ayato is always making fun and teasing her

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Hi ^^ great blog btw but how would the guys react to someone who is blind or deaf? Would they grow bored of her or is it more fun to tease her?

Thank you that’s so kind of you ! I chose the Sakamakis if that’s okay :D

Shuu : This blond little shit would definitely not care. Actually, he’d have so much fun with his s/o, teasing her over and over again. He’d make sure to make her feel super embarrassed. 

“They say that if you lose your sight or any of your senses…the others increase intensely…” He’d say before doing “lewd things” to her xD

Reiji :

Reiji would probably be super careful with his s/o. He’d give her extra care and be quite gentle with her in comparison to his brothers. He’d always make sure to help her out of necessary. Guess the five of his brothers would be a bit jelly

Ayato :

Ayato wouldn’t be bored, but he might be a bit awkward at first. He’d avoid doing some bad jokes, scared that it might be too harsh for his s/o, but eventually he’d act naturally with time and discover loads of ways to have fun with her.

Kanato : 

Kanato would be so damn hilarious. If she’s deaf, Kanato would rage when using sign language xp and make signs with extreme violence, but when he’d be calm and like usual, this vampire would probably try to be gentle with his s/o.

Laito :

Oh boy…let’s not pretend that Laito would not find tons of ways to act like the pervert he is. Laito would tease his s/o SO MUCH. If his s/o’s blind, I can easily imagine how he’d embarrass her, 

“Neh, Bitch-chan, what do you think you’re touching right now~” 

*answers that she doesn’t know*

“Oh come on…what part of me are you touching~ It’s easy~”

Subaru :

Tsunbaru level 4930967 x1000 !

Subaru would be soooo cute with her. He’d probably try to hide her from Laito or any of his brothers cause he’d be afraid of what they’d do to her. Eventually he’d try communicating or helping his s/o through various means even though it’s hard for him. He’d be so nice, extra careful and try to contain his anger to a minimum xD