want to first?

From the novel, I think I can even say that the importance Ayato has to her is on par with that of Touka’s and Kaneki’s. There was a clear difference in Hinami when she was with Ayato than Miza, Naki and the rest, whom I think are more like friends to her. Hinami was stressed out because she was worrying far too much about whether she’s a burden to Ayato and she really thought hard about what she could do to make things easier for him– she did this for Touka and Kaneki as well, at different moments in the 2nd novel and the manga respectively. 

And another thing was how Hinami seemed to associate Ayato with light that was shining on her when she was in the dark shade of Aogiri or something like that and that she got courage from him. The feeling I got from this was a little bit more than merely friendship? Not to the degree of Touka and Kaneki, but when Kaneki was at his lowest with no reason to live, he found it in Touka. Likewise, when Hinami was at her lowest and surrounded by darkness all around, she got some light from Ayato. And this light gave her courage, which Hinami had believed she lacked– she’s too afraid to go out and fight for the people she loves. And if you were to look into the manga, she eventually does end up as someone who is brave enough to fight to protect those she loves and I think the root of this confidence she achieved was from Ayato’s presence in her life. 

Miza looks at Hinami and Ayato’s relationship in envy and considering we know Miza likes and wants to be with Naki, I think it implies that Ayahina does have some romantic connotations even back in Aogiri.

Oh yeah, there’s this panel: 

which I think was meant to replicate this:

So I’m inclined to think that their feelings for each other are the same?

I mean, in the end, it’s up to interpretation how you wanna see them. But I like their relationship for how deep their connection is and while I like my angst and complications and messed up Ishida-ish content in the manga, I love how he managed to come up with a pretty healthy relationship, especially with a relationship that had all the potential to end up a toxic one.

Personally, I don’t really care how they end up. Even if these two turn out to be the best of best friends, I don’t mind because let’s be honest, if they’re willing to go to such lengths for each other, it’s already a joy to see. I’d be happy just seeing them interact more.

Tokyo Ghoul Characters On Dates





Hide (the encouraging one):


Ayato (when his date isn’t looking):















TG spoilers are up but somehow I can’t bring myself to care over the fact that there are so much AyaHina stuff in the tag I haven’t seen before and I want to go through them first before anything else  ╮(─▽─)╭

30 Days OC Challenge!

Day 4: Cosplaying one of your favourite characters



well this is awkward. XDD I drew him in Ayato’s getup, and he’s so pouty and sulky about it >w< Dork~ but i love him anyways~


In Slothy’s AU, Alrick Rosenfeld is Ayato sakamaki’s uncle, related by Cordelia, Alrick’s half-sister. Alrick and his nephews are on bad terms, which is why he’s pouty >w<

I skipped two days because I wanted to take a break over the weekend, and I was dealing with an issue of art theft over on Instagram. Instagram and I sent emails back and forth, and the entire situation was resolved, but ya know. Motivation was gone :/ This also explains why I added a watermark up his leg >u<

Alrick Rosenfeld belongs to @the-sloth-woman. I do not own him at all. I am just piggy-backing Slothy’s OC for this thirty day challenge, and she has already given me the ok! ^^

Lunatic Parade Yuma Sub Scenario w/Ayato Translation

General Prologue     Mukami Prologue     Sub Scenario w/Shu     Sub Scenario w/Ayato     Sub Scenario w/Subaru   

-Scene: Street Corner- [Location on Map: Glimmer Main Street]

Ayato: Oh, it’s Chichinashi and Yuma!

Yui: Ayato-kun! Is that cotton candy you have there?

Ayato: Yeah. I heard the ones sold at that wagon were good.

Yuma: If anything, I’d rather have my sweets be crunchy than all soft  like that.

It’s best for vegetables and Sugar-chan to have a crunch to it when you eat ‘em. Yeah?

Yui: I suppose… …

Ayato: Really? … …Wait, y’know. I’ve been wondering about something.

Why do you call sugar “Sugar-chan”?

Yuma: Ah? What does it matter? I can call it what I want.

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