ayasha steelheart


(Part 1 of my massive character list)

Well I’ve never uploaded a photoset like this before, but I figured now would be a great time!

From top to bottom, left to right:

Calico Steelpaw, Ayasha Steelheart, Elysian Gael, Amarok Littlewolf, Khimaira Grimmforge, Mimith the Decrepit, Acheron Proudreign, Scourge Ruinslayer, Moro Grimmscar, and Trinkexx.

Hey, everyone! Calico and friends are back for the Holidays, and they’re opening up this blog to answer questions. ^_^ I have some new characters added to the roster, so be sure to check out their page!

Hope all of you have been having a fun Wintersday so far (I know I have)! If you happen to see a charr named Bravura Stormblade around the Crowned Pavillion, give her a wave! Sometimes she’ll be playing her bells to entertain the masses.

Ayasha: Or horrifying them!!!


So I ended up buying one of those Funko POP figurines today… It’s a little Fluttershy (she’s my favorite). ^^ And goshhh I find them all to be so cute… I really want the Game of Thrones series figurines. <.< >.>

… So as tired as I am today, I just wanted to sit around and doodle cute things. Some POP style charrs seemed like a dandy idea to me. p:

Alternate Universe Ayasha!

She’s a shy nerd who tends to isolate herself and focus solely on her own interests. Think as opposite as it gets when it comes to “normal” Ayasha and you’ve got this gal. ^^;

I did base her on some truths, however. Ayasha is a huuuuge nerd when it comes to bio-engineering and the like. She was actually picked on for being a quiet little cub with a strange (and slightly unhealthy) obsession with Asura technology.

She ignored the bullying day after day, until one day she snapped and pulled an elaborate prank on the rest of her fahrar. Ever since then she has made it clear that she’s the boss and that she won’t put up with anyone else’s charrnanigans! *fist shake*

So, in essence: This would be the Ayasha that would have turned out to be, if she had silently coped with her troubles and kept on going rather than go against them (similar to Calico).

Ayasha: “Pff! Dissecting a skritt? That’s so yesterday! What I’m interesting in is dissecting some of the more "taboo” things, like the corrupted or their minions… But why even stop there? If only I could find what makes the dragons tick… Hmmm like the dragon lieutenants - it seems like they never stop appearing. If only there was a way to find out what makes them so quickly regenerate..? What makes them what they are- (goes off  on a tangent)

Ayasha: (moments later) “… Oooh or the "gods!” If only we could open them up!! Hehehehehe…“

Calico: (whispers) "Um, it’s best to ignore her when she gets like this…”